What Kind of Woman Do Men Adore

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  1. 1. What Kind of Woman Do Men AdoreIf there was ever a time in your life when you attracted many men, then you probably know that thesecret to being the woman men adore and never want to leave is not having perfect curves in theright places or having exceptional beauty. It has nothing to do with being born with appealingpersonality characteristics or an innate magnetism. It is definitely not due to a special blessing orDNA. It is all about having the required skills. And, like all skills, any woman can learn and masterthem. This article will highlight a few of these skills.She Needs to beIndependent...Men like to know that the womanthey are interested in enjoys being with them,however in order to preserve a man's respect andinterest, you should be content and happy to bealone at times and enjoy other people'scompanionship. A woman, at times, will deceiveherself into believing that the best way to develop a healthy and strong relationship with her man isby spending all of her free time with him. There are several problems with this method of reasoning.One of these problems is that a guy can begin to feel suffocated. If you give up your friends as wellas other areas of hobby, it falls on your man to be your only source of entertainmentWhat Kind of Woman Do Men Fall in Love With?She Needs to be Confidence...Many ladies are influenced so easily by their friends as well as byother females they associate with, that they continually find themselves attempting to look and actmore like their friends. If you wish to be the woman men adore and never want to leave, it isimportant that you find out who you really are and simply be yourself.What you should understand is that men like women who are confident and not self-conscious. Ifyour confidence level is low, this is the best time to do something about that. Get a pen and paperand write down all the positive qualities you possess and concentrate on these qualities. Are you anexcellent cook? Are you fantastic with people? Thinking about these wonderful qualities everyday
  2. 2. will help boost your confidence levels and put you on track to knowing what every man wants andmany women don't give this.What Are Some Qualities That Men Look For?She Needs to Be Soft spoken...If you want your man to actuallylisten to what you have to say, you must learn how to express your views without raising your voice.Men are naturally competitive. Your man will stop listening to you once he senses that you areassaulting his opinion.She Also Needs to Be Healthy and Take Care of Herself...One other thing that can aid you be thewoman men adore and never want to leave is keeping yourself healthy. Make sure you take goodcare of your body and find out what is most suitable for you as regards to diet, exercise andnutrition. In addition, you should be prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure your body is in topcondition. You do not have to be skinny for a man to love you. There are various kinds of bodyshapes; also having the body shape that fits you as well as your bone make-up is a lot moreimportant than trying to maintain the status quo of the society.What Kind of Women Does a Man Love?Being Interested in Your Guy's Hobbies...You can be the woman menadore and never want to leave by showing interest in your man's hobbies. This does not mean thatyou should act like you are interested. If you happen not to be a conservative football fan, do notpretend to be one. However, men like it when their women take part in pastimes that they like. Thiswill help to create a bond between you and your man, and your man will really appreciate you forthis.However your guy may not want you to tag along all the time, thus you will not be continuallyobliged. Aside from causing you to become a lady that men respect, sharing in your man's interestsand hobbies will help open up the prospect of your man sharing in activities and hobbies thatinterest you, also.
  3. 3. There are several things that can make you the woman men adore, and there are some things thatwill make guys want to stay very far away from you. Here are three of such things.Don't Be Nagging and Gossiping...You might believe that gossiping about guys might help boosttheir sense of worth; however, in actual fact, guys cannot bear any type of gossip, whether negativeor positive. It is among the major things that men dislike about women. Ladies have this habit ofnagging in order to make their guys do something for them. Even though they may have goodintentions, guys simply do not like this attribute in women.Unnecessary Habits...You should never perceive all guys as being the same. Perhaps someone brokeyour heart in the past, but you should not allow that to cause you to become fearful that the next guyis a potential heartbreaker. If you have these traits, you should be aware that men can easily sensethem, and they will avoid you because of that. Let the past remain in the past, and think about abrighter future as well as a relationship filled with security and love.A domineering personality...If your man perceives that youare trying to run his life, he may dump or avoid you completely. Men do not like it when the womanthat they are in a romantic relationship with is trying to run their lives. You have a domineeringpersonality if you cannot accept compromises. To change this attitude, you should learn how toaccept viewpoints expressed by others. Particularly those you profess to cherish and love.Are You the Kind of Woman Men Adore and fall in Love With?Bear in mind that just because you have found out how to be the woman men adore and never wantto leave, it does not mean that every man you come across will develop affection for you. Do notforget why you took the decision to be a lady that guys respect and cherish. Your goal is to get theguy you have always dreamed of, the man that will love and cherish you.You also want to be a special woman because you yearn for genuine love that will result in marriageand perhaps children someday. Knowing what men want puts you way ahead of the rest of theladies!