VLR NEWS - Land Transport New Zealand .VLR NEWS The latest update on the Transport Agency’s vehicle page 1
VLR NEWS - Land Transport New Zealand .VLR NEWS The latest update on the Transport Agency’s vehicle page 2
VLR NEWS - Land Transport New Zealand .VLR NEWS The latest update on the Transport Agency’s vehicle page 3

VLR NEWS - Land Transport New Zealand .VLR NEWS The latest update on the Transport Agency’s vehicle

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  • VLR NEWSThe latest update on the Transport Agencys vehicle licensing reform programme

    The new CoF service delivery model is now moving into the implementation phase.The new CoF service delivery model enables providers to offer CoF inspection and repair services, as well as allowing more inspection organisations, vehicle inspectors and inspection sites to enter the CoF market. The changes mean vehicles can be inspected, repaired and returned to the road more quickly. This will result in increased vehicle productivity and potentially reduced costs for owners and operators, while maintaining or improving road safety.Well be posting lots of useful information on our website at www.nzta.govt.nz/cof including how the new system will work, detailed requirements and a handy set of questions and answers.If youd prefer to speak to someone, call our contact centre on 0800 108 809 or you can email us at cofchanges@nzta.govt.nz.continued on page 2

    SummaRy of chaNgES fRom cuRRENt to NEW modEL

    current system New system

    Inspection organisation

    4 providers Inspect only

    Wider range of organisationsAble to inspect and repairAn inspector can be an inspecting organisation

    Inspectors Inspect only Able to inspect and repairEnhanced occupational regulation

    Inspection sites Main sites owned or leased by inspecting organisationsSpecialist, island and off-sites limited to VTNZPrescriptive site requirements

    Inspecting organisations able to provide services from a wide range of approved sitesOutcome based site requirementsRequirements unrelated to inspection removedReview approval requirements (medium term)

    Business process Distinct steps of inspect, re-inspect & certify

    Enables bundled inspection and repair serviceDistinct steps of inspect, re-inspect & certify required

    Audit Routine regular audit underpinned by PRS

    Targeted risk based audit underpinned by quality management system requirements

    Monitoring Operational monitoring Operational monitoring. Process & outcome evaluation

    Regulated fees Not covering full costs Structured for new regulatory model, recover full costs

    cERtIfIcatE of fItNESS (cof) SERVIcE dELIVERy modEL

    December 2013/January 2014


  • NZ Transport Agency | 2 VLR programme update DEC2013/JAN2104

    cof VaRIaBLE fREQuENcyThe Transport Agency is reviewing its policies around the use of CoF variable frequency and how it can be used to provide an incentive for operators to achieve and maintain high levels of vehicle safety performance, while also providing a process to improve the safety performance of poor performing operators.

    Poor performer typically performing operator high performer

    Increased CoF inspection frequency

    Default CoF inspection frequency

    Reduction in CoF inspection frequency

    Three month frequency Six month frequency 12 month frequency

    cof accREdItatIoNThe Transport Agency is investigating the possibility of operators with the best safety records being accredited to manage the safety of their own vehicles, including inspection, repair, re-inspection and certification. These investigations are in the early stages more details will be available in early 2014.

    continued from page 1

    KEy datES aNd NExt StEPS

    From now until April 2014 the Transport Agency will be working on changes necessary to implement the new CoF model.

    30 April 2014 final requirements for inspection organisations, inspectors and sites confirmed.

    1 July 2014 applications accepted.

    September 2014 first round of applications approved.

    To help more vehicle owners renew their vehicle licence on time, the Transport Agency has identified a number of improvements that will modernise how, where, and when owners can license their cars.A paper summarising improvements was submitted to the Minister of Transport in October 2013. Possible changes to law will be discussed further with the Minister in 2014. Work on improvements that do not require law change things like changing how we remind people their rego is due and providing more and easier payment options will get underway early in the New Year. For more information, check out www.nzta.govt.nz/avl.





    The Transport Agency is reviewing the administration fees associated with vehicle certification (certificate of fitness and warrant of fitness) and road user charges (RUC).

    Vehicle certification admin feesThe proposed changes to vehicle certificate administration fees will be of interest to those involved in providing, or intending to provide, warrant of fitness or certificate of fitness inspection services.Other vehicle certification-related service fees have also been reviewed including: those paid by vehicle importers; and those paid by owners of special interest vehicles. New fees are being proposed for those seeking exemptions from vehicle compliance rules. Note that the proposed fee changes do not relate to the cost of a WoF or CoF inspection itself; these are set by the inspection organisation.

    Road user charges administration feesProposed changes to RUC administration fees will be of interest to those who are eligible to pay road user charges (eg owners of diesel or heavy motor vehicles). These relate to administration fees for RUC collection, and related matters such as distance overrun assessments. It is important to note that the proposals do not include changes to road user charges themselves.

    How to make a submissionThe consultation documents, questions and answers and details on how to make a submission can be downloaded from www.nzta.govt.nz/feesconsultation or by calling our contact centre on 0800 699 000.The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Tuesday 11 February 2014.

    VEhIcLE cERtIfIcatIoN aNd Ruc admIN fEES REVIEW


  • NZ Transport Agency | 3 VLR programme update DEC2013/JAN2104

    A public information and awareness campaign called Check your car began in November designed to encourage people to take responsibility for maintaining their vehicle and ensure its in a roadworthy condition all-year-round.The campaign reaches motorists through a range of media including a dedicated web page (www.nzta.govt.nz/checkyourcar) that people can visit for more information, plus radio, billboard and service station advertising. Our advice is always take your car to an expert if you are concerned about anything being wrong.

    chEcK youR caR camPaIgN

    tRaNSPoRt SERVIcES LIcENSINgIndividuals and companies are required to have a transport service licence if they operate goods trucks weighing 6000 kilograms or more, a vehicle passenger service (buses and taxis), a vehicle rental service or a vehicle recovery (towing) service.A paper summarising possible changes to the TSL system to streamline entry into the system and better align compliance costs with risk was submitted to the Minister of Transport in October 2013. The paper will be discussed further with the Minister in the new year. For more information, check out www.nzta.govt.nz/tsl in early 2014.

    New WoF expiry datesHow often a WoF inspection is required is changing for some vehicles in 2014. The changes will save motorists and businesses time and money while maintaining road safety.

    Vehicle owners dont need to do anything differently they just take their vehicle in as usual and the WoF inspector will issue a new warrant for the appropriate length of time.

    For WoF inspectors, the VIRM will have a detailed explanation of the changes, or you can call the certifier helpdesk on 0800 587 287.

    The changes are happening in two phases on 1 January and 1 July 2014, as summarised in the table below.

    date Wof is issued

    Vehicles date of first registration anywhere Wof expiry

    1 January to 30 June 2014

    On or after 1 January 2004

    12-month WoF

    Before 1 January 2004 6-month WoF

    From 1 July 2014

    Any WoF issued within 2 years of first registration

    WoF expires on 3rd anniversary of first registration

    On or after 1 January 2000 (other than a vehicle above)

    12-month WoF

    Before 1 January 2000 6-month WoF

    Wof fREQuENcy chaNgES