The Value of Information Literacy A PhD Students’ Perspective

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  • The Value of Information Literacy A PhD Students Perspective
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  • How has Information Use Changed in Research? Image: Attribution Unknown;, 8.6.14
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  • The Volume of Information is Growing
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  • That information Requires Greater Interaction
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  • No. of Journal Articles HighwirePubmedScirusSciDir (1)platinum resistant786453-- (2)platinum resistance713178-- (3)platinum resistanceANDovarian cancer30397-- (4)platinum resistant ovarian cancer254114359295 (5)(4) + paclitaxel17437228238 (6)(4) + taxane9010120160 Comparison of search results [journal articles] for specific terms across several resources: Highwire (Stanford University Libraries), Pubmed (US National Library of Medicine), Scirus (Elsevier) and Science Direct (SciDir, Elsevier). Information Requires Greater Interaction
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  • The Language of Information must be Learned
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  • Not Only How to Read, but What
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  • How is Information Literacy adding Value Now? Provides ideas Avoids duplication of work Enhances grant applications Improves cover letters STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE Purpose: Experimental Design Responsibilities: Protocol: Step 1: Look it up Authored by: Mark Murphy Draft created: 15/09/10