Top ten takeaways from MWC15

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  • Claude Achcar, March 7th, 2015

    Top 10 takeaways from MWC15:

    1. Mobile is Everything aka IoT/Wearables/etc.

    This was one of the slogans of this years Congress. Bit pompous of course but hard to argue given level of connectedness of all things. Smart home deserves special mention + watches, cars

    2. Softwarization & Virtualization Everywhere Dont count custom hardware design out though

    3. Apple Shadow Without attending, Apple dominates talk in phones, watches, and payment, even cars Who can predict what else next year?

    4. Zuckerberg again Not sure what hes enjoyng more, Barcelona or the MWC, but he was back to update us on and make nice with the telcos

    5. Tim Httges Once again, I applaud Tim for being a realist and describing what innovation means to DT (process) and for conceding what innovation is not for a telco. Advocated open platforms in swipe to heavyweigt (but asset light) OTTs

    6. 5G Speed and virtualization up; power consumption and latency down First salvoes shot in the long race to 5G

    7. Mobile Connect Another initiative by the GSMA for establishing a standard, this time for digital authentication lets wish this one gets universally adopted and lasts

    8. Analytics in the enterprise It is the next big thing according to SAP CEO: 90% of data in the enterprise is dark or unanalyzed. This plus real-time information

    9. USA Not only the indisputable home for the most innovative firms across the entire mobile ecosystem but also to the fastest 4G adoption anywhere

    10. Barcelona This was the 10th year anniversary for the MWC in Barcelona. Definitely, the place to be.