Wannago Wherigo?. What’s all this then? Interactive GPS experience Interactive GPS experience Variety of possible activities Variety of possible activities

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  • Wannago Wherigo?

  • Whats all this then?Interactive GPS experienceVariety of possible activitiesWalking tourScavenger huntInteractive fictionPuzzlesGeocaching!

  • So what do I need?Wherigo-capable playerCartridge file from wherigo.comAccess to proper playfieldInterest to try new experience

  • A player? Like what?Garmin Colorado GPSPocket PC / Windows Mobile PDAGarmin iQue M4Mitac Mio 168Mio Digiwalker P550Others may work, running Pocket PC OS 2003 or later, or Windows Mobile Classic

  • How do I set up a Colorado?No setup needed!Download Colorado format cartridgeConnect Colorado to PCCopy cartridge file to ColoradoPlace in directory X:\Wherigo(X: could be any drive letter)

  • How do I set up a Pocket PC?Some installation work neededMS .NET Compact Framework 2.0Download and install on computerThen syncronizes to PDAMay already be installedWherigo PlayerLinks to both items available on wherigo.com

  • So the Pocket PC is set up?Most PDAs do not have built-in GPSBluetooth GPSrs available (around $50)Wherigo GPSr configuration is trickyWherigo.com forums very helpfulDownload Pocket PC format cartridgeConnect Pocket PC to computerCopy cartridge file to My Device\My Documents\Groundspeak\Wherigo\Cartridges

  • Where do cartridges come from?Designed by fellow playersWherigo Builder helps create cartridgesProgrammers can use Lua script for more controlGeocaching.comWherigo caches have link to cartridge at top of page (marked User web page)Wherigo.comSearch for local cartridgesFind Play Anywhere cartridges

  • Play Anywhere? Really?Almost anywhereCartridges specify area needed for playAll features will be moved to be near GPS location as cartridge startsSome cartridges can be played locally or played anywhereBut if you Play Anywhere, no cache for you!

  • What will we see in the field?Main screenLocationsZones visible from hereYou SeeObjects and charactersInventoryObjects you are carryingTasksChecklist of things to do or that have been done

  • Can I find out more?Selecting group from main screen provides full list (may scroll)Select by tapping on Pocket PC, rolling and selecting on ColoradoSelecting item from that list gives more detail about the itemMay also see options on items or characters

  • These all work the same, right?Each cartridge custom built by ownerSome may use similar conceptsNo hard and fast rule that cartridges must act certain wayMost cartridges provide guideposts and many visible zones and objectsSome give you general directions and wish you good luck!

  • Okay, I finished! What now?Geocache cartridges should lead to physical cache somehowMay provide coordinatesMay be another zone or objectCan also mark cartridge as completed (or unlocked) on wherigo.comUpload game save from deviceEnter completion code if owner provided in cartridge

  • Anything else before we go?If you have geocaching.com account, you have wherigo.com accountWherigo forums (part of overall Groundspeak forums) very helpfulEven if you dont have hardware, hook up with friends that do!

  • Lets Go Wherigo!