Who says math can’t be fun & games

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Who says math cant be fun & games. Nancy L. Foote www.nancyfootehigley.com. Tennessee Math Standards. Flexibility Fluency Adaptability Technology Vocabulary. Exciting, engaging and memorable. Games Podcasts Technology. Proportional reasoning. 1 out of 4 doctors say - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Who says math cant be fun & gamesNancy L. Footewww.nancyfootehigley.com1Tennessee Math StandardsFlexibilityFluencyAdaptabilityTechnologyVocabulary

2Exciting, engaging and memorableGamesPodcastsTechnology

3Proportional reasoning1 out of 4 doctors say Hybrid cars get 35 mpg in the city. Buy a hybrid and save 50% on fuel.Its on sale for 40% off.It will grow 600%.5 for $1.25

4Lilliputians are 6 inches tall.Gulliver is 6 feet tall.

How many Lilliputians are needed to be as tall as you?

Proportional Reasoning

5Then they measured my right thumb, and desired no more; for by a mathematical computation, that twice round the thumb is once round the wrist, and so on to the neck and the waist.

Really? Lets measure in cm.Shirt making 1016

Astronomers discovered a planet beyond our solar system that is 1.6 times the size of Jupiter.Jupiter is 11.2 times the size of Earth.How big is the new planet compared to Earth?

Space: The Next Frontier

7Its kind of funny

8 and kind of sad

9GamesTo teach math10Dice gamesMultiplication madnessInteger excitementFraction busters

11Adding machine tapeRace to the topRemnants

12Skillboard math

13One extra tile1/3 of 211/5 of 401/8 of 72 the number of sides on a hexagon1/6 of 2 dozen1/8 the number of ounces in a pound1/7 of 421/5 the value of a quarter1/7 the number of days in a week14Number tilesChallenge 1The locker number is odd.The sum of the digits is greater than 15.The first digit is 1 more than the third.The second digit is 2 more than the first.

Challenge 2The locker number is odd.The second digit is 4 less than the third.The first digit is 7 more than the second.

Use the number tiles 0 9 to find the 3-digit locker number.15Story graphIncorporate writing into math

16PuzzlesI couldnt sleep last night. The digital clock kept me awake. I got to thinking I wonder which number shows up for the greatest amount of time? How much time does it show up for?

17Im in TennesseeT E N N E S S E E T E2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

I wonder what letter is number 20?Number 100?

18Did you know?One-seventh of the worlds population is left-handed.Memphis is home for 650,000 people.How many are left-handed?

19Podcasting 101Mental math podcastsWriteReviewRecordPublish

20Mental Math

21Domino mathI have who has?


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