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  • 1. What employers are looking for intellectual ability flexibility business awareness teamwork analytical skills drive/motivation performance international outlook initiative communication skills computer literacy determination to succeed

2. main elements of behavioural skillspersonal attributessoft skills initiative; drive interpersonal honesty; integrity confidence & self knowledge reliability originality and flair motivation judgement openness decisiveness sensitivity assertivenessAim: improving employabilityAim: working with otherspractical skillsoverarching capabilities communication customer orientation analytical and diagnostic teamworking problem solving quality awareness reasoning self-management IT performance driven numeracy Aim: coping with change Aim: staying ahead of changeCompeting through Ski Amin Rajan 1999 Centre for Research in Employment and Technology in Europe 3. main elements of behavioural skills personal attributes initiative; drive honesty; integrity reliability motivation openness sensitivity aim: improving employabilityCompeting through Ski 4. main elements of behavioural skills soft skills interpersonal confidence & self knowledge originality and flair judgement decisiveness assertivenessaim: working with others Aim: working with othersCompeting through Ski 5. main elements of behavioural skills practical skills communication analytical and diagnostic problem solving reasoning IT numeracyaim: coping with changeCompeting through Ski 6. main elements of behavioural skillsoverarching capabilities customer orientation teamworking quality awareness self-management performance driven aim: staying ahead of change Competing through Ski