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<ul><li><p>MAY/JUNE 2009 EDITION 1 SCHOLASTIC NEWS 7</p><p>The Statue of LibertyThree patriotic holidays are coming up: Memorial Day, Flag Day, and the Fourth of July. Now is a great time to learn about patriotic symbols. Use this issue to introduce the Statue of Liberty!</p><p>Before-Reading DiscussionPRE-TEACH CONCEPTS</p><p>If possible, show </p><p>children patriotic symbols, such as the American flag and a bald eagle, and then show them the Statue of Liberty. Ask, What do these pictures remind you of? What do you know about them? Explain that these things stand for America. Today, children will learn about the Statue of Liberty.</p><p>Set a Purpose for ReadingRead to learn about the Statue of Liberty, a symbol of our country.</p><p>During-Reading DiscussionUSING A DIAGRAM</p><p>After reading </p><p>about the torch, ask, What does the arrow point to? (the torch on the statue) What does the photo above the sentences show? (a close-up of the torch) Explain that this is a diagrama picture that shows the parts of something. Diagrams help readers see each part and how it fits into the whole. Continue, having children point out the close-ups and then follow the arrows to see the parts on the statue. </p><p>After-Reading DiscussionPOSING QUESTIONS</p><p>Use the Read-</p><p>Aloud Background on this page to tell children a little more about Lady Liberty. Then have them imagine they could speak to her! Ask, If you could interview Lady Liberty, what questions would you ask her? Encourage children to be creative, for example, How do you feel in cold weather? What do you do when your arm gets tired? Do you like greeting people?</p><p>Read-Aloud BackgroundA Symbol of Freedom</p><p>Long ago, many people came to America by boat. They came from all over the world to live in freedom. The Statue of Liberty was the first thing many of them saw when they got here. She stood up tall, holding her torch high to greet them. She is a symbol of freedom. That means she stands for freedom.A Gift From France</p><p>Lady Liberty wasnt always in our country. She was built in France. She was a gift from the French people. It took workers nine years to build her! It wasnt easy to get Lady Liberty to the United States! First, workers had to take her apart. Then they packed her in 214 boxes. When she got to the U.S., they put her back together. The Statue of Liberty was placed where she stands today 123 years ago. At that time, there was a special ceremony to welcome her.Visiting the Statue of Liberty</p><p>Millions of people each year go to see the Statue of Liberty. The only way to get to her is by ferrya kind of boat. People leave from New York or New Jersey and take a short ride over the water to the statue.Visitors to the Statue of Liberty can also take a ferry ride to nearby Ellis Island. Long ago, Ellis Island was the first place many people stopped when they came to America.When Lady Liberty was about 100 years old, she got a new torch. But people can still see the old one. Its kept in the base, or bottom part, of the statue. </p><p>STANDARDSSocialStudies(NCSS)</p><p>Time, continuity, and change People, places, and environments</p><p>RESOURCESGo to http://www.earthcam .com/usa/newyork /statueofliberty/ to see what Lady Liberty looks like right now! The site has archives of memorable images, as well as a live cam.Little Miss Liberty by Chris Robertson.* </p><p>* Available from Scholastic SeeSaw Book Clubs May catalog. To order from SeeSaw, call 1-800-SCHOLASTIC or visit www </p><p> /bookclubs.</p><p>VOCABULARYFINDIT!</p><p>Synonyms: Find the word on page 1 that is a synonym for woman. (lady)</p><p>ANSWERKEYAnswers to back page: 1) The Statue of Liberty is one of the tallest statues in the world; 2) The kind of light is called a torch; 3) The statue is now green. She used to be brown; 4) Possible answer: My favorite part is the tablet because it says Americas birthday on it. Answers to p. 8: 1) 42 feet long; 2) 8 feet long; 3) Her head is longer; 4) Her finger is longer; 5) Her head is shorter; Brain Builder: nose. </p></li></ul>


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