What type of world are you preparing our children for?

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What type of world are you preparing our children for?. Martin Thomas @crowdsurfing. A perspective from the world of business A world of less & more. A world of less. Less time Less certainty Less deference Less formality. Less Time. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Understanding the Strategic Opportunity Social Media Presents for the Travel Industry

What type of world are you preparing our children for?Martin Thomas @crowdsurfing

1A perspective from the world of business

A world of less & more2A world of lessLess timeLess certaintyLess deferenceLess formality

3Less TimeThe trouble with McDonalds is its too bloody slowInstant access, instant response, instant gratificationliving life through shortcuts MTV4Real time expectationsmeet institutional time5Less certaintyEvents, threats and opportunities arent just coming at us faster or with less predictability; they are converging and influencing each other to create entirely unique situations. Samuel J. Palmisano, chairman, president and CEO, IBMLess deferenceAuthority has to battle for legitimacy every day; it can have no expectation of canned applause The truth as affirmed and broadcast by any institution is intrinsically, contestable.For every fact there is an anti-fact Jim Murphy, Future Foundation Less formality

To thrive in the world of social media, leaders need to acquire a mind-set of openness and imperfection and they must have the courage to appear raw and unpolishedSix Social Media Skills Every Leader Needs: Roland Deiser and Sylvain Newton,McKinsey Quarterly, Feb 139McKinseys view of the value of imperfection9A world of moreMore connectedMore openMore disruptiveMore subversiveMore collaborativeMore freedom?

10More connected

More open by forceCompanies are learning that they cant count on information about executive pay, finances, employee relations or environmental behaviour remaining private for long. Thanks to social media everyone with an opinion can be heard

PWC CEO Study, Feb 2013

Embracing Radical opennessthe more you give away the more you get back Bruno Giussani, TED European directorNo closed doors14faith in big businesses is lower than its ever been because people have stopped trusting whats going on behind closed doors. So, from today, there is no behind the scenes at Asda. Our aim is to be a truly open, accessible and transparent business so that we can rebuild trust, and drive customer loyalty. Andy Bond, (former) CEOFrom litigation to civil dialogue15the one thing weve changed in recent years is we have been a lot more open about engaging in dialogue with people so long as they aim to be constructive Steve Easterbrook, UK CEO, McDonalds

More disruptive

More subversiveMore collaborative18mutualisation = getting readers to care about, inform and enhance our coverage Meg Pickard19Economic altruismpeople like to create & wish to share. A surprising amount of useful, creative or expressive activity is generated without any financial incentive at all20Collective self-expressionMore freedom?Costly failure of compliance

Tyranny of numbers David Boyle

22A generation demandsFlexible working85% of Gen Y want to spend 30-70% of time working from homeOther prioritiesWork/Life balancePersonal developmentExciting jobMotivational management not afraid to ask for them & walk away

* TalentSmoothie: Generation Y: What they want from work (2008)23Business respondsEmphasis on freedom & trustEncouragement of creativity & individual responsibility

Were giving people the latitude to go off & do their own thing. We trust them to do their regular jobs & to experiment, innovate & have fun Microsoft Snr Mgr, quoted in Business Strategy Review

24Surviving & thriving ina lOOSE worldA winning mindsetComfortable with complexity

Learning to let go


Learning through failure

Comfortable with complexityThe world is non-linear, so the ability to cut through complexity relies on processing a large amount of information quickly and extracting nuggets to make quick decisions. Building advantage will be an outcome of dealing with complexity better than our competitors.Julian Segal, managing director and CEO, Caltex Australia Limited,Wanted. A president with a complex mind Robert Kegan, USA Today, 2008Businesses are operating in what is very much a let go world P&G former chairman and CEO, A. G. Lafley

Embracing failureCelebrating failure

Remember, we celebrate our failures. This is a company where its absolutely OK to try something thats very hard, have it not be successful, and take the learning from that Eric SchmidtImprovisation & the rise of adhocracy

Thank youMartin Thomas @crowdsurfing