Welcome to Class! Please Take Out Your Cell Phones!

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Welcome to Class! Please Take Out Your Cell Phones!. Mark Frydenberg Bentley University http://cis.bentley.edu/mfrydenberg mfrydenberg@bentley.edu @checkmark. Polling ( PollEverywhere ). Polling (mClkOnLine.com). Mclkonline.com. What do teens do with their phones? ( Pew ). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Welcome to Class! Please Take Out Your Cell Phones!Mark FrydenbergBentley Universityhttp://cis.bentley.edu/mfrydenberg mfrydenberg@bentley.edu@checkmark


2Polling (PollEverywhere)

3Polling (mClkOnLine.com)Mclkonline.com

4What do teens do with their phones? (Pew)Task20102009Take Pictures76%66%Send or receive text messages72%65%Access the Internet38%25%Play Games34%27%Send or receive email34%25%Play music33%21%Send or receive instant messages30%20%

Prensky, 2004Computer in your pocketListen to podcasts

10Do Smart Phones Make Smart Students?

Does your school have a cell phone policy?

12ProblemsTexting during classCheating on examsBullyingSending photos


14Broadcast PowerPoint

15Stream or Record Video Qik.com


16Blackboard / Campus Apps


18Project Noah

Note Taking AppsSynch notes with Dropbox or the cloudPosterous easily posts text or photos to the web

Other ideasTime experiments with stopwatchTake photos of results of experiments for lab reportsTake photos of whiteboards for future reviewUse bluetooth to transfer project materials between group members

Receive SMS & email reminders from teachersRecord yourself giving a presentationDownload and listen to podcastsUsing GPS to identify locations

App DevelopmentNativeAppsBuild an app compiled for a specific phone platform.Requires coding / programming skillsUses SDK from phone vendor.Requires dev license from vendor to publish on App Store / MarketplaceWeb AppsBuilt on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScriptWork on multiple phone platformsAvoid the app store

Software ToolsOften web-based, drag n drop environmentsNo or minimal codingLimited functionality?May produce an app (to publish on an app store) or a mobile web siteCreate apps for multiple phone platforms


MySchoolApp: Native App for Windows Phone 7Modify the template and recompile to make an app for your schoolImplemented in Visual Basic, C#Code available on CodePlexFree to post on Marketplace with edu account from DreamSpark


Dev Tool Example: AppMakrCreate an account on AppMakr Need an iOS Developer Account ($99)Developer.apple.com/iphoneiOS Provisioning Portal allows testing apps on other devices (ad hoc distrib) or on App Store27

Thanks!Mark FrydenbergBentley Universityhttp://cis.bentley.edu/mfrydenberg mfrydenberg@bentley.edu@checkmark



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