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<ul><li><p>Topics Covered: Summary Agile Methodology and DevOps Linux Basics: Scripting- Bash (shell scripting) and Intermediate Python Programming SCM Git Build Management Ant Web/Application Server apache and Tomcat Database MySQL, MongoDB (NoSQL) Cloud Computing AWS: ec2, VPC, S3, Cloudwatch, IAM, SES, RDS, Cloudfront, EC2 command </p><p>line tools, Python Boto module etc DevOps Tools - Jenkins, Docker, Vagrant, Nagios Configuration Management using Chef / Puppet / Ansible / Continues Integration Jenkins Binary Repository Manager Nexus Infrastructure Monitoring Nagios Static Code analysis Sonar</p></li><li><p>DevOps: Introduction Software Methodologies An overview Agile Continues Integration and Continues Delivery DevOps </p></li><li><p>Linux OS: Important Linux commands Networking Basics. Files and Permissions Managing permissions with sudo</p></li><li><p>Scripting Shell scripting: </p><p>Variables and Strings, Regular expressions, AWK, SED, Functions, Loop for loop and while loop</p></li><li><p>Scripting (Continued) Intermediate Python programming: </p><p>Strings manipulation, Python variables, Functions, Loops, Advanced networking programming, Database connections, Introduction to Classes and Objects, Python Modules: Senting out emails, Multithreading, Socket programming with modules.</p></li><li><p>SCM Git (Advanced): </p><p>installation and environment setup, Basic conceptsTagsPatch BranchWorking with Git on Developers perspective: Clone, review, commit, push, update, stash, move, rename, delete etc, Best practices for Releases</p></li><li><p>Build Management Ant: </p><p>Installation and Configuration, Build file, Property, Data types, Creatin, WAR/JAR files, Deployment</p></li><li><p>Web/Application Server Tomcat: </p><p>Install and Configure, Admin console, Deployments, Tomcat as HTTP server, Apache proxy Pass Apache </p><p>Install and Configure Running your website on Apache PHP installation and PHP frameworks (Wordpress)</p></li><li><p>Databases Mysql (Basics) </p><p>Concepts of relational data model, Administration, SQL and connecting to DB from your application</p></li><li><p>Databases (Continued) MongoDB (Basics): </p><p>Cocepts and Advantages of NoSQL data model, Queries, Differentiating with Relational DB Model</p></li><li><p>Cloud Computing: AWS AWS for Cloud computing: </p><p>AWS Services, EC2, VPC, S3, Elastic Volumes, Instance stores, RDS, Route53 SESElastic Load Balancers, Cloudwatch, Cloudfront, Cloudformation.</p></li><li><p>DevOpsTools Chef: </p><p>Install and Configure Server and Workstations, knife tool Roles and Environments, Writing Cookbooks in chefBootstrapping nodesKey AuthenticationEffective deployments using Chef</p></li><li><p>DevOpsTools (Continued) Docker: </p><p>Install and Configure, Docker container, Imgaes and VMs, Revisioning, Docker in your infrastructure.</p></li><li><p>DevOpsTools (Continued) Vagrant: </p><p>Install and Configure, Vagrant images, Provisioning servers, Virtualbox integration, Vagrant modules for AWS and Rackspace</p></li><li><p>DevOpsTools (Continued) Nagios for Infra-Monitoring/Plugins: </p><p>Install and Configure, Nagions host definitions, Service Definitions, Host/Service templates, Hostgroups, ServiceGroups, Event Handlers, Email notifications, Understanding how checks works. Writing Nagios pluginsSNMP plugin to monitor client machines</p></li><li><p>CI- Continues Integration (Done) Jenkins: </p><p>Introduction to Continues Integration, Install and Configure, Jenkins integration with tomcat, Git, Ant, Deployer etc, Automated Deployment using Jenkins, Continues Deployment, Security, Reporting.</p></li><li><p>Binary Repository Manager: Nexus: </p><p>A high level overview on Usage and deployments</p></li><li><p>Static Code analysis Sonar for Java &amp; .Net: </p><p>Code review: A high level overview</p></li></ul>


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