Ur Union of Unemployed www.unionofunemployed.com Lost your job? Working fewer hours? Start a movement

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  • Ur Union of Unemployedwww.unionofunemployed.com

    Lost your job?Working fewer hours? Start a movement.

  • The Decline: Geography of a Recession

    Unemployment rate by county, 12-month average (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)Over ten million pageviewsFeatured on CNN & ABC


  • Community service project of IAM aimed at getting America back to work An online community designed to unify the unemployed in a unique and useful wayEnables jobless to become jobs activists and together effect real changeReflects what jobless are thinkingUCubed Bridges The Political Disconnect

  • Take ControlUCubed is built from the ground upCube leaders and job activists decide how the concept evolvesIt is, after all Ur of Union of Unemployed

  • Build a CommunityCreate a cube and recruit a group of jobs activists by zip code 1 Cube = 6 Activists 9 Cubes = Neighborhood 3 Neighborhoods = Power Block

  • UCubed ResourcesTips on writing a resumeHow to navigate tough job marketSkills assessmentCreating a budgetFinding, creating and communicating with cubesTrade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)

  • Hire US, America!Hire US, AmericaA 21-point emergency action plan for getting America back to workCreated by UCubed membersOnly real jobs agenda brought forward since start of Great RecessionDemands policies that discourage the outsourcing of American jobs, create a national industrial policy, create a Works Progress Administration-style jobs program, etc.Over 65,000 emails toCongress & White House

  • 25,000 JOBS Activists

    4,409 members868 cube leaders18,000 FB fansOver 60,000 unique visitors each month1.2 million Facebook post views a month

  • UCubed GOTV Campaigns Our Turn (click)Increased voter turnout by 15-25% in S. Carolina & Penn counties covered by cable TV buys

    Bite Back (click)Over 16,000 views on internet and an estimated 20,000 additional views during UCubeds Unemployed Pre-Event to the One Nation 10.2.10 March on Washington

    GOTV Ads

  • Facebook Ad CampaignsUCubed released a map reflecting ongoing GOP attacks against the unemployed Showed states currently pushing bills to reduce jobless benefits, subject the unemployed to drug tests, etc.Action Alert: Send your state legislators & governor a letter demanding they cease their attacks on America's unemployed

  • 50-46 split, nationally

    Nitroglycerin is a highly explosive mixtureSlightest jolt or friction can produce a spontaneous detonation Creates a supersonic shockwave and a rapid expansion of gases 29.3 Million Jobless Americans Are Like Nitroglycerin

  • Rick SloanIAM Communications Director & UCubed Executive Directorrsloan@iamaw.org301.967.4520 (office)202.297.2941 (cell)www.unionofunemployed.com