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USA Sports Festivals

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A Celebration of Sports & Community

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• NASG will provide a turnkey professionally executed weekend sports festival.

• Small sided tournaments, 5k Race, Live Music, Food Festival and Athletes Village.

• Open to all ages, abilities, genders and economic demographics.

• Drive athletes and families to spend the weekend in local hotels and restaurants.

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About Us

• North American Sports Group based in Saratoga Springs, NY is the owner operator of grassroots sports properties; Hoop It Up 3x3 basketball, Kick It 3v3 Soccer, Let It Fly Flag Football, Sticks Up and Rock The Box Lacrosse and The USA Sports Festivals.

• Currently produce over 80 national events per year. • Created in 1989 by Dan Cramer to provide amateur

athletes both young and mature with a professionally run competitive events.

• Managing partner Rob Thompson is a former Walt Disney Media Group executive and creator of the NFL Flag leagues in the US and Global markets.

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Our Capabilities

• NASG provides turnkey project management, logistics, customized marketing campaigns and event execution.

• Online team registration/bracketing, secure officials and manage game day tournaments.

• A twenty person full time staff of event directors, project managers, road crew, tour managers, marketing, graphic designers and sponsorship sales.

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Athletes Village

• Local Vendors

• Interactive Games and Inflatables

• Live Music

• Sponsors Activation

• Product Sampling

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Awards Ceremony

• Stage & Host

• Trophies

• Photo Opportunity

• Final weekend celebration

Page 8: USA Sports Festivals

Event Management

• Online and onsite Registration

• Bracketing

• Staff Operations

• Brand Ambassadors

Page 9: USA Sports Festivals

Community Participation

• Promoting an Active Community

• Fun Competition

• Friends and families celebrating sports

Page 10: USA Sports Festivals

Everyone Gets Involved

• Activities for the whole family

• All day entertainment

• Multiple touch points for sponsors to engage consumers

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Example Schedule

Wednesday-NASG road crew staff and trucks arrive to start setting up and lining the game fields. Thursday- Set up tents, inflatables and fencing. Meet with vendors and sponsor for activation and signage placement. Friday- Athletes arrive in town, kick off party and tournament packet pickup at Athletes Village. Saturday-First round of games and post game concert at Athletes Village. Sunday- 5K run and final rounds of games. Awards ceremony at Athletes Village.

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Host Provides

• Local fields/facilities, security, Fire/EMT’s, trash removal, electricity / water, clean bathrooms and 12 volunteers per day (If Available).

• Hotel and restaurant rebates for athletes and families. • Hotel Rooms for NASG Staff (Amount TBD). • Any Live entertainment, stage and sound for concerts

or other performers (If Desired). • Introduction to influencers within the local sports

community (Leagues, Teams, Schools, Etc). • 50% of advertisement budget (NASG provides the

other 50% of budget, content and video production).

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NASG Provides

• Full time project managers assigned to each sport tournament, entertainment as well a point person for our host partner.

• All event assets; Tents, Signage, Inflatables, sound systems (Except concerts), field equipment, generators and portable fencing.

• Pre event marketing strategy, PR, customized logo, digital graphics and media content.

• General liability on venues, staff and participating athletes.

Page 14: USA Sports Festivals

Business Model • Host provides an overall event management fee to

NASG based upon event staffing, asset rental, marketing and overall event production (Amount TBD).

• NASG retains 100 % of gate from tournament venues. • NASG retains 100% of revenue from national

sponsorship (Pre Approved by host). • NASG retains 100% of player registration fees. • NASG retains 100% NASG branded merchandise. • Host retains 100% revenue for their locally secured

sponsorship. • Host retains 100% of revenue from local vendors.