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  • Ikebe Musical Instruments Store Co. Ltd.Company Brochure 2015.01

    We Love Music


    We Love Our

    Instruments !




    Company Profile 04Shibuya Area 06

    GRANDEY & Jungle Electric Guitars, Amps, Effect Boxes, Accessories 08GRANDEY BASS TOKYO Electric Bass Guitars, Amps, Effect Boxes, Accessories 10246 GUITARS Used & Outlet Shop for Guitars/Bass Guitars 12IKEBE BuyKing Purchase Shop for Musical Instruments 13Amp STATION Guitar Amps & Effect Boxes 14Drum Station Shibuya Drums & Percussion Instruments 16GUITARS STATION High-end Electric Guitars, Amps, Effect Boxes 18Bass Collection High-end Electric Bass Guitars, Amps, Effect Boxes 20Heartman VINTAGE GUITARS Vintage Guitars & Bass Guitars 22Heartman GUITARS Acoustic Guitars, Mandolins, Arch-top and Flat-top Guitars, Ukuleles 24WSR Guitar/Bass Repair & Customizing 25TRUMPET STATION Trumpets 26WIND BROS Saxophones 28Kenban-do Keyboards, Synthesizers, Organs, Accordions, Other Keyboard Instruments 30POWER DJ's Shibuya DJ Equipment 32POWER REC Recording Equipment, DTM Equipment 34

    Akihabara Area 36

    Ikebukuro Area 48

    Shinsaibashi Area 56

    REVOLE Akihabara Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Amps, Effect Boxes, Accessories, Synthesizers, MTR & DTM Equipment 38Bass STATION REVOLE Akihabara Electric Bass Guitars, Amps, Effect Boxes, Accessories 40Drum Station REVOLE Akihabara Drums & Percussion Instruments 42STUDIO REVOLE Part 1 Rehearsal Studios 44STUDIO REVOLE Part 2 Rehearsal Studios, Event Space 44AKIHABARA CLUB GOODMAN Live Venue 46

    ROCK HOUSE IKEBE Ikebukuro Electric Guitars, Electric Bass Guitars, Amps, Effect Boxes, Accessories 50BROWN GUITARS Acoustic Guitars, Nylon Strings Guitars, Amps, Accessories 52POWER DJ's Ikebukuro DJ Equipment, Synthesizers, DTM Equipment 54

    PREMIUM GUITARS Electric Guitars, Amps, Effect Boxes, Accessories 58PREMIUM BASS Electric Bass Guitars, Amps, Effect Boxes, Accessories 60

    iMi IKEBE MUSIC INTERNATIONAL Import & Wholesale, Product Development & Marketing 62Online Shopping 64Events and Seminars 66Original Products 68Ikebe Map 70

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    People who know their stuff are what makes Ikebe specialCompany Profile

    S ince 40 years ago, Ikebe Musical Instruments has been working with one aim in mind: putting a smile on customers' faces and enriching their artistic life through musical instruments. We have built our reputation with highly knowledgeable staff at brick-and-mortar stores, each focusing on a particular instrument category. With regard to online sales, we intend to maintain our policy of providing a wealth of information and quick response to customers' needs. In order to achieve this aim, it is essential to have dedicated staff with expertise, vision, ideas, and the ability to get things done. We concentrate on fostering these attributes in all our employees, creating a satisfying work environment where people can take the initiative and always look for ways to improve things.

    M usical instruments are not like ordinary products that simply need to be sold. After a customer buys an instrument, he or she will use it to make music and create their own sound, and possibly to record and perform. This process may require fur ther equipment and support. Therefore we see the purchase only as the start of a long relationship with the customer. And that is where the concept of trust comes in. In order to earn the trust of the customer, we must have solid knowledge in our field, which will enable us to suggest customized solutions, and we must have integrity which is the basis of human interaction. We are working hard every day in order to realize these ideals.

    R egardless of gender, age, or seniority, our staff are assigned their positions according to their actual abilities and achievements. And whenever an opinion is voiced or someone comes up with an idea, we try to evaluate and implement it on its merits, no matter who proposed it. As a company active in the field of music and instruments, we of course encourage the people in our organization to play music themselves or engage in other music related activities. We organize concerts and live events as well as the Ikebe Year End Party, thereby providing various opportunities for staff and also our suppliers to interact socially. If we want our customers to understand and love musical instruments, we must first understand and love them ourselves. This is the environment that we aim to build at Ikebe.

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    Shibuya Area

    The Shibuya district in Tokyo is a trendy, vibrant center of youth

    culture, fashion and entertainment that is unique in all of Asia.

    In 1983, Ikebe opened its first Shibuya-based musical instruments

    store. Since then, the number of shops specializing in various

    types of instruments has grown to 16, all within a radius of some

    50 meters (55 yards) of each other and no more than two minutes

    on foot from Shibuya station. At each store, expert staff are always

    ready to advise customers and help them make their selection from

    the enormous range of available items. Known collectively as the

    Shibuya Ikebe Musical Instruments Village, this cluster of stores is

    a dream destination for professional and amateur musicians alike.

  • T he Grandey & Jungle store features two floors, each with a distinct theme. "Jungle" on the ground level is a general guitar shop designed to introduce a wide range of customers from children to adults to the joys of this instrument, while "Grandey" in the basement features an impressive selection of top-notch guitars from famous brands. A perfect fit for the Shibuya vibe, this is one of the largest retail establishments specializing in guitars in Japan.

    O n the "Jungle" f loor, young enthusiasts can be seen to gasp with astonishment, as they

    encounter row after row of a great variety of guitars, all at amazingly affordable prices. Besides instruments, customers can also explore the widest selection of score sheets, parts, and accessories in Japan. The "Grandey" floor in the basement is a mecca for professional musicians who will appreciate its immense lineup of top-brand guitars. Many musicians are regular visitors here, conversing with the knowledgeable staff and perusing the sections dedicated to the likes of Gibson, Fender, PRS, and Ibanez, featuring hand-selected instruments from all over the world.

    GRANDEY & Jungle (Electric Guitars, Amps, Effect Boxes, Accessories)

    Owadadaiichi Bldg. 1F-B1F, Sakuragaokacho 16-13, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0031 Japan


    11:00 to 20:00

    Closest station: Shibuya (JR Line, Inokashira Line, Toyoko Line)



    Established September 2011

    Introducing youngsters to the joys of the guitar, and helping grownups find their dream instrument

    Grandey, formerly called "Ikebe Musical Instruments Shibuya Store" has

    been operating since March 1983.

    Jungle was founded in March 2010 under the name "Jungle Guitars."

    "Grandey & Jungle" is the name of the store that combines the two


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    T he Grandey Bass Tokyo store specializes in bass guitars, with a broad lineup ranging from entry models to top instruments for seasoned pros. About 700 basses from names such as Fender, Warwick, and Sadowsky are on display, along with an abundance of effect boxes, amps, strings and other accessories. Performers from the many live venues in and around Shibuya often drop into the store, which caters to bass players looking for the ultimate instrument to light up the stage.

    GRANDEY BASS TOKYO (Electric Bass Guitars, Amps, Effect Boxes, Accessories)

    Owadadaiichi Bldg. 6F, Sakuragaokacho 16-13, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0031 Japan


    11:00 to 20:00

    Closest station: Shibuya (JR Line, Inokashira Line, Toyoko Line)


    Established July 2014

    The place for bassists who are after the ultimate stage performance

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    T he Ikebe BuyKing store specializes in purchasing used instruments, in this way helping to quietly support Japan's huge musical instrument market. To find the store, look for the billboard with the funky king at the west exit of Shibuya station. Based on a thorough and dependable appraisal by experienced specialists, we buy well cared for instruments from customers all over Japan at a fair price.

    IKEBE BuyKing (Purchase Shop for Musical Instruments)

    Ogino Bld. 5F, Sakuragaokacho 2-11, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0031 Japan


    11:00 to 20:00

    Closest station: Shibuya (JR Line, Inokashira Line, Toyoko Line)


    Established May 2011

    The king proclaims: one man's no longer needed possession is another man's treasure

    246 GUITARS (Used & Outlet Shop for Guitars/Bass Guitars)

    Ogino Bld. 2F, Sakuragaokacho 2-11, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0031 Japan


    11:00 to 20:00

    Closest station: Shibuya (JR Line, Inokashira Line, Toyoko Line)

    Established November 2003

    2 46 Guitars is an outlet and second-hand shop where music lovers can find excellent pre-loved guitars and basses at bargain prices all year round. A treasure trove of good-quality products, both from Japan and abroad awaits the visitor. And the price tag is not the only advantage: each instrument has been carefully checked and adjusted so you can buy with confidence.

    Who said that you can't get a good guitar for 500 dollars?

    We pay top

    dollar...in yen!

    Please note:We can only buy instruments from persons who