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  • 1. Tweeting TipsRodolfo Paneque

2. Learning Twitter and trying to figure out how to use this socialmedia platform to bring in new business or generate leads canbe difficult. Every business is different and there arent anyblueprints that guarantee implementing Twitter as a useful tool.However, there are some helpful pointers that you should knowand implement. 3. 1) Use Hashtags:Using hashtags is a great way to connect with others on aspecific topic. You can create your own hashtag by placing the# symbol in front of any keyword/phrase or do a Twitter Searchto see if there is already a specific hashtag in use.i.e. Remember that #Aristocrat Travel is here to serve you!Have a wonderful day everyone! 4. It should look like this! 5. 2) Monitor Keywords:Find out what keywords best represent your business andinclude these words in your tweets. Monitor these keywordswith programs such as HootSuite and reach out to users thattweet them. 6. 3) Provide Value:Use Twitter Search to find tweets about your business,competitors or any other news that may revolve aroundyour business niche. Respond to tweets regarding yourbusiness and answer any questions you may find. Bydoing so you will gradually become a reliable source inyour field. 7. Twitter Search 8. 4) Be Yourself:Dont try to constantly sell your business on Twitter. Be yourself.Being human is all about getting to know your customers andpeers and building long lasting relationships. Post professionalnews along with things happening in your personal life. Reallyengage with your customers. 9. 5) Be Responsive:Respond to all tweets, good and bad, involving your business.Dont wait a few days to respond to a tweet. Respond in atimely manner. Remember all tweets are public and youraudience will be able to see how you handle things in real-time. 10. Did you like this Presentation??? Let me know!Rodolfo PanequeTwitter: @rodolfopanequeFacebook: