Turbo mousetrap cart: Need for cheese! How to build the Mouse Trap Car

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  • Turbo mousetrap cart: Need for cheese! How to build the Mouse Trap Car
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  • Goals & Objectives To demonstrate how there are alternative ways besides fuel and power sources to make vehicles move To leave with a functional moving car To be able to explain how the car works
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  • Energy, Motion and Friction Energy: What is energy? From where we have energy Is our cart in need of a source of energy to work? Motion What is motion? Transforming energy to move the cart
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  • Energy, Motion and Friction Friction What is friction Transforming energy into heat Not all the friction is negative How does friction affect the motion of a vehicle? Without friction our cart can not move The friction convert energy that can be use to move the cart into heat that we do not need!!!
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  • What is a turbo mousetrap cart and how does it work? A turbo mousetrap cart is a vehicle that is powered by the energy of a wound-up mousetrap spring. The string is wound around the axle by the turning of the wheels, the snapppers lever arm is pulled close to the drive axle causing the mouse trap's wind-up and store energy. When the string is released the drive axle by the mousetrap will cause the wheels to rotate.
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  • About the mousetrap- Materials String Connector Strips Perpendicular Blocks 5mm Dowels Pulleys Galvanized Colored Wire Mousetrap Slide Stop Material #12- Screws #10 Washers Gears Wheels Rubber bands
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  • Steps
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  • Get Ready to Race !!!!!!