Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) Peter Joseph

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)

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A Powerpoint of my Independent Study (I.S.) Project for my Astronomy class - UFOs!!

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Page 1: Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)

Peter Joseph

Page 2: Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)

What exactly is a U.F.O.?ϟ Any object that is aerial in the sky and cannot be precisely named, or identifiedϟ Some people associate UFO’s with extraterrestrial beings, although it is not generally the case

Page 3: Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)

What are the types of shapes of UFO’s?Saucer-Shaped:Domed, Flat-Top, Diamond, Double Hat, ConeOTHER SHAPES:ϟ Cigar (Most Common)ϟ Orbed or Sphereϟ Cashewϟ Transparent Spheresϟ Plasma Diskϟ Triangle or Triangularϟ Black Triangles (Most common triangle UFOs)ϟ Oval-Shapedϟ Cylindricalϟ Chevron Shapedϟ Crossϟ Rectangularϟ Trapezoidal

Domed Shape Flat Top Cashew

Transparent Black Triangle Trapezoidal

Page 4: Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)
Page 5: Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)
Page 6: Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)

Physical evidence of “other beings”ϟ We have had radar contact with UFOs from military airplanes and shipsϟ Videos, still photos, infrared imagesϟ Trace evidence, such as burned soil, increased radiation, broken foliageϟ Electromagnetic interferenceϟ These can include stalled cars, power black-outs, radio or TV interference, or aircraft navigation, communication and engine disruption

Page 7: Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)

Project Blue Bookϟ Series of studies conducted by the United States Air Force to better understand UFOsϟ Started in 1952, although a termination order was sent in December 1969ϟ All studies were ceased in January of 1970ϟ Two purposes: 1. To see if UFOs were a threat to humanity 2. To scientifically investigate all UFO-related dataϟ By time of termination, Project Blue Book had filed 12,618 UFO reports

Page 8: Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)

Who are the UFO Hunters?ϟ The UFO Hunters are a team of investigators that study the UFO phenomenonϟ A show on The History Channelϟ VERY INTERESTING SHOW TO WATCH

William J. Birnes - Producer, Lead InvestigatorPat Uskert - Associate Producer, InvestigatorTed Acworth - InvestigatorJeff Tomlinson- InvestigatorJohn Tindall - Experiments ProducerJames Lurie - Narrator

Page 9: Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)

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