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Design andW riling: Chris Pramos Original WFRr Creators: Jim Hambra, GraemeDavis, PhilGaUagher,Richard Halliwell,andRick Prresrley Additional Material:Dan Abnerr,Jrrem.yCrawford, Graem.eDavis/Kate Flack, Ewan Lamont, Aaron Loeb, T.5.Luilum, TodJ.Miller,Rick Priestley, Roberr J. Schwalb, Gav Thorpe Editing: W.D. RobinsonProofreading:MarcGascoigneGraphic Design andAn Dira:tion: HalMangold Additional An Direction: JohnBlancheCover An: Geoff Ta,YlorWFlU'Logo:Davis Hinks Interior Art: Toren.IIMacbin" Atkinson, SreveBelledin, Caleb Cleveland, Dave Gallagher, David Griffith, JonHodgson, Carl Frank, Ted Galaday,JanineJOhMon, Karl Kopinski, Pat Loboyko, Britt Martin, ValMqyerik, TorsteinNordeSlrand, JustinNorman,Erik Polak, SeOrlPurdy, W qyneReynolds, Rick Sardinha,Adrian Smith, Greg Staples Canognphy: ShawnBrown, NualaKmnti{v, Fluid"EntertainmenrCharacra Shec=r Design: Rick Acllberger WFRl' Development Manager: Kate FLackEwan LamonrHead of Black Industries:SimonBurler - Special Thanks-5fevrUndroos,HuChm PUITI:I$,Ev:an .II"""M ...; RoJ:",rr J. Schwalb,Kate [wan Umont. Marc Gasccignt.AlanMemm.and JohnBlanche. for mpcthum.n dfons JOOvCandhcyondthe callof dUlY. To JimCrncmc Davis.PhilG311aghet.RichardHJ.lliwdl. andRickPt;c.dr:y.who,;,:faultItToChrilLucu md the[Qt of tlieGame> WorbhupDepartment. ToHuidEnteruinmem forthemapsin Chapler 6 (createdwith theirDumljillllim3ppillg ",,/twaIc. www.dundjinni.com). ChrIs Pr.mas wouldUke(0 thank ChrisFlaherty.BrianE.Kirby. Roben/...;!wwn.kuon Locb.'Iodd Millu.KimProm. Sandeep WilliamSimuui. amiRubcn J. Tuth-199 BergeuSr.lives '". A Black Industries Publication tin! published in 2005byBlack Indwuies, an imprint ofBL Publishing BLpubll!;hlng (.;amo::;Workshop.Ltd Will..,wRoad Nottingham NC72WS UK Nopm of th .. publicauon may belepHxlucro. mm:d iua ,wi.yo..! sysrtm. or tr:trumittedin;my formbyany muns. dectronic,m:ercr recordonp:tge:i:249. 252-255. for personaluse only. @c,pyrigbrG;mqWOrithopumItM2005.AlIRigJm/w ..vtd.w",a Workshop. tIN Gm,a Wo,*,"""p. wm'/lIlmmrr;F.. ,,1ilSJ RoUp"''' liN w,.,lmWIIH F""1mJ Rukpluy lop.oL PulAishing.tm oL PubUshing logo.&uk Industritr. rht &uk Indurtritr forp. mtd aU asrodatai mm and nul in!ip,,4.m.zrI:J. M11Its.charadm.illmtnJrionr. aNi j"WfPfi'omtI", r,w.";"'mm,.,. .In.I,,,,,,,,,,.. ",tkrr I 1"M.@.and/orGarMSWorkshopW2O()().2004.l14riab1yrtgirrtrwiintkUK lind n/kr """nm/'! """,nd tht ,-" AU riF" rt1MItd. Cff", ROIl'" ,,,ui If" C,"" /Wn",Ingo "'" T",Jmlilfh&mill ruMifhi,,/{ lind 11'"Wl!d with Dundjinn; IInd.1NDundj;",,; logo 'Iff Tm&mam ofF/roM EnUrra""'1(I1f and II'" um! with fi"""Wi"n. Product Code: 6004028J002 ISBN,I-8441()..221-4 Black IndLUuiQ Wurld Wide Web sile: www.blacki .. duuri.wfII RODin World Wide Website:www.grccuronin.com Playt0:3!Group Lead..andPlayt ....u t: R..lf Achcnhach(CI .,di. AehcnMch. S,efanMulier,Ft:lnk Vcrm); Chril'ophM,l..):Js"ib"".K.:vin xi""rtl: D.,..."Bohon(11.13,1:F,e;n): xb:tsti.n Boisvm BU.l');S. 1:);Jl50nMeKn(Mike And...o", TuddC.ulkilLl, Chri. Colwell,O::aJeGrillill, Bt:ldHelron); M.,k MdU,ch (r"''l,d. IIrellNo.1,:Sa>.(1!.I(ndencefrumtheHighElf PhoenixKing and since thenhave runtheir ownaffairs.Others eonrinuedto ply these;!.Sand eventually Luil!uptrade with the emergingof man. TheEmpirehasmany hiddenElf endavC5initsfureSlS,the of whichisintheLaurelornForestnorthwestof the great eity of Middenheim.Althoughtheirlandsfallwithin thebuundaries of rhe Empire,the cionorrecognizetheEmperorastheirruler and donot Imperial citizens. ' Ihemenof the Empire haveenoughTfOuhlewiththe darker denizensof theforCliIS,such asl3eastlilen,lhatthey largely ignoretheElves.' I hisiseasy enough, Humans couldn't lindanElf villageevenif they were looking for it.Elvesvaluetheirprivacy andusefeyenchantments tohidetheir woodlandhomes, butthey have not forgottenabout thl:"ICStof theworld.Elvesmayberarelyseen,hurthey much beyondtheirborders. Elves He mOStcommonly seeninthe bigtt"aong citieslike A1tdorf, Nuln, and M:uienLurg.Hl:"repowerful housesrepresent the iorerests of distantUhhuan. The scionsof thesemeruntile hmiliCliareexpectedtotrdvclwidelyintheir YOllTh,forgaining worldliness willhelp {hcmintheyears ahead. While theytendto lookdownontheiruncouth sylvankin,they knowthey arefarfrom ,he gl""mingrowersof Ultlman andthus of bscr status tomany of their HighElf cousins. 16 RoleplaYingHints Elvesof alltypesrend(Qusemoderated,eventones when!":lIking. ruReikspieliscommonly their secondtongue,they sl'l".tkitwitha formality andprecisionlackinginmOSTfolk.FJvc'rend to gesticulate quite a lot, a factthat oflencausesmerrinltlllinthe other races. HALFLINGS HalAings are a smallbut dextcrousf1ICCwholook likeHumanchildren totheuntrainedeyl:".TItefactthatlhey cannot grow only reinforcesthisimpression.Althonghtheyrendto Ix pot.lxllied, since tilt:)' eattwice asuftenasa.nyother raCl',Iheycapahle of stealth. When combined withtheir wellknownskill withthe sling, Halflings canprovetobe 511lhhornopponents. ' Ihey are, however,largely a peacefulpeople.content tofarm. ea.t,atId smoke pipe TIley proudof Iheir andHalAings canrecitc thcirfamilylineage backtengenerations or more. Background The- origins of the I laillingsaleHuman tribes senled thelandsthst larcroccamctheEmpire,HalAings wereapparmrly alre:.ldy amongsllhdr numhns, bowever,were smalland they playedlitTlcroleinthe warsthar!cdto the emblishment of dIeEmpire.Indeed,Halflingsarebarelymentionedinhistory hooksunriiTheycar1010. AtthattimeEmperor grantedthe Halflings a landof their own, aslegendhasit inrecognilionof their contributions toImperi al cuisine.Whatever thereason,theI falflinf,s were givenlaudneartheupperreaches of theRiver Aver. arca hasbeenknownastheMoot ever si nce.TheI Ialllillf,ssoverntlte Mootthemselves,butiris stilla parr nf rheEmpire.In fucr,the Elder of theMootisone of only fifteeliImperialElectorsandthus somepoliricalpowcr. MostHallliltgs are humehodies.The enjoy peace anclCjuietand want nothing morethan10 belef;alonetoenjoy goodfoodand a good smuke.lllt:re are,however, anumber of HaiAings whofindthe Moot intolerably boring. Whenthe most exciting eventof the dayis finding OUIwhafkindof pic isfordesert,somefolksneeda change. TheseHalRingsdevelopa t;!.Slefor andIt:avethe Moor hehinrl,often forroguishpursuits. SincetheseHalflings arethe ones mostoften en,;;ounlel'edini,isperhapsno coincidence IharHalAing:o; as a wholehave gOttena reputationaslight.C!ngered sneaks. Roleplaying Hints Halflingsareenthusiastic ineverything, from to caringto running away. 'Ihey speakusinglotsof slang.Theyfrequently dur words together,invent newtermsand !;enerally debasetheImperial IOnguc. Halflings havc a habit of obsessivelyusing calchphrasCli or new worUsthey've discovered- a! least,llnrilTheneXfonc comcs along.HaiRingsuse hand gesturesmuchasElves do,bUlthtse are invariably [00ruderorliscuss. HUMANS Humans arerhem05r(ommonraceintheOld Worldand Ihc foundersof theEmpire.Whiletheyaceneither astoughasDwarfs nor aswi.o;(as arc a vibrantand encrgeticracethat has muchina ,horttime. 111eyareadaptable, whichishorha grearand a serious weakness. Whilst many Chapter ll: Character Creation beroicHumans havefoughtagainstthe'ddc of darkness, iti; an uncomfonabtl' tTuthth3{theyalsoprovide:lhc liun's :.hare uf lhl' hordes of Chaos. Background toElvesandUwarfs,Humans are a youngrace.They are, however,yigOruUi :lIldhave spreadalloverthe world whileolder raasconrinucdrodedinc.rhollsandyearsago,a group of Human migratedtotheOld Wurl d flOIlltht SQUlh. These tribesbecamethefoundersof theEmpire, well OTherO1lio05 li ktBremnnia, ' Iilea,Kislev,andUralia.Other:> (ominued nonh,to (rigidNorsa. llld beyond. Nowthaiyouh:tlle chosen your mce, you e:tn generate your Char.tcterisria. YourPCis deli.nedby CharacrerUlia, 'whkh repre.'lentyour chamcter's n!Win3II:lriety of physic:al 3.1d mtlll:'u1l1tsC arcbrokenIntOtWOgroups, the MainProli.le and the SecondaryProfile. lhe n;;cilerm:ruebc:wherc. favour ing Til1:3 and Rreionn;a. The h",,,= ."'''''[ nOffhetenbrought down byof slingstones from det erlllinooFielclwardells. Skills: Academic Knowlroge (Necromancy)or Common KnoWledge(the Empire), Concca1mr::m,Follow Trail, Outdoor Survival,Search,SilentMove Taltnts; Flett Footedor Savvy,Mighty Shot or Rapid Reload, Rover or Quick Draw Trappings: Sling with Ammunition,Lantem,Lamp Oil, Spade,Pony with SaddleandHarness Career Emrit s:Hwlttr, Militiaman, ToU Keeper Care" Exirs: Bounty Hunter, Merctnary,Scout,Vagabond, Vampire Hunter Only Ithis career. - FISHERMAN-DESCRIPTION Fishennen seek Ihe boumy of Ihe sea. ' [ hemany villages on Nordland's coasdine arehome to coundes:sFishermen. These henry souls br.we me Set "fCb_ in cr:lf, . (bpire rhe ("(Instant thmlt of pirates andfrom No[1;C3..Then: are aho some fIShing communities inland, by lakes and riVt[S,thoughtht:S!:villages alw purnlC Fishermen art: an imlqx:nr.ltnLlot:lS a matter ofOOIIJl(". They work in sm.aUcmvs, and whenonme Woller decisionistMir own. "This nature is one reasonwhy dockside (;[.vellIs ale aiwdj'Swm.aly. Nok: During CJ1'ation,ifyou take CommonKnowledge (tht Wasteland), yuur em hefinm the greal port of Marienburg aJyour option. 19 Skills: Common Knowledge (till: Empire or the Wasteland), Consume Alcohol or Haggle,Navigation or Trade (Merchant), Outdoor Survival, Perttption, Row, SUI, SpeakLanguage (Reoopie1 or Norse), Swim Talents:Hardy or Savvy, Orientation or Strut fighting Trappings;FishHook andLine, Spear Career Enrries:Boarman, Peasant CareerExits: .Marine,Merchant,Militiaman, Navigator,Sraman

- GRAVEROBBER-DEscluYrION GraveRobbersmakethei r Jiving the Hothmedical and magical creal'" consnulldemandforfresh Wrp5e5,somefoJ'5I u..-Iy,tor more sinister purposcs. Obtaining suchcurpsl:Sis qui te difficult,soPhysicWts amI Wizards bothcome to rdyon GI1I.veRobbers. It is aloathsome bura profitable one.The freshestcorpses canwmmam] exurbitantprict!!; . The risks of thisHneof work are sulmalllial. Watclull eu,P[it:Sts ofMon (the God o[ Death), and WitchHunters all