Warhammer Fantasy Battle 2nd Edition - Scenario - The Magnificent Sven

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Text of Warhammer Fantasy Battle 2nd Edition - Scenario - The Magnificent Sven

T, HEMAGNfICENT 'SVEN, This is an introductory wargame for at least two players and a Gamesmaster (GM). The game will work best if you have plenty of time and several different players. We would recommend that the GM reads through the scenario, and prepares the game. The players should not know any of the details other than those which are directly relevant to him or her. If it's at all possible, the wargames table should be set up before the players' actually assemble.. Make sure that there are lots of rulers, pens, paper and dice to hand. Rulers and dice apart from being essential are not easy. to buy in the evening or on a Suday. The terrain for the game is shown on the map. It may look complex but is easy to translate on to a wargames table. If you can't obtain model trees and model huts don't despair. In the last resort simply scale the diagram up. and use chalk to copy it straight onto the wargames table. I. Simple one room huts built out of stone with a conical thatched roof. Each hut is one building section, with two windows and a dmstic type door (bolt on the inside). Pasd. The palisade is built on top of a low mound. It is made out of pointed logs standing 2.5 metres high. There are slots for archers cut at 6m intervals. Gt The gates are 2m high and count as slid timbr doors. There is a single massive bolt on the inside. Ruin. The walls stand between a half and one metre high (difficult ground). Ro Bride. The rope is only wide enough for figures moving in single file. If more than a dozen models are on the bridge it will collapse. Cutting either one of the bracing ropes also causes this to happen. 2 "'''''''. ,._'''''N.V:'"''''':':':'''_'N_&'''Jle. Troops other than Slann moving through the jungle have their move allowances halved. Visibility is reduced to 3". Tracks. The tracks allow troops moving in single file at normal move allowance in the jungle. Other than this they do not effect movement. Coto Lins. The contours are at 5 m intervals and illustrate the slopes, hills etc. Cliff. The cliffs are nearly vertical. They are 10m high or 5" to scale. For each model trying to climb one of the cliffs, roll a 06 at the beginning of the turn. Subtract 3 and count totals of -lor -2 as zero. The modified total is the number of inches which the model may move - either up, down horizontally or diagonally. Reserve movement is not permitted. Cleft. These 'are natural, Man, or Slann-made passes through the cliff-faces. They are made up of gravel, scree, sand and boulders. Moving upwards counts as difficult ground. Downwards movement is unaffected. Troops in close combat recelve twice the normal bonus for being uphill. Old Vil . The remains of a former Norse settlement. Jtty. The Voltsvagn must be moored here. Cutis Fal The falls along the river. Vatrvik. The settlement itself. Stp Pamid. The ancient pyramid is intact and in moderately good condition. Troops climbing or descending count as difficult ground. Each successive tier of the pyramid is 2m high. A model falling from the top suffers a single hit with an attack strength of a 06. e r CURTIS ' .. FALLS ,"f':' .


. . .. ru ins ' ` .`` + -_ t':'. ..

VASTERVIK THE MAP NARRATIVE The following information IS given largely for the GM's benefit. Portions of it, or all of it, can be presented to the side taking the part of Sven and his band of adventurers. TI PACET INThe story begins in the famous "Packet Inn" in the Norse, Lustrian township of Iquitos. Iquitos stands along the banks of the Amoco river, and is the main trading port for goods going out of Lushia or up river. The. Packet Inn is at this time a simple, rustic, timber hall: it is a single storey building with a thatched roof. The rooms are divided by mud walls and heavy curtains. It is the early hours of the morning. The bar is deserted except for two drunken Dwarfs and the insomniac barman. The drunkards are engaged in a sluggish dispute over some trivial matter. They are Sven Haslefresian and Juggo Jorikson. They argue over the feasibility of freighting ice-cubes from the Old World. They have been drinking furiously throughout the night. As dawn breaks they arri ve at a startling revelation. They discover that they are both stone-broke. Juggo tries for credit at the bar. The barman refuses. He points out that having people owing him money would just add to his' worries. He is having enouh problems trying to get to sleep as it is. Juggo eventually gives up and returns to his seat. T OD MA'S TAE Just then an old man and a boy come through the Inn's swing doors. The boy looks around the room. He leads the old man across to Sven and Juggo. "Are you Sven Haslefriesian?" he asks, staring blankly at Juggo. Sven fears that the old man may be some long-forgotten creditor. He speaks before Juggo can even open his mouth. "Yes he is". "I'm not he is", slurs Juggo. The Dwarfs continue to dispute their identities, until Juggo proudly lifts his shirt to reveal tatoos of his own name and that of several popular Iquitos street dancers. The old man takes the seat opposite Sven. He begins to speak in hushed tones. Unfortunately, he cannot make himself heard. Sven is explaining that he is, in fact, his own brother. His name is Ken and he looks a lot like Sven. He's always being mistaken for his brother. Sven is out of town at the moment but will be back in a couple of days. Sven pauses for breath. The old man siezes his opportunity. ''look, will you just shut up for a minute here!" He takes a small bag and shakes several gold crowns onto the table. Juggo sees the money and begins to sali vate. "Erm, you couldn't buy me a drink, could you? I think I've left all my money in my other trousers. I'll be able to buy you one back the next time I see you." "Good Grief" Says the old man. He passes one of the gold coins to the boy. The boy goes off to the bar. "tow," begins the old stranger, "my name is Haarld Havangatt. 1 am from the village of Vastervik on the Ljunger River. The village was founded only a dozen years ago. Last year a huge brutal band of Slann Renegades moved into the hills behind Vastervik. Ever since then they have caused our village incessant trouble. At first they only raided for livestock or attacked isolated farmsteads. Then they started to ambush boats coming up ri ver and anyone wandering too far away from the village. "The renegades grew in number. Eventually they became as bold as to assault Vastervik itself. This was nearly three months ago. They overran the village and either killed or captured all of our fighting men and women. Since then they ambushed any boats moving down the Ljungen. Vastervik has been completely isolated. "They have returned twice. Both times demanding twenty-three hostages. Some they keep, threatening to torture and kill them if we in Vastervik resist. The rest are taken back to the Slann Empire. These are either given as human sacrifices or thrown into. slavery. "The renegades are due to return in seven days time. Sven Haslefriesian your ship, the 'Voltsvagn', is the only vessel in Iquitas. It is certainly the only one which will take us to Vastervik 4 in time. You must take us there and destroy this gang. There, how say you?" Sven, who is somewhat taken aback by this monologue, can only reply, "Err, I'll need to think about this one. You couldn't buy me another drink could you?" O IDRD A EGY Haarld never gets a chance to answer. The conversation is interrupted by a fly buzzing past. Sven tries to crush it with his clenched left fist. The fly manages to escape, it finally comes to rest high up on a wall. Juggo squints and pulls out a throwing knife, with a deft flick he throws the knife into the wall, neatly dissecting the fly. The old man is stunned, Sven is also surprised, but not half as much as Juggo. Juggo smiles nonchalantly and reaches for his drink. Haarld sends the boy to the bar to fetch more beer. The boy returns and Haarld continues. "We have collected every last penny left in Vastervik. We can pay you no more than one hundred and thirty crowns and perhaps seven shillings. You must help us, there is no-one else." Sven, suddenly overcome by a re-kindled sense of adventure and far too much to drink, realises that he must accept. He suspects that going to.Vastervik would be nothing less than suicide. But there is something about' Haarld's story that strikes an irrational chord in the drunken Dwarf's heart. "I accept your terms Haarld Havangatt," he announces, rather too loudly. " I'll take "The Voltsvagn" to Vastervik. Juggo here will be my first mate". Juggo's grin disappears. He chokes on his beer and wonders why no-one has as yet invented the dental appoi