TOP 10 WAYS TO BE SUCCESSFUL at Markville Secondary School

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TOP 10WAYS TO BE SUCCESSFUL at Markville Secondary School


102Be Honest

To earn credits, MSS students must provide authenticoriginal evidence of their learning.

Academic Honesty = EXCELLENCE & true achievement

Academic Dishonesty = Plagiarism & Cheating 3Plagiarism

Academic Dishonesty includes:Cheatingplagiarism94ParticipateStudents participate in co-curricular activities! MSS clubs, teams, & committees help to:1. make the most of the high school years (DECA,)2. meet new people & learn new things (Debate Club,)3. celebrate arts and culture (Film Club) 4. develop life-long interests (Computer Programming Club)5. get fit while having fun (Markville Athletics,)6. make a difference in your school (Anti-Bullying Club)7. make a difference in the world (Eco Club,)8. create life-long memories

86Make Good ChoicesTake responsibility for their words and actions

Support and important information to know:Safe and Supportive Schools pages 7 to 11 in Student Package

School Resource Officers

78Students do their workit all countsHomeworkBeing preparedParticipating in class9The main objectives of homework: Develop independenceFoster responsibilityEncourage learningDevelop study skills

Tips:Know your hw before leavingRecord it on your agenda Have all materialsSet time and place610Students Know what is expected and meet those expectations . .

11Electronic Devices - cell phones not allowed in class; keep them secure CD players, MP3 players, etc not during instructional time

Computer/Internet use support of research, network account, responsible for content of messages, copyright, downloading rights

Food in classrooms, only water; eating in cafeteria only

Emergency alarm leaving the building in an orderly manner, stay away from the building

Assessment and EvaluationRightsKnow methods

Understand mark

Have accommodations

Receive feedback

Improve performance

Assessment and Evaluation:2 parts to each course: 70% and 30% - summative assessments throughout the semester and final summative assessment towards the end of the coursePurpose of AssessmentTypes of AssessmentCourse EvaluationDetermining the GradePolicy for Submission of Assignments

Final Evaluation Period

12Provide evidence

Demonstrate academic honesty

Complete work

Submit work on time

Attend classes

Communicate difficulties to teachers


514 Who can help?...

Ms. WagerGuidanceMs. MathuraESLMrs. AchongSpecial Education

Ms. Obadia, Ms. Smith, Mrs. Wonnacott

Mrs. Scagnetti/ Ms. SharpMr. BramerMs. RuffoMrs. Avgeropoulos

15Guidance and Career Education

Information Resource Centre (Library)

Information Technology Use

416Care for our school and our community

Students represent Markville S.S. Well, both on property and in the community.

Show respect for people and property.

Show care about:

Cleanliness of classrooms, halls, fields, parking lot, & cafeteria Lockers & personal property (theirs & others) Textbooks, school equipment, rooms, and furniture Fellow students- report trespassers & anything else staff need to know17Lockers



Reporting problems


318Care for OthersEquityOur students were born in 56 different countries.

Our students and staff have many different beliefsWe know and are learning right and wrongWe want everyone to feel safe

Food & Drink AllergiesLunch in the cafeteria or at home220Care for SelfDress ready for learning

Make healthy choices


122Do Their Best Every DayAttend classes everyday

Be on time

Awards & Recognition




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