Top Ten Things to Savor in Macau

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<ul><li><p>7/31/2019 Top Ten Things to Savor in Macau</p><p> 1/12</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 Top Ten Things to Savor in Macau</p><p> 2/12</p><p> 2012 Brilliance Press. All rights reserved.</p><p>-1-</p><p>Here is a top ten list of things to enjoy inMacau, a Special Administrative Region of the</p><p>Peoples Republic of Chinaand formerPortuguese colony. This list is based on my visit</p><p>to Macau in April 2012. The activities and destinations listed should give you a taste of</p><p>what one of Asias most fascinating places has to offer.</p><p>1. Ruins of St. Paul Cathedralin the</p><p>Historic Centre of Macao(the Portuguese spellingof Macau), a UNESCO World Heritage Site.</p><p>TheHistoric Centre of MacaoonMacau Peninsulawith its mix of Portuguese and</p><p>Chinese influences was designated aWorld Heritage SitebyUNESCOin 2005. The</p><p>Centre stretches over several square kilometers in two zones: one between Barra Hill to</p><p>the west and Mount Hill in the center, and the other to the east encompassing theGuia</p><p>Fortress,Guia Chapel, and Guia Lighthouse. The first zone boasts 20 monuments of</p><p>special significance to the blending of eastern and western influences that harken back to</p><p>Macaus days as a Portuguese colony.Click herefor more information about the Centre.</p><p>TheRuins of St. Paul'sCathedral and College is arguably the citys most famous</p><p>landmark and a must-see attraction. Completed in 1602 by theJesuits, it was one of thelargest Catholic complexes in Asia but fell into decline afterPope Clement XIVdissolved</p><p>the Jesuits Order, the Society of Jesus, in 1773, and the Jesuits departed. It was destroyed</p><p>by a fire during a typhoon in 1835. The cathedrals faade crowning a long flight of stone</p><p>steps is the only visible remnant of the church. Its baroque features are reminiscent of the</p><p>Jesuit Reductionsin South America that were built at about the same time. Behind the</p><p>faade of St. Pauls is theMuseum of Sacred Art and Cryptwith relics and artifacts from</p><p>the former Jesuit complex.</p>'s's's's</li><li><p>7/31/2019 Top Ten Things to Savor in Macau</p><p> 3/12</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 Top Ten Things to Savor in Macau</p><p> 4/12</p><p> 2012 Brilliance Press. All rights reserved.</p><p>-3-</p><p>The shopping district in theHistoric Centre of Macao andSt. Dominic's Church:</p><p>3. Mount Fortress and the Macau Museum</p><p>Also located in theHistoric Centre of Macao, theMount Fortress(Fortaleza do Monte in</p><p>Portuguese) is a hilltop fortress built in 1626 by the Jesuits to defend themselves from</p><p>attack. The colonial government seized it after the Jesuits left Macau in the 1770s. It</p><p>served for many years as the residence of the governors of Macau and a military fort.</p>'s_Church_(Macau)'s_Church_(Macau)'s_Church_(Macau)'s_Church_(Macau)</li><li><p>7/31/2019 Top Ten Things to Savor in Macau</p><p> 5/12</p><p> 2012 Brilliance Press. All rights reserved.</p><p>-4-</p><p>Mount Fortress is a short escalator ride from the Ruins of St. Pauls and has a nice vista</p><p>overlooking the city worth the trip. You can almost hear echoes of the citys colonial past</p><p>near the cannons on the ramparts. The beautiful garden offers panoramic views of the oldcity.Click herefor more views of the citys skyline.</p><p>If you enjoy old military forts and have time, visitGuia Fortressa few kilometers to the</p><p>east.</p><p>TheMuseum of Macausits on</p><p>top of the mount.</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 Top Ten Things to Savor in Macau</p><p> 6/12</p><p> 2012 Brilliance Press. All rights reserved.</p><p>-5-</p><p>4. A-Ma Temple</p><p>TheA-Ma Temple, a Taoist temple built in 1488, is the oldest and most famous in</p><p>Macau. Its located at the base of Barra Hill at the western end of theHistoric Centre of</p><p>Macao. Time and weather did not permit us to visit the temple on our trip, but severalsources have indicated that it is one ofMacaus main attractions and worth a visit.</p><p>5. Visit the casinos, gamble and shop</p><p>As the only place in the Peoples Republic of China where gambling is permitted, Macao</p><p>is a popular destination for Chinese who enjoy gambling. As of 2012,gambling revenue</p><p>in Macauwas five times that of Las Vegas, although you wouldnt know at first glance.</p><p>Unlike the crowded Las Vegas Strip, Macaus casinos are scattered across the city. The</p><p>newer casinos are located on theCotai Stripin Cotai, a district betweenTaipaand</p><p>Coloaneislands built on reclaimed land. TheGalaxy,City of Dreams, andVenetianare</p><p>on the Cotai Strip. Others, including theGrand Lisboaand theSands, are located near theHistoric Centre of Macao. These casinos and hotels are filled with restaurants, shops, and</p><p>entertainment venues that appeal to gamblers and tourists alike. We stayed at the Galaxy</p><p>and were impressed by the amenities and beautiful peacock motif.</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 Top Ten Things to Savor in Macau</p><p> 7/12</p><p> 2012 Brilliance Press. All rights reserved.</p><p>-6-</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 Top Ten Things to Savor in Macau</p><p> 8/12</p><p> 2012 Brilliance Press. All rights reserved.</p><p>-7-</p><p>6. Dine on Macanese and Portuguese cuisine</p><p>Macau offers a delicious fusion of Chinese and Portuguese cooking. The two have</p><p>blended into a local style known asMacanese cuisinewith an emphasis on baked goods</p><p>and grilled and roasted meats. Some popular Macanese dishes are Portuguese or African</p><p>chicken, codfish (bacalhau), gray chicken or rabbit (pato de cabidela), spicy chili</p><p>shrimps, minced beef or pork (minchi), stir-fried curry crab, steamed pork buns, and egg</p><p>tarts. Macau has many fine Macanese, Portuguese, and Chinese restaurants. Dine at one</p><p>recommended by a local or the concierge at your hotel. We dined atAntonio(259 rua dos</p><p>Negociantes Taipa), a Michelin 3-star Portuguese restaurant owned by renowned chef</p><p>Antonio Coelho widely known as one of the best purveyors of Portuguese cuisine in</p><p>Macau. The meal was delicious, and the ambiance was wonderful.</p><p>Other recommended restaurants in Macau areFernandos on Coloane island (9 Praiade</p><p>Hac), seafood restaurant O Manel (10 rua de Femao Mendes Pinto), and Macanese</p><p>restaurant O Porto Interior(259 rua do Almirante Sergio).</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 Top Ten Things to Savor in Macau</p><p> 9/12</p><p> 2012 Brilliance Press. All rights reserved.</p><p>-8-</p><p>7. Macau Tower:</p><p>The 338 meter (1,109 foot) tallMacau Toweroffers some</p><p>of the best views of Macau. Thrill seekers can walk on</p><p>Skywalk X, the outer rim of the tower with only a tether</p><p>and no handrail. Orbungee jumpoff the tower, the second</p><p>highest in the world after the Vegas' Stratosphere skyjump.</p><p>We didnt visit the tower because of bad weather, but I took</p><p>a photo of it.</p><p>8. Taipa Village:</p><p>Taipa Village is an old settlement onTaipa Islandnear the</p><p>Cotai Strip. Its worth a visit if youre staying on Taipa or Coloane islands. Get away for</p><p>a meal at one of the Portuguese or Macanese restaurants. Walk along Rua do Cunha or</p><p>one of the cobblestone side streets to buy pastries or souvenirs and visit the Taipa HouseMuseum and Church of Our Lady of Carmel. With all the modern casinos rising up</p><p>around it, this colonial-era town feels like a place frozen in time. </p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 Top Ten Things to Savor in Macau</p><p> 10/12</p><p> 2012 Brilliance Press. All rights reserved.</p><p>-9-</p><p>Here are a couple of odd sights we encountered in Taipa Villagealley cats feasting on ameal outside a restaurant (we didnt eat there) and driedcaterpillar fungus(Cordyceps</p><p>sinensis)for Chinese herbal tea.</p><p>9. Macau Science Center, Cultural Center of Macau, and Macau Museum of Art:</p><p>TheMacau Science Centreis a contemporary waterfront structure designed by famous</p><p>architectIM Peithat opened in 2009. TheCultural Center of Macauand Museum of Art</p><p>are co-located in the same building across the street from the science center. The three</p><p>offer a variety of exhibits and performances that make for a nice alternative to the casinos</p><p>and historic parts of town. They are also visually attractive and offer a nice photo op.</p><p>10. The House of Dancing Water Show:</p><p>The House of Dancing Water, a Vegas-style stage production at theCity of Dreams, is a</p><p>wonderfully choreographed experience in an intimate aqua theater-in-the-round. The</p><p>uniquely Asian take on the aquatic theater concept combines theater, dance, gymnastic</p><p>artistry, high-performance diving, and state-of-the-art displays of water imagery.Click</p><p>hereto read my previous post about the show with more photos from the show.</p></li></ul>


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