Where to house the digital library.   Digital Resources Librarian at Asbury Theological Seminary Thad Horner.

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Where to house the digital library Slide 2 Digital Resources Librarian at Asbury Theological Seminary Thad Horner Slide 3 Control Wow Factor Cost Libraries must be willing to rank or reorient priorities based on these three factors 3 Competing Concepts Slide 4 What Does Control Mean? The ability to shape the digital library to meet your desires and needs. The level of responsibility placed on the institution Control Slide 5 Generally, More Control Exists When Libraries Host Their Own Content But Control Can Be Limited by the Software Chosen DSpace Fedora Greenstone Digital Commons Control Slide 6 Branding Making the digital library fit with institutional criteria Metadata How much and what data to add Technological Who is responsible for maintaining the servers? Who has ultimate administrative power? Legality If we get sued, do we have protection? Types of Control Slide 7 What is the Wow Factor? Everything besides control Stunning visual presence Extra capabilities Journal publishing Streaming of media Searching Wow Factor Slide 8 Nothing is Free! Questions to ask Which is cheaper now, doing it ourselves or paying someone else? Where do we plan to be as an institution and a digital library in 3 years? Which will be cheaper in 3 years? Cost Slide 9 Must have physical resources to support (cost) Must have staff to support (cost) Support response time Backup Copyright insurance Google Be sure to purchase Handle How the system searches Host Slide 10 Must have the money Must be willing to give up some control Contract Persistent URLs 24/7 Support Uptime Speed Backup Copyright Insurance Hosted Slide 11 Training 3 rd party access to material Increasing Costs Google How the system searches Hosted Slide 12 This: Asburys Experience Slide 13 To this: ePlaceePlace Asburys Experience Slide 14 Originally Hosted Dspace in-house IT and Library were one department No money was to be spent Handle was not purchased 1/3 programmer time Too many hands in the cookie jar Asburys Experience Slide 15 Redesign Cleaned up the structure Fewer admins Updated to XML interface Looked prettier Searching did NOT work Needs for classes Asburys Experience Slide 16 Move to a hosted platform Consultation with other libraries Conference attendance Examined hosted DSpace and BePress (Digital Commons) Contract Asburys Experience Slide 17 Findings Loss of control in administrative power Slower download speeds Improved searching Improved design and wow factor Able to support classes better Customer support mostly good Asburys Experience Slide 18 Do we have the in-house capabilities to run a digital library? What content do we want in the digital library? Can the platform meet the needs of our classes? Do we have the budget to move to a hosted solution? What will happen in 3 years? Will we have persistent URLs? Can we get an agreeable contract? Making a Decision Slide 19 In the end the choice is yours Making a Decision


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