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  • Web content writer

    Optimize x, Inc.

    December 15 19, 2014| alabang, muntinlupa city

    I recently took a part time job as a freelance web content writer for a SEO

    (Social Engine Optimization) company, the Optimize X, Inc. while I was looking

    for a job in December 2014. For a week as a freelancer from home, Ive written

    blog posts for the companys client websites, which are about human interests

    and lifestyle, security and surveillance, and health issues.

  • Drone Camera: The First Peek from the Birds-eye View By Joshue Concha

    Want to see the top of the Empire State Building without you having to go up? Well technology could

    just fly you above everywhere you wish. With the right and legal permissions to use one, you are

    entitled to capture the world scene through Drone Cameras.

    Originally used for aviation and military purposes, drone cameras catch the attention of visual media

    and aircraft hobbyists today. How did drone cameras fly its way to the top anyway?

    Before the era of a drone camera, comes a drone, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or

    Unpiloted Aerial Vehicle (UAV), and Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), which is basically an aircraft

    without a human pilot aboard. It was introduced by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

    and its controlled by a pilot just through computers or remote controls.

    Drones are mainly for military applications like special operations, to police operations, to residential

    problems inspections. But the current trend and necessities of the society pushed the drone to

    reinvent itself.

    Without a Pilot, but With a Camera

    A drone camera, from the name itself, is a lightweight, unmanned aircraft fitted with camera. When

    flown above different heights, one can barely hear its engine perfect for surveillance purposes.

    However, its military, industrial and civil capacity arises with its popularity among photographers, film-

    makers, and travel hobbyists. From using kites, pigeons and rockets, these media enthusiasts

    eventually discovered the perks of having a drone camera over their heads with a first person view


    May it be to the ground, through a tree, or above with the wind, other drone cameras have Global

    Position System (GPS) to create stability and capture clear photographs.

  • Flyers License

    But using drone cameras is not easy as one-two-three click. There are countries wherein the Federal

    Aviation Administration (FFA) strictly selects which users have the legal permission to use such.

    Complying with the laws regarding privacy and data protection is a must for drone cameras are too

    high-tech to be involved in different intentions.

    The FFA must inspect each flight of the drone cameras, operated by a technician with a pilots license ,

    and must not fly higher than 400 feet. There was this exhibition game at the Bank of America Stadium

    in August 17, 2014, wherein a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police saw a drone camera, flew above it and

    detained its user. The owner was then released after stating the reason of such detainment.

    This owner didnt have the go-signal from the FFA, unlike the DHL, the German logistics company in

    Europe, which is permitted to deliver supplies to residents using drone cameras. Some known

    companies are applying for authorization like the Amazon, for drone-delivery service, and Google, for

    self-flying vehicle tests in Australia.

    Film-making companies are receiving responses from FFA about using drone cameras in certain movie

    and television sets, hoping for a great motion picture experience. But industries like news media and

    online retailing, real estate, agriculture and energy dont get a hard time to be permitted on using

    drone cameras.

    Drone cameras are slowly taking steps to make drone cameras legally fly over people, with the right


    Security and Surveillance from a Higher Perspective

    It was expected that there will be 10, 000 drone cameras flying in the skies of America for the next ten

    years, with different purposes. But most of the people predict that these drone cameras are meant to

    be friends with CCTV cameras, for security and surveillance. One could imagine a place with less

    violent and criminal acts because drone cameras are flying over the suspicious people, autonomously

    looking after others.

  • Survivorship Care: Staying as a Cancer Survivor By Joshue Concha

    Everyones capable of being diagnosed with cancer. As they say, cancer doesnt choose who to hit or

    not to hit. Once diagnosed, various sickness and pain are present to challenge your whole beings

    capabilities to conquer all. The battle of the one suffering is such an inspiration, and surviving cancer is

    both a miracle and a blessing.

    Celebrities like Lance Armstrong and Suzane Somers fought and survived their battles with cancer

    along with the 14.5 million cancer survivors as of this year. Its a great improvement, knowing that the

    number of cancer patients from 3 million in 1971 has increased to 13.7 million today.

    However, surviving cancer isnt the end of the battle yet, for there are still issues that cancer survivors

    have to be aware of. Aside from the risk of having new cancer, the side-effects of their previous

    treatments to their physical, psychological and social roles and functions have a lot of work to do to

    get you back to normal.

    How to stay a survivor? Here are some practical and medical tips to help you fight the battle without

    the fear of losing.

    Post-treatment Care for Long-term Health

    Cancer survivors can have their long-term health by doing follow ups, staying in touch with their

    doctors and having post-treatment or survivorship care. According to the research co-chaired by

    Barbara L. Andersen, PhD and Julia Howe Rowland, PhD of the American Society of Clinical Oncology

    (ASCO), neuropathy, fatigue and depression, and anxiety are the symptoms that may affect the cancer


    By applying the following, a cancer survivor will have long-term health and will stay as a survivor:

    Exercising. It increases and speeds your recovery by having improved mood, caused by

    improved sleep, confidence, strength and endurance, and decreasing the symptoms that are

    mentioned above. The most recommended is exercising for 30 minutes for five or more days a


  • Balancing diet. The main food groups that must be on your plate are carbohydrate-rich ones like fruits,

    vegetables and whole grains. Proteins come from lean meats, eggs, legumes and the like. Healthy fats

    are omega-3 fats. Eat these daily for a healthy state.

    Maintaining healthy weight. Sure is that gaining or losing too much weight will be clearly seen after

    surviving cancer. And to look like and stay as a survivor, you must not look like you still suffer from

    cancer. Its best to consult your doctor for a proper program to maintain a healthy weight.

    The ASCO release such proven clinical guidelines to make survivorship care a success. Here are its three

    guidelines to avoid such symptoms:

    Managing Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy. This type of neuropathy comes from

    certain chemotherapy that contains medication such as taxanes, vinca alkaloids and platinum drugs.

    Treatments offering duloxetine and other medication to select patients such as tricyclic

    antidepressants, gabapentin, and a topical gel containing baclofen, amitriptyline, and ketamine could

    be tested.

    Screening and Management of Fatigue in Adult Cancer Survivors. Primary fatigue treatments and

    managements through screening and assessment are offered to adult cancer survivors. Screening must

    be done from the point of diagnosis until the survival. Keep your doctor aware of your fatigue history,

    status and factors that may prevent you from it. Physical endeavors, psychological interventions and

    mind-body interventions must be planned well while the cancer survivor keeps himself knowledgeable

    about every aspect of having cancer-related fatigue.

    Anxiety and Depression Management in Adults with Cancer. Depression has such a big effect on

    cancer survivors for their emotional state greatly affects the increase in their physical health problems.

    Be evaluated for a certain schedule and the doctor should document and record every detail. Be aware

    about the causes and effects of being depressed and the ways on how to manage and reduce its

    possibilities. Just like what the program offers for fatigue management, depression management also

    requires psychological, psychiatric and psychosocial interventions.

    The Battle Worth Surviving for

    Yes, surviving cancer is such a relief and a freedom to be grateful about. But being a survivor may or may not be

    long-term if you are not aware of the post-treatment care and ways you should be taking. Being diagnosed and

    bombarded by various treatments make you used to it, so having post-treatment or survivorship care is just a

    piece of cake to you as survivor.

    Through your own ways, with your doctors ways, battling and surviving cancer not only gives you healthy mind

    and body, but also your view about living with everything that makes life worth the hardships in your battle.

  • Be Sensitive about having Tooth Sensitivity during the

    Winter Season By Joshue Concha

    December feels mean the holiday season meets the winter season. Kids find it fun to play snow fights

    and build snow men, but the shift from moderate to extreme cold may affect their teeth and they may

    not enjoy winter that much.

    The most common case that the dentists receive from their patients is the tooth sensitivity, caused by

    cold weather like the winter season. Being exposed and unprepared (worst is if the teeth isnt healthy)

    to the season would cause severe sensitivity as painful as the intake of hot and cold foods. Studies

    show that tooth sensitivity affects one out of four people, which means 45 million adults ages 25-45

    in the United States, and 10 million of it being affected by it continuously.

    The Root and the Fruit for Such Sensitivity

    The painful and sharp feeling caused by sensitivity has been experienced by most of the people

    because of the cold foods, drinks and winter air. Aside from these unavoidable causes, serious tooth

    sensitivity usually happens when gums recede as gum tissues are being reduced due to wrong oral

    hygiene. This will then result to exposure of tooth roots, known as gingival recession, and theses roots

    lead directly to the tooth nerve or tooths pulp; thus, causing such sensitivity.

    Tooth sensitivity is often caused by wrong oral hygiene in which one is unaware that these simple

    deeds may lead to severe pain overtime. Other than having dental health problems, here are the ones

    that cause it especially during winter season:

    Eating and drinking of hot and cold foods and beverages.

    Enamel destruction caused by eating acidic foods.

    Too much pressure on brushing the teeth, which remove the gum tissue.

    Poor oral hygiene, leading to build-up of plaques, which eventually turns into tartar. The

    bacteria from it will then cause gum disease and recession.

    Grinding of teeth.

    People with sense sensitivities, such as sense of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch usually

    experience tooth sensitivity.

    Aging goes along with gum recession over time.

  • Knowing that this poor oral hygiene was just caused by the lack of discipline among people, its fair to

    say that these could be avoided instantly with these tips:

    During winter, stay inside your home to avoid the cold air.

    Avoid hot and cold foods and beverages.

    Avoid highly acidic foods and drinks such as citrus and soda.

    Have a discipline of not grinding your teeth.

    Brush your teeth gently using soft brush as well as your gum line to avoid bacteria build-up.

    Brushing for about two to three minutes is recommended instead of the usual 30-45 seconds.

    Apply sensitive toothpaste when brushing your teeth daily. This could block the root pores in

    the tooth surface. Try rinsing it not that thoroughly after brushing for the toothpaste to linger

    for a long time.

    After brushing with sensitive toothpaste, a special fluoride gel is also recommended as

    prescribed by your dentist, which can be applied onto your gums.

    With the help of your dentist, placing conservative bonded fillings on the exposed root could

    help make nerves unreachable.

    If the gum or gingival recession is too severe, consult a periodontist, a gum specialist.

    Yes, tooth sensitivity is often experienced during winter season, giving you a hard time doing what you

    must do for you suffer from severe pain. But these tips arent only recommended when one is already

    experiencing one, for it is a must for a daily basis regardless of what season it is.

    Untreated tooth sensitivity may result to permanent pulp damage, which is very costly compared to

    these simple and cheap tips. For your child to enjoy the winter season, teach him these tips and it will

    be his oral hygiene until he grows old.

  • Towels Color Vibrancy: How to Keep it Alive for Long By Joshue Concha

    A great interior requires a lot of planning and choosing of the right pieces of furniture and fabrics from

    the ceiling to the floor. And one of the current trends in decoration is the choice of which towel colors

    and designs look good and give accents at the backdrop of a bathroom, bedroom, and other areas.

    However, these towels are more prone to be dirty and stained in every use. Moreover, its designs and

    colors will be greatly affected when washed and cleaned in the wrong way. How to keep its vibrant

    color the way it has to be? The means are just simple and cheap.

    More TLC for Colored Towels

    In washing such colored towels, one might be surprised about knowing that these towels require

    different attention from that of colored clothes. Towels are made of different fabrics and fibers that

    could be prolonged if washed in these ways:

    Follow whats in the care label. Check the instructions in the care label of each towel, for it is

    made up of different fibers and fabrics; thus, different care types are required.

    Five to seven uses are enough for a go-signal to wash the towels. People are fond of using

    towels everyday and its clear to see that germs and its smell would be worsen if not washed at

    least until its seventh use.

    Dont just separate dark colored and bright colored towels. Instead, do it according to its

    shades. Be cautious in sorting each color groups, for mixing such fades and changes its colors.

    Apply white vinegar to the wash water at the first wash cycle. White vinegar set the color of

    the towel, prevents it from fading, removes detergent residue, and eliminates its bad odor.

    Never use brightening products that are used for white towels. This obviously fades the

    vibrancy of the towels color, s...