Using Ruby2.0 on Heroku

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You can try ruby2.0 using Heroku right now!


  • 1. Using Ruby2.0 on HerokuAyumu Aizawa Heroku., Inc.

2. Ayumu AIZAWA @ayuminHeroku Evangelist/Developer AdvocateHroku., Inc.Ruby committer (since 2011) 3. 4. We - Heroku will be hold developers event in 28th Feb 2013 5. Waza Art & Technique in Japanese 6. You can nd recorded videos on 7. 8. 9. using Ruby2.0 on Heroku 10. Are you using Ruby2.0 already? 11. I think almost people are not trying Ruby2.0 soon,because it might be dangerous 12. Heroku has exible runtime conguration system 13. You can use any languages on Heroku$ heroku create --buildpack 14. So you can use Ruby2.0 onHeroku with your own buildpack 15. or 16. with bundlerruby 2.0.0 17. Heroku already provided sandbox for evaluate Ruby2.0 18. Demo 19. You can use Ruby2.0 on Heroku now$ vim Gemfile$ cat Gemfilesource :rubygemsruby "2.0.0"$ bundle install$ git init$ heroku create$ git add .$ git commit -m ruby-2.0.0$ git push heroku master 20. $ cat Gemfilesource :rubygemsruby "2.0.0"gem "rack"$ cat Gemfile.lockGEMremote: (1.4.1)PLATFORMSrubyDEPENDENCIESrack 21. Terence Lee+++++ 22. Conclusion 23. You should use Ruby2.0 on Heroku right nowYou shoud come to Waza in Feb 24. Thanks