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  • Were Going on a

    Bear Hunt

    A visual resource pack for both children and adults with Autism,

    Aspergers, Sensory Processing Disorder and any other

    associated conditions.

    This resource is intended to help prepare any visitors for the

    show and to help them to become familiar with the

    surroundings and situation.

  • The Show

    The show lasts for 45 minutes, with no interval.

    In the show there are four puppeteers and many puppets. The

    puppeteers are dressed in black, but they are not hidden - you

    can see them.

    Music is played through the show and the puppeteers also sing

    and play instruments. Sometimes the puppets or puppeteers

    talk directly to the audience or move through the seating area.

    For a Relaxed Performance the house lights will be left on

    during the show and the auditorium door will be left open in

    case you need to leave the room and have a break in the ticket

    office area.

    What Happens

    The play is based on the book Were going on a Bear Hunt, by

    Michael Rosen & illustrated by Helen Oxenbury.

    A family set out on a beautiful day to walk through the

    countryside on an imaginary bear hunt.

    On the way they encounter many obstacles in their

    surroundings, such as long grass, a deep river and squelchy

    mud, as well as some bad weather, but they overcome each

    obstacle and finally find themselves at a cave.

    Inside the cave they come face to face with a real bear (played

    by a puppet in our story), and race back home through all the

    same obstacles with the bear following them. They reach the

    safety of their own home and then realise theyve forgotten to

    close the door!

    They run back to close it just as the bear gets there, and then

    they all hide under the duvet, deciding never to go on a bear

    hunt again. The bear wanders off alone and returns to his cave

    to play with the butterflies. Perhaps he just wanted to be friends

    after all?

  • Characters

    As this is a puppetry show, the characters are

    played by puppets.

    The main characters are a family - here are some pictures of them:

    Here is the whole family with their dog

  • Dad & the Dog

    Big Sister Lizzie

    The twins, Gilbert &


    Baby Brother Bertie

  • There is one more very important character in the


    The Bear!

  • Play Notes

    In this section information that is particularly important such as loud noises or

    flashing lights will be in blue writing.

    As you enter the auditorium you will see some

    scenery on the stage.

    The show starts when the puppeteers march

    through the auditorium whistling, then singing

    were going on a bear hunt. At the end of the

    song, one of the puppeteers growls like a bear

    and the others run away.

    The puppeteers then begin to sing a song about

    what a beautiful day it is. The dog appears and

    barks at Lizzie. Then the other characters start to


    The family get ready to go on their bear hunt. First

    of all they come to some long, wavy grass.

    As the family make their way through the

    grass, the puppeteers sing a song about

    swishy swashy grass and butterfly puppets

    flutter in the air.

    Baby Bertie hides in the grass and Big Sister

    Lizzie looks for him. She asks the audience if

    anyone has seen him. When she finds him, they

    carry on through the grass.

    The lights go down, and when they come on

    again, the stage has been made to look like a

    river, with noisy ducks swimming on it. The

    dog barks at the ducks and they quack loudly.

  • Each member of the family makes their way

    across the river. Baby Bertie even has a swim!

    There is some music during this part of the


    The lights change again and 2 seagull puppets

    appear. They are a little bit noisy and the dog

    appears and barks at them.

    Dad appears and realises they are in some

    squelchy mud. The family begins to cross the

    mud. Lizzie and Bertie talk about the noise that

    a bear makes they make some growling


    When the twins appear, the puppeteers start

    singing a song about mud, and the twins play

    in the mud.

    When the mud song finishes, the lights go

    down again and in the darkness some animal

    noises are heard. An owl appears. The dog

    barks again.

    When the lights come up, Big Sister Lizzie is in the

    forest. She sings a song and meets a deer.

    The family walk through the forest. They sing

    were going on a bear hunt again. A loud bird

    noise startles Big Sister Lizzie and she

    stumbles and hurts her knee. Dad helps her and

    decides they should go home but then they get

    caught in a snow storm!

    The twins Jessie & Gilbert call out loudly to

    eachother as they are blown around in the

    snow storm. The dog barks loudly. There is

    some music and singing in this scene as a

    piece of snowy white fabric billows on the

    stage. After the storm, the family keeps walking

    and comes to a rocky place with a cave.

  • Sometimes the bear growls and the family

    screams - this part of of the show is quite

    noisy! The bear puppet is brought closer to the

    audience and does some growling.

    With the bear chasing them, the family carries on

    back until they reach their home.

    When they are home, they suddenly realise they

    have forgotten to shut the door, and dad runs back

    to close it just in time before the bear gets in. Then

    they all go upstairs and hide under the covers.

    Baby Bertie surprises everyone again by

    popping out from under the covers and

    roaring. Everyone laughs.

    The performers sing a song as we see the bear

    sitting alone in the moonlight. He is watching a

    butterfly and is not as scary as he might have

    seemed before.

    This is the end of the play.

    If you enjoyed the show you can clap your hands.

    To finish off, the puppeteers sing a lively song and

    play instruments while the bear puppet dances. At

    the end of the song you can clap your hands again

    if you like. And then the puppeteers will say

    goodbye to the audience and leave the stage.

    We hope that you enjoy this show at

    The Little Angel Theatre!

    The dog barks a little bit and Baby Bertie calls out Mr bear, then scares his

    family by roaring loudly and making them jump. The performers sing a song

    about the cave.

    During this scene the stage is quite dark and the performers use small torches.

    At the end of the song, the family discovers that they have come face to face with a

    real bear who lives in the cave! They shout loudly in surprise and the dog barks,

    the bear growls very loudly.

    In the next part of the performance, some music is played and the bear keeps

    popping out to surprise us from different parts of the stage and auditorium, the family

    makes their way back through all the different places they have been to.


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