Tuesday January 6 th A-day Friday January 9 th B- day Warm Up Text Structure Notes Literary Letter Drafting Closure

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Tuesday January 6th A-day Wednesday January 7th B-day

Tuesday January 6th A-dayFriday January 9th B-dayWarm UpText Structure NotesLiterary Letter DraftingClosureWarm UpDirections: In your journal answer the following questions. Select whether the statement is a fact of an opinion then explain your answer.The cheetah is the fastest land dwelling animal. Fact or Opinion Explain__________The ugliest sea creature is the manatee. Fact or Opinion Explain_________Oranges contain both calcium and Vitamin C. Fact or Opinion Explain_________

Fact vs OpinionFacts: statements that can be proven. They can be true or false but they can all be provenOpinions: statements that cannot be proven. They can be argued and supported with facts but cannot be proven.

Examples: Fact: This is Ms. Tersecks first year teaching at JML.Opinion: Fall is the best season.Non Fiction Text StructureWe are going to review 6 types of non fiction text structureDirections:Write your name on the notes sheetSilently walk around and fill in the notes you will have 15minWhen you complete the notes sit back down and review them and be prepared to practiceTips to IdentifyAsk, what is the author doing in this paragraph? Put it in your own words.Have a hunch? Use the graphic organizer to see if the info fits.Look for signal words.PracticeRead each passage.Determine how the text is organized: cause and effect, compare and contrast, chronological order, sequence / process writing, problem and solution, enumeration/listingWrite your answer.Popular SportsFootball and baseball are two of the most popular sports in the country. They are similar in some ways. For one, they are both team sports, and they both require players to advance to an end or home point on the playing field. However, football, unlike baseball requires players to carry the ball to the end zone, while in baseball, it is the defending team that controls the ball while it is in play.The Magic BlanketOne day while walking home from school, he found a magic blanket. When he covered himself with it, he turned invisible. At first he used his power to play all kinds of tricks on people. Then hed turn invisible and hide things, or move a cup when someone was pouring juice to make a mess. He had a lot of fun. But then one day, he found that he couldnt take the blanket off. He was just stuck invisible. Meanwhile, he quit playing tricks on people, hoping that hed be able to take the blanket off and rejoin society, but it didnt work. He is still invisible somewhere right now, and he is very lonely.Studying for a TestBelieve it or not, as important as it is, many students do not know how to study for a test. Well, studying for a test is easy. In order to study effectively, the first thing that you must do is take out your notes. To begin with open your notes up to the section that you are supposed to review. Read what you wrote in your notebook. When you are done, close your notebook and see if you remember the ideas that you were studying. Still dont remember? Open your notebook back up a try again.Low Test ScoresMany students have been getting low scores on tests and this is upsetting to parents, teachers, and students. Low test scores show that teachers arent teaching effectively or that students arent learning. Either way its an issue with which we are concerned. I propose the following: any teacher who is giving a test should open up their classroom for study groups the night and morning before the test. Maybe by giving students extra opportunities to study, we can improve students test scores. Getting ready for CollegeBrians mother and he are going shopping to get him ready for college. He has decided that he will need a few things to get him started. His list includes:SheetsTowelsA lampSchool supplies Snacks to keep in his dorm room.EligibilityBeing involved in after school sports and clubs is not a right. It is a privilege. Therefore, students have to meet eligibility requirements. If students have any Ds or Fs, then they are not allowed to play. Also, if students have behavior issues in class, they cannot be on the team or in the club. Students need to keep good attendance. Consequently, if students miss school, they most certainly cannot come to practice. Being on a team is a lot of responsibility.12Lit Letter PlanningBefore break we discussed the difference between complimenting and corresponding please look at the planning sheetFill in each of the boxes to help you to organize your thoughts for your letterWhen you finish please bring it up to meAfter I have looked over it you may begin draftingLit Letter DraftingTell your author how and why their work has changed youWhy is it important to you?

Hook your reader- think about the hooks we talked about with memoirs ex question, quote, dialogue, figurative languageConclusion- dont leave your reader hanging

Shouldnt be more than 4 paragraphs. You can have one short intro (2-3sentences) longer body (5-8 sentences) then a short conclusion (2-3 sentences)

Important DatesBecause of the snow all due dates have been pushed back ONE class period

S-Final Literary Letter Due Monday 1/12 A-day and Tuesday 1/13 B-day. We will still work on these in class

S- Non Fiction Text Structure Quiz Wednesday 1/14 A-day and Thursday 1/15 B-day


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