Upper Egypt Grand Clinical Round and Workshops Ashraf Hatem Amr Shoukri Assem Essawy Ashraf Madkour

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Text of Upper Egypt Grand Clinical Round and Workshops Ashraf Hatem Amr Shoukri Assem Essawy Ashraf Madkour

  • Egyptian Scientific Society of Bronchology (ESSB)

    in collaboration with European Association for

    Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (EABIP)

    Upper Egypt Grand Clinical Round and Workshops

    Assiut July 24th–25th, 2017 Hurghada Continental July 26th–29th, 2017


  • Under Patronage of

    Prof. Ashraf Hatem Prof. Ahmed Abdo Geies

    Secretary General of the Supreme President of Assiut University

    Council of Universities

    Prof. Tarek El-Gammal

    Vice-President of Assiut University

    Head of the Scientific Committee Secretary General of Conference

    Prof. Amany Omar Prof. Hoda Makhlouf

    Coordinator of Conference

    Dr. Nermeen Aly Abdel Aleem

    Welcome Message:

    On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Egyptian Scientific Society of

    Bronchology (ESSB), the European Association for Bronchology and Interventional

    Pulmonology (EABIP) and the Scientific Committee we would like to extend our

    warmest welcome to you all, to participate in this international congress, which will

    be held at Assiut university 24 to 25 July and Hurghada Continental Hotel on 26 to

    29 July 2017

    The Scientific Committee is planning a very comprehensive program catering for

    all specialties of Pulmonary/ Thoracic Medicine that will deliver state of the art

    lectures, update presentations, workshops (bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy, chest

    ultrasonography, echocardiography, noninvasive ventilation and pulmonary

    venous thromboembolism), interactive sessions, interactive case presentations and

    research abstract presentations. The program covers all fields related to Thoracic

    Medicine including but not limited to Asthma/ Allergy & immunology, Critical Care

    Medicine, Lung Cancer, Pulmonary Infections, Thoracic Imaging, Sleep Medicine,

    Thoracic Surgery, Thoracic Oncology, Respiratory Care, Interstitial Lung Diseases,

    COPD, Interventional Bronchoscopy, and Pediatric Pulmonology..

    The pharmaceutical Industry is also committed in their support of our congress that

    will host a large exhibit area and many attractive opportunities to share their

    products and knowledge with the attendees.

    Like all activities of ESSB, the Organizing Committee was working hard to make this

    event a stimulating occasion both scientifically and socially. Undoubtedly, it will be

    a great opportunity to see other colleagues and friends and to benefit from the

    wide spectrum of medical topics to be discussed in this congress.

    We will meet you in the glamorous city of Hurghada a fast growing beautiful city

    with many attractions and rich heritage.

    For these reasons, we look forward to seeing you in this congress, so please mark

    your calendar and plan to join us. My thanks go to everybody who participated in

    the work for this congress appreciating their dedication, enthusiasm and

    perseverance to make our congress a great success.

    President of ESSB President of Conference &Workshops

    Prof. Tarek Safwat Prof. Gamal Rabie Agmy


    President of ESSB

    Prof. Tarek Safwat

    Vice-President of ESSB

    Prof. Adel Khattab

    President of Conference &Workshop Head of the Organizing Committee

    Prof.Gamal Rabie Agmy Prof. Maha Ghanem

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    Board Members of the ESSB

    President of ESSB

    Tarek Safwat

    Deputy President of the ESSB

    Adel Khattab

    Secretary of the ESSB

    Essam Gouda


    Yasser Mostafa

    Members (in alphabetical order)

    Ahmed AlHalfawy Ahmed El Noury

    Ashraf Hatem Amr Shoukri

    Assem Essawy Ashraf Madkour

    Emad Korraa Gamal Rabie Agmy

    Khaled Wagih Mostafa Elshazly

    Nader Fasih

    International Guest Faculty

    Professor Semra Bilaceroglu Associate Prof. of Pulmonology

    Co-director, 5th Pulmonary Department, Izmir Dr. Suat Seren

    Training & Research Hospital for Thoracic Medicine &


    Dr. Bilaceroglu is currently the president of the European

    Association of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology,

    the secretary of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Turkish

    Respiratory Society (TRS) and an executive committee

    member of the Interventional Pulmonology Group in the TRS.

    She is an editorial board member of Respiration, Respirology

    and the Journal of Bronchology & Interventional

    Pulmonology besides being a consultant to the editorial

    boards of the journals: Solunum, Turkiye Klinikleri Medical

    Sciences, Turkiye Klinikleri Archive of Lung, Tuberculosis &

    Thorax, Chest, and Annals of Thoracic Medicine.

    Professor Spasoje Popevic, MD, PhD

    Associate professor of chest diseases, Serbia ,Belgrade..

    Secretary of Respiratory Society of Serbia

    Chief of Interventional Pulmonology Unit Bronchoscopy

    Department University Hospital of Pulmonology Clinical

    Center of Serbia, Belgrade

    Professor Abdulkader Bayazid MD, FCCP

    Associate Prof. at Hadhramout University

  • Chairpersons and Speakers


    Prof. Abd EI-Azeem Abo EI-Fadl

    Prof. Abdel Sadek Al-Ahrag

    Prof. Abdulkader Bayazid

    Prof. Adel Khattab

    Prof. Ahmed Abbas

    Prof. Ahmed Abdo Geies

    Prof. Ahmed AlHalfawy

    Prof. Ahmed ELGazzar

    Prof. Ahmed El Minshawy

    Prof. Ahmed El Noury

    Prof. Ahmed Hamed

    Prof. Ahmed Hussien

    Prof. Ahmed Metwally

    Prof. Ahmed Shawky

    Prof. Alaa Rashad

    Prof. Ali Abd EI-Azeem

    Prof. Aliae Abd Rabou

    Prof. Amany Ezz El-Arab

    Prof. Amany Omer

    Prof. Amira Esmaeil

    Prof. Amr Abdel Hamed

    Prof. Amr Shoukri

    Prof. Ashraf Elshory

    Prof. Ashraf Hatem

    Prof. Ashraf Madkour

    Prof. Ashraf Zin EI-Abdeen

    Prof. Assem Abdel Hamed

    Prof. Assem Elessawy

    Prof. Atef AlKarn

    Prof. Ayman Khairy

    Prof. Bahaa Ibrahim

    Prof. Dalia El-Sharawy

    Prof. Doaa Magdy

    Prof. Emad Korraa

    Prof. Eman Sobh

    Prof. Entsar Sayed

    Prof. Essam Gouda

    Prof. Gamal Elkholy

    Prof. Gamal Rabie Agmy

    Prof. Hala Abdel Hameed

    Prof. Hamad Elshahat

    Prof. Hamada Kawashty

    Prof. Hamdy Mohammadein

    Prof. Hassan Abel EI-Latif

    Prof. Heba Barakat

    Prof. Hesham Mostafa

    Prof. Hoda Makhlouf

    Prof. Hosam El- Malah

    Prof. Hussein Elkhayat

    Prof. Hussien Fathy

    Prof. Hytham Abdallah

    Prof. Ibrahim Salah

    Prof. Ibrahim Shalan

    Prof. Khaled Eid

    Prof. Khaled Hussein

    Prof. Khaled Wagih

    Prof. Khaled Zamzam

    Prof. Lamiaa Shaban

    Prof. Lamis Bakar

    Prof. Magdy Abou Rayan

    Prof. Maha Elkholy

    Prof. Maha K. Ghanem

    Prof. Mahmoud ElBatanony

    Prof. Mahmoud Ismaeil

    Chairpersons and Speakers

    Prof. Malak Shaheen

    Prof. Mamdouh Mahfouz

    Prof. Manal Ahmed

    Prof. Marwa Abd Rady

    Prof. Marwa Moawad

    Prof. Medhat Abdel Khalek

    Prof. Medhat Elnamaky

    Prof. Mohamad Eldesoky Abo Shehata

    Prof. Mohamed Metwally

    Prof. Mohamed Abdel Ghany

    Prof. Mohamed Adam

    Prof. Mohamed Ayyad

    Prof. Mohamed Eletrebi

    Prof. Mohamed Farouk

    Prof. Mohamed Hantera

    Prof. Mohamed Mahran

    Prof. Mohamed Saed

    Prof. Mohamed Sedky

    Prof. Mohamed Shabrawy

    Prof. Mohamed Shahat

    Prof. Mohamoud Abdel Megid

    Prof. Mostafa El Shazly

    Prof. Mostafa Kamal

    Prof. Mostafa Ragab

    Prof. Moustapha Mounib

    Prof. Mustafa Elshazly

    Prof. Nabila Laz

    Prof. Nader Fasih

    Prof. Nahed Kamal

    Prof. Nermeen Aly Abdel Aleem

    Prof. Nezar Refaat

    Prof. Olfat Elshinawy

    Prof. Raafat Elsokkary

    Prof. Raed El-Metwaly

    Prof. Ragia Sharshar

    Prof. Randa Ezz EI-Din

    Prof. Randa Salah

    Prof. Randa Salah Eldeen

    Prof. Reem ElKorashy

    Prof. Reham Abd El-Moneim

    Prof. Reham El-Kolaly

    Prof. Sabah Ahmed

    Prof. Sabah Ahmed Hussein

    Prof. Safaa Mokhtar Wafy

    Prof. Saher Frghaly

    Prof. Salah Sorour

    Prof. Sameh Embarak

    Prof. Samiaa Hamdy

    Prof. Sayed Kinawy

    Prof. Semra Bilaceroglu

    Prof. Shereen Farghly

    Prof. Spasoje Popevic

    Prof. Suzan Salama

    Prof. Taghreed Saed

    Prof. Tamer Elhadidy

    Prof. Tarek El-Gammal

    Prof. Tarek Safwat

    Prof. Waheed Shouman

    Prof. Yasmin Hamdy

    Prof. Yasser Ahmed

    Prof. Yasser Gad

    Prof. Yasser Mostafa

    Prof. Yosri Akl

    Prof. Yousef Amin

    Prof. Zainab Hassan

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    Monday 24th July 2017

    Day 1

    Registration8.00– 9.00 am



    24 th July 2017

  • 10 11

    Monday 24th July 2017

    Day 1Day 1 Monday 24th July 2017

    Workshop (1)

    9.00 –11.00 am

    Chest Ultrasonography


    Prof. Hamad Elshahat (Assiut University).

    Prof. Olfat Elshinawy (Assiut University).