Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques

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  • 8/14/2019 Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques


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  • 8/14/2019 Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques



    Copyright 2010 Evan Sharboneau.

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    You can do hatever you ant ith this eboo! under these conditions"#he eboo! must be presented it$s entirety. %o not modi&y the eboo!.

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    About The Photos Used in this E-Book

    ('' images in this eboo! are hyper'in!ed to their origina' 'ocation on the internet. #hismeans you can c'ic! on any photo in this eboo! and it i'' direct you to the origina' photoon the eb) *ee' &ree to comment the photographer$s great or! and as! them +uestions i&you ant to !no more about their image. #he photos that do not contain any hyper'in!shave been created by myse'&.

    More Borin Leal !tuff

    Contents contained in this eboo! may change and be updated at any time ithout prior notice.

    #he author has made every reasonab'e attempt to achieve accuracy o& the content in this eboo!, and assumes noresponsibi'ity &or errors or omissions. #he in&ormation contained in this document is -asis/ and shou'd on'y be usedas you see &it, and at your on ris!.

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    ather than put a trademar! symbo' a&ter every occurrence o& a trademar!ed name, e use names in an editoria'&ashion on'y, and to the bene&it o& the trademar! oner, ith no intention o& in&ringement o& the trademar!. here

    such designations appear in this boo!, they have been printed ith initia' caps.

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  • 8/14/2019 Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques


    Table of "ontents

    0 3ntroduction

    1a 9ong Exposure E&&ects1b 9ong Exposures %uring %ay1c 4ther 9ong Exposure E&&ects2 9evitation Photography? ?@0x1A0 P'anet PanoramasB 3n&rared Photography 8u'tip'icity Photography

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  • 8/14/2019 Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques


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  • 8/14/2019 Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques



    e''o and than! you &or don'oading The Top $ "reati%e Photoraphy Techni&ueseboo!)3D'' be shoing you some creative ideas that you can app'y to your photographs in a variety o&di&&erent ays. #his eboo! is ritten &or peop'e ith %S9 cameras ho ant to pump out morecreativeor!. 3t is a co''ection o& some o& the best posts on

    %uring this eboo! 3 i'' sometimes mention using (dobe: Photoshop: so&tare. 3 high'yrecommend that i& you do not have Photoshop right no, that you pic! it up. Photoshop is theindustry standard &or editing imagery, and the most versati'e compared to a'' other app'ications.Photoshop is here the magic happens, it can turn a du'' photograph into a or! o& art, and aor! o& art into a masterpiece)

    7asica''y, there are three versions o& Photoshop"(dobe Photoshop E'ements; 8ac >ersion(dobe Photoshop CS; 8ac >ersion

    (dobe Photoshop CS Extended; 8ac >ersion

    'hat one should you choose(

    3& you have had your camera &or a hi'e and photography, photomanipu'ation and art is asigni&icant part o& your 'i&e, get CS. 3t has a vast number o& &eatures and gives a 'ot o& contro' tothe user. 8ost o& the tutoria's you see on'ine and in this eboo! i'' be geared toard CS users. 3&getting a brand ne copy o& CS &rom ( is too expensive, 3 recommend getting aused copy o& CSB or even CS? &rom You most 'i!e'y i'' &ind it ith a signi&icant'y

    cheaper price tag. 3 ou'd go ith Photoshop CSB or CS? over the neest Photoshop E'ementsany day.

    3 ou'dn$t get anything be'o CS? because the techno'ogy is becoming more and more outdated.3& you have an o'der version o& Photoshop, such as CS1, CS2, CS?, or CSB, you can Fust buy aCS -upgrade/ and get a big discount on the price. %iscounts are a'so avai'ab'e &or students.

    'hat if you don)t want to buy an i*ae editin prora*(3& you &'at out don$t ant to pay &or Photoshop at a'', you can don'oad the &ree ?0 day trai' &rom( or don'oad the &ree a'ternative program,G38P. #he G38P has a di&&erentgraphica' user inter&ace than Photoshop, so some the tutoria's in this eboo! i'' need to be done

    s'ight'y di&&erent'y in the G38P.

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  • 8/14/2019 Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques


    Lon E+posure Effects

    %raing ith 'ight is extreme'y rea''y, rea''y &un.

    3n order to get these types o& shots, here is a generic combination o& camera settings that you canuse as a ru'e o& thumb"

    Put your camera on a tripod and use 8anua' 8ode and manua' &ocus, 'oer the 3S4 number as'o as it can go. ave your aperture at *A and your shutter speed at seconds. 3& you ant toma!e the photo brighter, change the aperture to a sma''er number

  • 8/14/2019 Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques


    #hese are city 'ights &rom a &ar aay distance.8ove your camera up and don

  • 8/14/2019 Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques


    #his is Fust a standard 'ong exposure o& a &ireor! spar!'erin motion.

    Ieep in mind that i& you use a &'ash, the person ho'ding the spar!'er i'' sho up in thephotograph. egu'ar spar!s &rom &ires can a'so ma!e amaing shots, especia''y i& you go in and

    out o& &ocus during the exposure. 8a!e sure that the bac!ground is dar!.H sec. ; &22 ; 3S4 200.

    Sure, you can use spar!'ers by themse'ves in empty dar! space, but you can a'so trace obFectsith spar!'ers. Cars, bicyc'es, and sometimes even human beings ma!e great subFects.

    H minutes 'ong, 3S4 100, *1A

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  • 8/14/2019 Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques


    You can a'so use &'ash'ights to give the scene an i''ustrious 'oo!.

    Simp'y turn on your &'ash'ight and start -spraying/ 'ight onto the scene to i''uminate it in thedar!. emember, the entire purpose is not to Fust 'ight up your subFect ith a stationary 'ight, butto have a 'ong exposure &or say, @ seconds, and move the 'ight a'' around the environment to get

    that magica' e&&ect. 3& you have an extreme'y poer&u' &'ash'ight, it is very e'' possib'e toi''uminate entire landscapesin the dar! as e'')

    3& you have a tripod on you, and youDre in an amusement par! or some !ind, 'ong exposures o&rides 'oo! very good hen ta!en in 'ong exposure mode.

    *erris hee's are a c'assic examp'e. *or a 'ight painter, going to an amusement par! at night is'i!e a !id going to a candy store

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  • 8/14/2019 Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques


    You can a'so create 'ong exposure si'houettes.Put your camera on a tripod.

    8a!e sure your subFect is standing sti''.8a!e sure there is no 'ight shining on them &rom the &ront.

    #a!e your exposure, and then start 'ight painting 'ight &rom behind them. ?0 seconds is good.#his particu'ar image as made using abattery operated &iber optic 'ight. 3t constant'y changes

    co'ors to create a uni+ue e&&ect.

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  • 8/14/2019 Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques


    #his as a 'ong exposure o& Christmas tree 'ights on a Christmas tree. 3t as a one secondexposure. 3n order to get rea''y smooth, straight 'ines, get your 'ens in &ocus then turn auto&ocuso&& so your camera onDt get stuc! trying to &ocus. #hen ta!e K1 second

  • 8/14/2019 Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques


    #hese 'ights are the 'itt'e 9E% *inger *'ash'ights that rap around your&ingers. 8y body remained invisib'e because it as not i''uminated andas in constant motion. emember that you can dra &aces or shapes 'i!ehearts or ords. Get creative) #hese images are ?0 second exposures.

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  • 8/14/2019 Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques


    #hese are ca''ed physiograms. Simp'y tie a string to the end o& the 8ag'ight,attach the other endo& the string to the cei'ing. (bout 2B &eet is good. 8ag'ights are pretty much 8(%E &or


  • 8/14/2019 Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques


    (gain, 9E%s are Fust great. You can trace obFects ith them, Fust 'i!e you can ith spar!'ers)ersion 1.2 | | Page 1B
  • 8/14/2019 Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques


    (nother coo' thing to do ith &'ashes is to ta!e a ?0 second exposure in the dar!ness and &ire the&'ash mu'tip'e times on your subFect in di&&erent areas in the &rame. #his is simi'ar to mu'tip'icity

    photography that 3 i'' ta'! about in section .

    (nd 'ast but not 'east" Capturing 'ightning. #his as a H minute exposure ith the camera on atripod. #his is great because you can capture mu'tip'e stri!es o& 'ightning in one &rame. oever,because super 'ong exposures introduce noise on the camera$s sensor, you can he'p e'iminate that

    by Fust ta!ing a bunch o& ?0 second exposures one a&ter the other, and then over'apping the&rames in Photoshop by using the 9ighten, Screen, or 9inear %oge

  • 8/14/2019 Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques