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Web 2.0 Tools to learn english. Sal Daz Lugo Ingl 3102 M-W 10:30 12:20. Web 2.0 . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Web 2.0 Tools to learn englishSal Daz LugoIngl 3102M-W 10:30 12:20Web 2.0 is the representation of the evolution of traditional applications to web applications focused on the end user. Web 2.0 is an attitude and not just a technology. It is co-generating applications and services that replace desktop applications. It is a stage that has defined new projects on the Internet and is concerned to provide best solution to the user.</p> <p>Web 2.0 </p> <p>WiZiQ is a web-based platform for anyone and everyone who wants to teach and learn english and other languages, online. In http://english.wiziq.com/ enter your log in essentials (email address, password) and name to get started with an account on WiZiQ. ABOUT Wiziq...</p> <p> Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Few producers of content and many readers of these.</p> <p> Static.</p> <p> The updating of web sites are not made regularly.</p> <p> Their technology was associated with HTML, gif, Java Script 1.0. Users become producers of content.</p> <p> All the surfers have the ability to access the web page you want.</p> <p>Pages renew easily find your content.</p> <p> Their technology is related to Java Script 2.0, XHTML, Google, and others.</p> <p>Differents tools</p> <p>WiZiQ has thousands of English Languages teachers from across the globe who create high quality interactive multimedia content for the benefit of learners across the world.</p> <p> The goal of this community is to provide a platform where you find a list of all the educational resources for Learning English Language, and also a medium for members of this community to discuss about Learning English Language. As a learner, you can find the best online teachers, free and economically priced online classes, free practice tests and free educational tutorials to review. Why use to learn English</p> <p>24x7 Availability : Access high quality classes, tests and documents anytime and anywhere.Student-centric approach : Learn at your own pace and benchmark with peers, subscribe to RSS feeds and email alerts as per your preference.Wide Exposure : Learn with students and teachers from across the world.</p> <p>TIPS AND MORE</p> <p>More Connectivity : Network with students in and outside the online classes.Technology Focus : Hands-on experience in using latest technology automatically.Cost-effective : Online classes, assessments and documents are significantly cheaper than others.</p> <p>Free Content Access : Access number of public sessions, tests, documents on a variety of topics and contact teachers - free of cost.Online Learning Advantage : You can stay anonymous, request 1-to-1 classes, find a buddy and benchmark with peers.</p> <p>When we decided with a little effort and motivation to excel in learning this important language and use appropriate strategies, we can achieve our objectives and be effective communicators in english.ConclusionThanks for your attention!!</p>