Waste Aware North East County Durham Waste Awareness – Working in Partnership Vicki Burrell Durham County Council

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Waste Aware North East County Durham Waste Awareness Working in Partnership Vicki Burrell Durham County Council Slide 2 Geographical Position Slide 3 Waste Management in County Durham County Council Waste Disposal Authority 7 District/Borough Councils Waste Collection Authorities From April 2009 both will be delivered by a single Unitary Authority the new Durham County Council (workstream established to ensure a smooth transition) Collection service will be delivered across 3 areas Slide 4 County Durham Households 230,000 approximately Population 500,700 Household waste 260,000 tonnes Reuse, Recycling & Composting rate currently 30% Slide 5 County Durham Waste Partnership County Durham Waste Partnership between DCC, 7 District and Borough Councils, Premier Waste Management and The Environment Agency Set up in 2001 three major terms of reference: achieve integration of waste collection & disposal provide best value & achieve Government targets keep strategy under review & monitor performance To help deliver the sub-group called County Durham Waste Awareness Partnership Slide 6 Waste Strategy 2007 Slide 7 National Strategy The Waste Strategy for England 2007 Key aims Key objectives National targets Vision for local authorities The Environmental Rationale Slide 8 The Waste Hierarchy Slide 9 Waste Targets for County Durham 2008/9 35% - reuse, recycling & composting 2009/10 40%- reuse, recycling & composting 2010/11 41% - reuse, recycling & composting Residual household waste per household: 2008/9 741kg 2009/10 684kg 2010/11 673kg These are a reflection of the LAA targets for the County which are agreed via GONE Slide 10 Funding 30,000 allocated to Countywide waste awareness projects potential for more funding as part of a unitary authority. Successful in obtaining WRAP funding for the following campaigns. Waste SMART - 450,000 (18mths) Kerb-it - 250,000 (12mths) Love Food Hate Waste - 110,000 (6mths) Slide 11 Waste SMART (2004-2006) Dedicated canvassing team of 8 recycling assistants used for: Survey work & monitoring Roadshows Door stepping Educational Visits Slide 12 Kerb-it Campaign (2007-2008) Slide 13 Love Food Hate Waste (Nov 2008 March 2009) Slide 14 County Durham Waste Partnership Initiatives Home composting 35,000 on WRAP scheme - Currently developing Master Composting scheme across County Durham County Durham Furniture Forum - Reuse credit - Recycling credit Love Food Hate Waste Real Nappies Countywide promotion SMART shopping / bag campaigns Junk mail Slide 15 Barriers 8 Councils 8 Logos 8 Management Teams 8 Political Agendas Resources Slide 16 Logos adopted by the Partnership Slide 17 Future for Waste Awareness In County Durham New Unitary Authority Group of Officers working together Hopefully additional resources staff and funding Currently working with WRAP to produce a County Durham Waste Reduction Strategy Monitoring! every 2,600 tonnes of household waste diversion = 1% on the Countys reuse, recycling and composting rate x 65 per tonne = invest to save! Slide 18 Questions? Slide 19 For further information contact: Mrs Vicki Burrell Waste Strategy, Projects & Waste Reduction Team Leader Tel: 0191 3835691 Email: victoria.burrell@durham.gov.uk