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<ol><li> 1. Outsource to India, Offshore Outsourcing India, Offshore Outsourcing to India, Offshore Outsourcing India India is expanding its wings in the world as largest offshore outsourcing development center. Offshore software Development Company, outsourcing software application development in .NET framework technology, Ruby on Rails, XML, Open Source, PHP, AJAX, C# etc.Top Reasons for Outsourcing To India: Timely delivery and cost-effectiveness Concentration on the core of business &amp; offload non-core functions Enhance tactical and strategic advantages Get benefit of skilled programmers and adequate infrastructure for your project Reduce operating cost and project overheads and free up resources Get best quality services, product and people Wide range of highly skilled and computer literate professionals Convincing difference between total project cost in India and developedcountries. Government support and legal proceeding Excellent training Infrastructure Easy availability of combination skill sets Initiate new projects quicklyWhat can be outsourced to India: E-commerce Projects Application Conversions (e.g. VB 2.0 to VB.NET or VB 6.0) Database Conversions (e.g. SQL 6.5 to SQL 2000) Integration of legacy or enterprise systems to client/server Web Application, etc. Porting projects to different platforms (porting from DOS, Windows9X/NT/2000/XP, Unix, etc.) Component development (e.g. ActiveX, OOP, OOD, Reports and Modules) Documentation, Producing of Windows Help Files, etc. Testing Desktop Programs Development Application, Database and Web MaintenanceFor More Information on your Offshore Software Development Outsourcing Requirements Contact Us.Source By: </li></ol>


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