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  • 7/27/2019 Truth About Yoga


  • 7/27/2019 Truth About Yoga


    Yoga is not an ancient myth buried in oblivion.

    It is the most valuable inheritance o the present.

    It is the essential need o today.

    ~ Swami Satyananda Saraswati

  • 7/27/2019 Truth About Yoga


    2010, International Yogalayam

    Introduction 5

    Chapter 1

    Clearing the Yoga Air 7

    A Brief History of the Future of Yoga 7

    Breaking Up is Hard to Do 8

    Yoga and Stretching: Whats the Difference? 9

    Stretching International Borders 10

    Stretching the Margins of Yoga 11Is Yoga the New Aerobics? 12

    Does Yoga Have a Shelf Life? 13

    Rocking the Yoga Boat 13

    Why Are There So Many New Yoga Styles Today? 14

    A Look Behind the

    Yoga Teacher Training Curtain 17

    Chapter 2What Is Yoga? 26

    A Yoga Reality Check 26

    What is Yoga, Really? 27

    The Yoga-Fit Phenomenon 28

    Mystical Science 29

    The Science of Life 30

    Perfect Health 31Perfect Evolution 31

    The Yoga re-Union 32

    Get Out of Your Own Way 33

  • 7/27/2019 Truth About Yoga


    2010, International Yogalayam

    Ashtanga YogaEight Steps to Freedom 34

    Hatha Yogausing the body to transcend the body 35

    The Key to Hatha Yoga 36

    Awareness: without it, yoga is just another stretch 36

    1 Awareness of Body 37

    2 Awareness of Emotions 39

    3 Awareness of Mind 40

    4 Awareness of Awareness 41

    Mystical Magical Energy! 41

    The Yoga of Re-Polarization 42

    Are You Getting it Right? 43

    Chapter 3

    A Brighter Yoga Future 45The Body is the Beginning 45

    The Body is Not the End 46

    Breaking Some New Old Yoga Ground 47

    Carving a Better Yoga Path 48

    Why You Need to Practice Yoga at Home 49

    Taking Yoga to the Next Level 50

    Yogashramthe ultimate yoga experience 51Studying the Yoga Home Study Concept 52

    Dont Give Up on Yoga Classes 54

    A Bright Yoga Future 54

    Appendices 57
  • 7/27/2019 Truth About Yoga


    2010, International Yogalayam


    IntroductionWee all head the expession, Nee jude a book

    b its coe. A coe that appeals to ou senses o atitle that pookes us is sometimes hat makes us act

    thouh. But ho oen does the content inside ail lie

    up to the coes aade? A lot, I nd.

    We could pobabl sa that this metapho is also an

    appopiate one o people sometimes too. What e

    see on the outside is not alas an accurate eection

    o hat is inside. Im not talkin onl about someones

    characte esus thei phsical appearance. Im sain

    that the imae e hae o ouseles een, and hat e

    eall ae miht be olds apart. Te poblem is that

    e just dont ealize it et. I I could start this book ina rathe cryptic a, then I ould sa that oga is hat

    helps us to come to this ealization.

    You ant to kno the tuth about oga. Tats h

    ou picked up this book. Te title made ou do it, so

    ee cossed the st hudle alead. Te next ques-

    tions that ou ant anseed ae:
  • 7/27/2019 Truth About Yoga


    2010, International Yogalayam


    1 Is thee eall a tuth about oga; some deep

    dak secet that has been kept hidden om ou

    all alon?

    2 I thee is, ill this book eall eeal it to me?Te anse to both those questions is a denite

    MAYBE. Tee ae man thins about oga that most

    people ho practice it toda dont kno. I can tell ou

    that ith 100% certaint. What I ill eeal in this

    book ill hopeull shed a lot o liht on oga o somepeople. I o one ish I ould hae had some o this

    inomation beoe I started leanin oga. It certainl

    ould hae saed me a lot o okand mone too.

    But I suppose sain time and eort isnt alas the

    point, is it? I mean, I I didnt hae to put orth so much

    time, enegy and eort oe the eas to lean eery-

    thin that Ie leaned about oga, I ouldnt be able

    to shae hat Im about to shae ith ou no. I hope

    m time hasnt been asted and that this short book

    ill be o some alue to those ho ae cuious about

    ogathose ho ae ondein ho to et started, andthose ho ae crain moe o an undestandin o this

    ancient science in ode to dele deepe into it.
  • 7/27/2019 Truth About Yoga


    2010, International Yogalayam


    Chapter 1

    Clearing the Yoga Air

    A Brief History of the Future of Yoga

    Te last century has seen oga o om bein a ke part

    o the abic o an Easten cultue, to a lobal phenom-

    enon, and that escalation hasnt come ithout its shae

    o oin pains.

    Te ast majoit o people ho utte the od oga

    toda hae nee been to India; the hae little to no

    knolede o the cultural heitae om hich oga

    has spun, and likel ery little inteest in becomin

    too acquainted ith it eithe. Tat makes some ogaenthusiasts ery concened.

    I the Indian (Vedic) cultue om hich the science

    o oga deeloped is, in act, important to the practice

    o ogahich it is to some peoplethen thee is ttin

    cause o concen because the ideas about oga andits moden methods o practice hae moed pett a

    om its oiins alead. A ston aument can de-

    nitel be made b these olks that hat most people ae

    doin unde the name o oga no cant accuratel be

    called oga anmoe.

    Just as man, and pobabl een a hole lot moe

    othes, thouh, aent concened about this at all.

    Tee not lookin o an existential cisis. Tee not
  • 7/27/2019 Truth About Yoga


    2010, International Yogalayam


    lookin o an philosophical input on lie in eneral

    eithe. Tei motiations o tryin oga ae moe prac-

    tical than all that. Te simpl ant to impoe thei

    health and eel betteand thouh moden oga, thecan usuall et those thins pett easil.

    Breaking Up is Hard to Do

    I ill poide some ood, practical and useul stu about

    oga hee o ou, I pomise. But as Ie just pointed

    out aboe, the idea o hat oga means aies idel

    om one peson to the next, so I need to quickl un

    oe this ound so that ou can see hee ou ideas

    about oga t in elation to the ideas o othes. What

    I hae to shae in this book is not intended to conert

    anones a o thinkin about oga. I hope, hoee,that it ill poide some aluable insiht o eeryone,

    no matte hat thei take on oga miht be.

    Without simpliin too much iht om the start,

    lets just sa that thee ae to ail distinct oga camps

    noadas: one that takes a decidedl Westen scien-

    tic ie o oga and anothe that embraces the ra-

    ditional spiitual oundations as its coe. Neithe is so

    one-dimensional as to be summed up in one sentence

    like that, o couse, but the main diision stems lael

    alon the lines o hich pespectie the teachins o

    oga ae ieed om: the Easten o the Westen.In tuth, both ae too mopic to do oga justice. I ou

    adhee too iidl to traditional texts and metaphoi-
  • 7/27/2019 Truth About Yoga


    2010, International Yogalayam


    cal eeences, then ou miss the eat opportunities

    that moden lanuae and scientic discoeies oes

    to deepen ou pespecties on these ancient teach-

    ins. Conesel, i ou onl ie the teachin o ogathouh Westen scientic and philosophical pespec-

    ties, then ou ill not ull undestand it o achiee

    een a raction o hat oga is capable o helpin ou

    to achiee.

    Yoga and Stretching: Whats theDifference?

    When I st tied ogao at least hat I thouh as

    ogaee so man eas ao, I could not een touch m

    toes (thats a act!). In act, I couldnt een come close! I

    spent eas deelopin moe exibilit, hen it nalldaned upon me one da that I could hae saed m-

    sel a hole lot o touble. All I had to do, iht om the

    start, as bend m knees and oila!

    Tat asnt the point thouhto meel bin m

    nes into contact ith m toes, as it? Te point asthat thee as a hole lot o tension in m phsical bod

    that needed to be oked out. But no that the tension

    is one and I can easil bend orwad to touch m toes,

    hae I accomplished the oal o oga? O is inceasin

    the exibilit o m limbs onl part o the oga pictue?

    Let me put it this a. A ballet dances bends o-

    ad to t