What Do Teachers Do (After You Leave School)? (Carolrhoda Picture Books)

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  • Text copyright 2006 by Anne BowenIllustrations copyright 2006 by Barry Gott

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    Bowen, Anne, 1952What do teachers do (after you leave school)? / by Anne Bowen ; illustrations by Barry Gott.

    p. cm.Summary: Rhyming text reveals the surprising ways that teachers behave when their

    students are not at school.ISBN-13: 978-1-57505-922-8 (lib. bdg. : alk. paper)ISBN-10: 1-57505-922-3 (lib. bdg. : alk. paper)

    [1. TeachersFiction. 2. SchoolsFiction. 3. Stories in rhyme.] I. Gott, Barry, ill. II. Title.

    PZ8.3.B6746Sho 2006[E]dc22 2005033957

    Manufactured in the United States of America1 2 3 4 5 6 JR 11 10 09 08 07 06

    For the Gramercy Elementary teachersA. B.

    For RoseB. G.

    eISBN-10: 0-8225-7195-1eISBN-13: 978-0-8225-7195-7



  • What do teachers do

    when the bell rings at three,

    when you hurry home

    so glad to be free?

  • When classrooms are hushed

    and the hallways are too,

    when everyones gone

    what do teachers do?

  • The day s over! Hooray!

    They change into jeans

    and get ready to play.

    They shout to their friends,

    The day s over! Hooray!

  • They zip through the doors,yelling, First on the slide!Come on now, lets gofor a slippery ride.

  • BA



    ! WHAM!

    They pull on their skates

    for a cruise down the halls.

    They zip and they zoom

    until one slips and falls.

  • They play games of basketball

    down in the gym

    high-fiving, slam-dunking it,

    over the rim.

  • When their tummies rumble,

    its time for a treat,

    so what kinds of snacks

    do those teachers eat?

    They munch on coldpizza

    left over from lunch,

    then wash it all down

    with raspberry punch.

  • disgusting . . .

    They fling pepperoni

    with all of their might

    A gigantic, colossal, disgusting . . .

  • Some paint all their toenails

    When everyones stuffed

    and all fizzled out,

    what do teachers do

    while lounging about?

    a bright, shiny red.

    Some teachers read stories

    to hamsters instead.

  • Some teachers play Scrabble,some dance in their socks,while others build towersfrom big plastic blocks.

    Until . . .Until . . .

  • the naughtiest teacher

    (hes always the one) says,

    This is so boring!

    Lets have some real fun.

    This is so boring!

    Lets have some real fun.

  • I found these old beakersin room two-o-four.Theres all kinds of stuffon shelves by the door!

    I found these old beakersin room two-o-four.Theres all kinds of stuffon shelves by the door!

  • wahoo!

    cry the teachers.Why, this is so coolour own secret labright here in the school!


  • They wear plastic g


    fill beakers with goop.

    They grin wicked grins

    while preparing slime soup.

  • o o o o o o o o o o p s !



    s p u t t e r !

    s m at !

    Now keep a close lookout

    in case you-know-who

    discovers us in here

    creating this stew!

  • The soupy goopbub


    explodes in midair,

    with smelly green-g


    that hit teachers ha


  • And then from the hallway,there comes a B-A-A-A-D sound.The teachers stand still.They k now theyve been found.



    She opens the door,

    as globs of thick slime

    drip onto the floor.

  • Whats going on, Teachers?

    Now what have you done?

    You dont have permission. . .

  • fun!

    Come in, call the teachers,and make your own goo.Just put on some goggles.Get ready to brew.

    but this looks like fun!

  • So on through the long night,till quarter past six,

    those teachers keep busy

    concocting their mix.

  • Oh, dear! someone cries.

    Just look at the time!

    Wed better work quickly

    to clean up this slime.

  • until they are through.

    scrubbing and scraping,

    washing and wiping,


    ingand s


    sprayingand drying. . .

    dusting and sweeping,

    The teachers are frantic.

    Theres so much to do:

  • When the school bell rrrrinnnng

    and the doors open wide,

    what do teachers do

    when YOU come inside?


  • They stand by their classrooms.

    They simply cant wait

    to call to the students,

    Why, isnt this great?

    The school felt so empty.

    Its good to see you!

    We missed you last night. . .

  • nothingthere was nothing to do!

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