Welcome to Curriculum Night! Get ready to learn all about 5 th Grade with Mrs. Currington!

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  • Welcome to Curriculum Night!Get ready to learn all about 5th Grade withMrs. Currington!

  • Mrs. CurringtonUniversity of St. Louis MO UndergradNational Louis University MastersMasters +15 (Walden University and Missouri Baptist University)21st year at Sorrento3 kids and I Love to travel and spend time with family and friends Your kids are number one to me!

  • HousekeepingI am here around, 7:00 AM each morningPlan time is 8:32-9:22Contact by Phone or E-mail is always welcome.dcurrington@pkwy.k12.mo.us314-415-4807Water Bottles and SnackSupply ListPhone calls home only for emergencies.After school activitiesOrchestra InstrumentsLunchNot sure how they are getting home

  • Class ProceduresArrival time is at 7:20, After 7:35 is tardyMorning Work (Spirals learning)UnpackCheck In

    Assignment BookSigned every eveningStudents ResponsibilityCheck to see if they have their homework completedGreat place for parent/teacher communicationLate work

  • School ExpectationsSchool wide Character Ed program.STARS programSafetyToleranceAccountabilityResponsibilitySelf - Control

  • Classroom Expectations!Made by the students approve by me!Listen to everyone and follow all expectationsHave respect for everyone at all timesWork quietly during instructional and independent workPay attention and be readyUse time wisely and finish assignments on time

  • Daily Schedule

    Mrs. Currington's Class ScheduleMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday7:35-7:40OpeningOpeningOpeningOpeningOpening7:40-8:30MathMathMathMathMath8:32-9:22SpecialsA - PEB- ArtC- PED- Music9:25-9:55SATSATSATSATSAT9:55-10:55ReadingReadingReadingReadingReading10:55-11:15RecessRecessRecessRecessRecess11:20-12:20WritingWritingWritingWritingWriting12:10-12:35Read AloudRead AloudRead AloudRead AloudRead Aloud12:35-1:05LunchLunchLunchLunch:Lunch1:05-1:45ScienceScienceScienceScience - 1:30 Strings Science1:45-2:25Social StudiesSocial Studies - 2:00 Strings1:55 LibrarySocial StudiesSocial Studies2:25Assingnment book/pack upAssingnment book/pack upAssingnment book/pack upAssingnment book/pack upAssingnment book/pack up

  • Absent WorkPlease notify for vacation work in advance If your child is absent, I will send work home with a sibling if desired.All other absent assignments will be made up when child returns to school.

  • Classroom Mission!Made by the students!Be respectful to everyone, anywhere, and at all times. We will be responsible for all we say and do. We will challenge ourselves to do our personal best and beyond. We will listen to the speaker and pay attention at all times. We will be fair and supportive to each other. We will be our very best even when nobody is watching.We will always be ready to learn!

  • HomeworkHomework will be given Monday-ThursdayMonday -Thursday Read 30 minutes & fill in logMath almost every night except when we have an assessmentSocial Studies & Science as neededNo homework on weekends unless work is not completed in schoolAll homework is due the next day unless otherwise instructedUnexcused homework is made up during recessHomework is a review of skills already taught in class

  • Birthday TreatsTreats will be given to students in our class only.Individual treats are the best. No homemade.Non-food items are also a good treat for birthdays.Remember to check your safe list (we are a peanut free classroom)

  • Announcements

    Sorrento Newsletter is paperless. If you dont have access to the internet you can request for a copy to be sent home with your child through the main office

  • Field TripsAdventure Day ~ Sept. 27thBiz Town ~ Nov. 15th5th grade visit to Middle School The Pointe

  • MathInvestigationsHomework:Book to take home (SMH)Units of Study3D Geometry and Measurement: Prisms and PyramidsDecimals: Numbers, Operations, and Algebraic ThinkingFractions Addition and Subtraction: Numbers and OperationsPatterns and Relationships: Operations an AlgebraWhole Numbers: Numbers, Operations, and Algebraic Thinking

  • ScienceFour Units of StudyMixtures and Solutions (Currington)Environments (Homeroom teacher/Currington)Earth, Sun, Moon and Solar System (Shearn)Levers and Pulleys (Book)

  • Social StudiesHistory AliveNative AmericansEuropeans Discover North AmericaEarly English SettlementsColonies and Early SlaveryPatriots and LoyalistsLife in Colonial WilliamsburgGrowing TensionsDeclaration of IndependenceRevolutionary WarArticles of Confederation, Constitution and Bill of Rights

  • Reading WorkshopUnits of StudyBuilding a Community of ReadersAuthor StudyNavigating NonfictionNonfiction Reading to Become ExpertsPoetryReading for Social IssuesUsing Fantasy to Tackle Complex Texts

  • Writing WorkshopUnits of StudyPersonal EssayMentor Authors Craft of RevisionLiterary EssayFiction Writing Short StoryEditorialCrafting a Persuasive SpeechBuilding a Community of Writers

  • Word StudyResearch shows that spelling tests show little to no transfer. Students need to the know a sense of why. When students learn patters like ake, they will learn to build many new words, by learning how words work supports the transferring of knowledge in writing and across the curriculum.Word study is taught in the context of reading and writing workshop.Students will be taught how to use strategies to make sense of words they dont know.Instruction includes the relationship of letters and sounds, patterns found in words and the origin of words. Students will be assessed continuously by observation and evaluation of daily reading and writing.

  • Thank You!For all your support in advance for this yearFeel free to sign up for conferences and other volunteer opportunities at the back counter Im looking forward to a fantastic year working with you and your child!



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