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The True Vision students monthly magazine. printed and published by the True Publications Mangalore. Get subscribed for just Rs. 100/year.

Text of The True Vision September Issue

  • On the fateful morning of September 11th 2000, in what at

    rst appeared to be a freak accident, an aircra crashed into

    one of the Twin Towers of the Worlds Trade Centre in New York.

    Reality was far more shocking and horrifying than any disaster

    ction Hollywood could produce. Minutes later another plane

    crashed into the other tower and almost simultaneously another

    slammed into the Pentagon in Washington, it was clear this was

    no accident. Within an hour and these two iconic symbols of

    global capitalism and he so-called free world came crashing

    down like carded wool.

    On ursday, July 7, 2005, will be remembered all over the

    world for series of bomb attacks took place in the British capital,

    London. ese barbaric attacks le behind them dozens of dead

    and hundreds of injured, and went down in history as causing

    terrible material and psychological damage.

    ese events were referred to as Islamic terror, in a manner

    that deeply wounds the entire Islamic world. It creates severe

    distress in the hearts of sincere believers, and lays blame on a

    community numbering more than 1.5 billion. However a er the

    9/11 attacks, though the media tried to portray Islam as bar-

    baric religion astonishingly more than 35000 Americans studied

    Islam and reverted back to it. Speaking of the attacks on Islam,

    the Imam Siraj Wahhaj made a comment that should indeed be

    written in GOLD:

    Eid Mubarak


    If they dont attack us, well grow. If they attack us, well grow

    even BIGGER Allah says:

    And the disbelievers planned, but Allah planned. And Al-

    lah is the best of planners. [ e Glorious Quran- 3:54]

    ere is no room for the concept of terror in Islam and these

    events have absolutely nothing to do with the Islam. When

    we look at the Quran And Authentic Hadiths, which are the

    sole sources of Islam, and at the practices of all Muslim rulers

    throughout the history of the world, beginning with our Proph-

    et , we can see the truth of this in all clarity.

    Terrorism is a terrible plague that has infected the world for

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    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmathullahi wa barakathuhu.

    Yes, the blessed month Ramadan has ended. We saw people going to the hous-

    es of Allah (Masjid) in groups and individually, and we saw them striving to per-

    form the obligatory prayers on time and to give in charity, competing with one

    another in doing good deeds. Undoubtedly the purpose for which Allah created

    everyone was to worship Him Alone, to worship the Lord of the Worlds, with

    no partner or associate. is was achieved in the most beautiful manner during


    But what a er Ramadan? Indeed, steadfastness a er Ramadan and the recti-

    $ cation of ones statements and actions are the greatest signs that one has gained

    bene$ t from the month of Ramadan and striven in obedience. ey are tokens

    of reception and signs of success. But if good deeds, charity, come to an end with

    the end of Ramadan will it not be like deceiving the Lord?

    Allah compares such a person and says:

    And be not like her who undoes the thread which she has spun, a er it has

    become strong.. [ e Glorious Quran 16:92]

    No doubt that Allah can never be deceived, for He has perfect knowledge of

    the secrets and what the hearts conceal.

    It was narrated from some of the Salaf-us-Salih (righteous predecessors) that

    they used to pray to Allah for six months that they would live until Ramadan,

    then they would pray for $ ve months a erwards that He would accept it from


    Will Allah accept from us if we suspend fasting until next Ramadan, if we stop

    praying at nights, if we stop being kind to others?... No, never.!

    Ramadan is an opportunity for us to return to Allah with sincerity. However,

    it is not a meager pit stop in a race of laxness and disobedience, but an impetus to

    do good deeds continuously. Its passing should not witness the end of our exer-

    tion in worship. Let us be warned of turning backward a er having attained the


    Let us make the Quran and Sunnah as our guide lights and practice Islam as

    much as possible and make our non-Muslim brothers and sisters of our country

    see Islam in the lives of Muslims, then they will not require much persuasion to

    accept the fact that Islam is the true religion and the best way of life.

    Let us carry forward the lessons and blessings of Ramadan, Let us strive to

    cultivate goodness and happiness on our way by spreading the message of peace

    to our brethrens, and keep in our hearts the prayer of the believers:

    Our Lord, let not our hearts deviate a er You have guided us, and grant us mercy from Yourself; indeed, You are the

    Bestower! [ e Glorious Quran 3:8]


  • Eid is any day of gathering. It is derived from Aada (mean-

    ing returned), because people return to it periodically.

    Ibn`Aabidayn said:

    Eid days are thus named because Allah renews His

    bounties in them; and He distributes His blessings to His

    worshippers. us on Eid ul Fitr, He permits them to eat

    a er having been restrained from food; and He requires

    paying sadaqatul- tr (the charity of breaking the fast) to

    the needy.

    And on Eidul-Adha, He permits the completion of Hajj

    (pilgrimage) with the nal tawaf (circulating around al-

    Kabah); and He requires o ering sacri ces and distribut-

    ing their meat, etc.

    Also, it is customary for people to be joyful, happy, and

    to rejoicing during the Eid days.

    Two Eids: A Mercy from Allah

    Anas reported that upon arriving in al-Madinah, the

    Prophet found its people celebrating two days whose sig-

    ni cance was held over from the Jaahiliyyah. e Prophet


    When I came upon you, you had two days that you con-

    tinued to celebrate from the Jaahiliyyah; indeed Allah has

    substituted them for you with what is better: the day of Sac-

    ri ce and the day of Fitr (breaking the fast).

    Shaykh Ahmad `Abdur-Rahman al-Banna said:

    ( ey are better because,) the day of Sacri ce and that

    of Fitr are legislated by Allah, and are His choice for His

    creatures. ey follow the completion of two of the great-

    est pillars of Islam, Hajj (pilgrimage) and Fasting. On these

    days, Allah forgives those who performed Hajj and who

    fasted, and He sheds mercy on all of His obedient creatures.

    On the other hand, the days of Nayruz and Mihrajan

    were devised by the people of those times, because of good

    weather or other passing qualities.

    e di erence between the two cases is apparent for

    whoever ponders upon this.

    Completeness and perfection of the Deen:

    By Allahs blessing and mercy, Islam contains the complete

    and perfect guidance for humanity. Allah said:

    is day I have perfected your religion for you, have

    completed my favor upon you, and have chosen for you Is-

    lam as your religion. [ e Glorious Quran 5:3]

    Islam did not neglect any information needed by people

    to achieve happiness and avoid harm, in all matters - small

    or large. It informs them of all that would save them from the

    Fire and let them into the Gardens in the Herea er. is was

    the mission of all of the prophets, as declared by Muhammad


    Never was a prophet before me, but he disclosed to his

    people what he knew to be best for them, and warned them

    of what he knew to be evil for them.

    is was the mission of the Final Messenger as well,

    as he said:

    ere is nothing that would bring you closer to Jannah

    and farther from the Fire but it has been clari ed [by me]

    to you.


    A mercy from Allah

  • Some mushrikun (idol worshipers) tried to mock Islam

    by saying to Salman , It seems as if your prophet has

    taught you everything, even how to defecate! Salman

    responded with dignity:

    Yes indeed! He prohibited us from turning our faces or

    backs to the Qiblah when defecating or urinating, from us-

    ing the right hand to cleanse ourselves, from using less than

    three stones to cleanse ourselves [in the absence of water],

    and from using animal waste or bones to cleanse with.

    With His encompassing Wisdom, Allah made His Final

    Revelation, Islam, a universal message for all peoples at all

    times, without any distinction:

    We have not sent you [Muhammad] but to humanity a