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Trinitarian, February 2012

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Trinitarian - February, 2012. The quarterly newsletter of Trinity Episcopal Church, Lawrence.

Text of Trinitarian, February 2012

This is a test for work

Trinity Episcopal Church February, 2012 Lawrence, KansasTHE TRINITARIAN This issue of the Trinitarian highlights our Childrens Ministries at Trinity Episcopal Church, from our Nursery through our newly-established Youth Program. On the following pages, please join us in exploring the various educational and social programs offered by Trinity for the benefit of children, both in our parish and in our community. We wish to recognize those dedicated and committed individuals, who are behind-the-scenes and make these opportunities possible. We are always looking for ways to expand these ministries and encourage more children to participate. If you have a child, grandchild, neighbor, relative, or friend who you think might be interested, feel free to refer them to any of the Directors mentioned in this publication, or refer them to the Church Office, at 785-843-6166. We will gladly put them in touch with the appropriate person.

For generations the church has struggled to reach young people amidst a world with louder and louder voices, many of whom don't have their best interests at heart. And with each passing generation, the need to proclaim the good news of Christ's love is more important than ever. I remember as a young teenager the controversy that erupted when a classmate of mine, a very emotionally troubled young man, brought a knife to school in his backpack. Now, school leaders would probably be relieved it was a knife and not a gun or a bomb. The ministry to our children is described in detail within these pages, but I just want to paint for you a picture of a place that continues to expand the ways in which we help nurture children here. We now have Sunday School classes that span from birth up through middle school. This past month we brought on board Kendra Thompson, an extremely talented young woman to be our Director of Youth Ministries. She'll be developing programs for middle school, junior high, and senior high youth. Trinity will be hosting the diocesan junior high youth event in April.

This summer Trinity will also be doing a Vacation Bible School. We had a great turnout of volunteers interested in participating in VBS, but were missing one in particular: the one willing to lead the entire program. For someone considering the job, you already have people interested in leading crafts and games and snacks. You even have a priest who has dressed up in all sorts of costumes at Vacation Bible Schools in the past (I've been a sheep, a chipmunk, and an archaeologist, to name a few). All we need is someone to take the reins and help pull it all together.

A final word of thanks. No program for children would be a success without the support of parents and guardians who take the time to bring their children, who often commit to volunteering for these programs, and who take the message the children hear and discuss it around their dining room tables. I hope you think of Trinity as a partner in parenting, an institution you can trust to reinforce the lessons you want your children to learn in the world, and a safe place where you can come together to worship God and spend time together in the most meaningful way possible. We couldn't do it without you.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Rob+

What do you get for your $227,000?

-Naming rights first, middle, and last.

-Glimpses of God every day.

-Giggles under the covers every night.

-More love than your heart can hold.

-Endless wonder over rocks, ants, clouds, and warm cookies.

-A hand to hold, usually covered with jelly or chocolate.

-A partner for blowing bubbles, flying kites.

-Someone to laugh yourself silly with, no matter what the boss said or how your stocks performed that day.

For $227,000, you never have to grow up.-You get to finger paint, carve pumpkins, play hide-in-seek, and never stop believing in Santa Claus.-You have an excuse to keep reading The Adventures of Piglet and Pooh; watch Saturday morning cartoons; go to Disney movies; and wish upon a star.

In addition, you receive-An education in psychology, nursing, and criminal justice, which no college can match.

-The power to heal a boo-boo, scare away monsters under beds,and patch a broken heart.

And best of all, you receive-The capacity to love them without limits, so that one day, they, like you, will love without counting the cost.Top of Form


Because we are trying to keep three teachers in every class, we need several additional people to meet this goal. We have lots of experienced teachers, and we would love to include some new people, so that this experience will live on past the current staff. New teachers would act as support until they are comfortable in leading a lesson with others supporting them. Please contact the church office, or

David Paden ([email protected]), if you are interested becoming involved.



The Trinity Nursery is ably staffed by Natalie Wilkins and Jasmine Turner each Sunday morning. On an average Sunday, the Nursery provides care for 2-3 babies. The ages of the babies in the Nursery are birth to about 6 months old, at which time they begin to participate in Trinitys ECA (Early Christian Awareness) Program. A typical Sunday morning begins with the ECA activity, and then its snack time! Following snack time, various activities are introduced and available for these tots. Organized activities with these very young parishioners can be challenging, however, puzzles and building blocks seem to be popular with them. Often, books are read to the children, and playtime in the miniature kitchen is a well-liked activity. At some point during the morning, necessary housekeeping events, such as diaper changes, bottle feedings, and cleaning dirty faces, occur. Natalie and Jasmine are experts in maneuvering between many events -- both planned and unplanned as they coordinate their attention and time among all of the children in their care. TRINITYS EARLY CHRISTIAN AWARENESS SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS


Lynn Segebrecht: Lynn was a first grade teacher from 1978 until her oldest son, Brian, was born. Before that, she taught preschool. She LOVES being around kids, always has, and she expects she always will. She loves working with all ages of youth. Presently she is teaching prospective teachers at KU in both primary and intermediate literacy classes. The most fun part of that for me is watching them at work with the children in their practicum settings.

Lynn helped get ECA started at Trinity when her son, Ray, was two years old! She is still active with it after 22 years. She also taught her sons classes, alternating back and forth between boys with Husband Steve, until the boys joined the youth group. She reports that the most wonderful thing for her about teaching Sunday School is seeing children's faith, so pure, unabashed, and honest, developing before her eyes. She loves their innocence and their willingness to talk about God. It has always inspired her. She believes that it's no coincidence that many of the kids in that initial ECA graduating class (now 23-25 years old) are still faithful, and many attend an Episcopal Church. Watching children grow up in Trinity is a gift. She knows they appreciate the friendship and support of adults in their parish, and they often express that eloquently when they are older. One real thrill for her was to attend the baptisms of her goddaughter's children. To see her lead her children to God was an indescribable joy. To see her own children mature in their commitment and love of Christ gives her joy for which she cannot begin to find words.Trinity is looking for new teachers that would be willing to join Lynn. She says that ECA has little or no preparation. She is the one that trains new teachers (which is pretty much just having them watch class and then visiting about it). We are blessed to have adopted this wonderful curriculum. The ease of implementation allows us to concentrate on getting to know and connect with our wonderful Trinity toddlers.

The ECA Sunday School Class is taught weekly for children 6 months old through age 3. The Class is taught by Melanie Seybold, Lynn Segebrecht, and Micah Seybold. Natalie Wilkins and Jasmyn Turner also help with the program and serve as substitute teachers when needed. This program was piloted in1989 (some original "students" included Ray Segebrecht, Stuart Roberts, and Grant Tarr).

The program was created by a woman in Oklahoma who was a member of a Lutheran church and the publisher of the "cards" that guide our lessons. The ECA curriculum is based upon a wonderful collection of animals accumulated over the years and categorized on shelving to be utilized during the songs created by the program's founder. The songs teach babies and toddlers language and music about God's creatures and His Love for them and for all of us, as the children interact with the stuffed animals that the teachers bring to "life" through music, movement, conversation and an occasional story. The animals highlighted vary from week to week, so that over time the children are introduced to, and subsequently reencounter many "stuffed" friends! Their enjoyment is evident in the

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