Why Would Bill Gates Want to Kill One Billion People
Why Would Bill Gates Want to Kill One Billion People
Why Would Bill Gates Want to Kill One Billion People

Why Would Bill Gates Want to Kill One Billion People

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  • 8/9/2019 Why Would Bill Gates Want to Kill One Billion People


    Why Would Bill Gates Want to Kill One Billion People?Posted on December 16, 2013 by Mike RothschildViral video aggregator Upworthy has been in the news a lot lately, mostly for their meteoric rise in popularity and maddening-yet-effective headline writing style. One element of the site that didnt get much press, however, was an announcement they made over Facebook on November 12. The post proclaimed:

    One of the reasons we started on this social merry-go-round was to get importantideas out there that people rarely talk about. So we are getting in cahoots with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and launching a global health and povertysection.

    This they did, kicking off an area of their site called All 7 Billionwhich spotlighted videos related to poverty, sustainability and health care in the developing world. What nobody at Upworthy seemed to take into account was the loathing for the Gates Foundation among various pro-woo, anti-science fringe movements. Andthe comments left by these people, which numbered almost a thousand in total, were scathing:

    Need to find another partner if you want my support..Gates Foundation owns 1,000,000 shares of Monsanto who looks not only control the worlds food supply and poison everyone as they do it, the do their best to ruin any competition from sustainable growth and organic farmers.

    While youre partnering with them maybe you could ask them why they support toxicGMO foods.

    Bill accidentally (cough) sterilized thousands with his generous donation of vaccines (contaminated with sterility compounds), while giving a TED presentation that said in order to cut greenhouse gases, we need to lower population, and thanks to vaccines, we should be able to lower the earths population by at least 10%

    Hes busy vaccinating and euthanizing children in poor countries instead of caringfor and feeding them Sad day for Upworthy.

    I do not agree what the Gates foundation is doing to public education. Specifically the Common Core crap. What does he actually know about education anyway?

    The Nazi Eugenicist Gates Foundation , Bilderberg Billy Gates ???!! Pushing deadly vaccines instead of food Gates foundation ??? Jeez, you just lost all credibility there

    And on and on it goes. So is Bill Gates really a Monsanto-owning, eugenics-loving, anti-education monster who wants to cull the population through poisoned vaccines? Or is he a wealthy man trying to use his fortune do some good in the worldin a way that angers people who see conspiracy around every corner?

    CLAIM: Bill Gates owns part of/most of/all of Monsanto and wont answer questionsabout it. As with anything related to Monsanto, its hard to separate fact from hysterics. The short version of the truth here is that in 2010, according to their

    legally-required public tax return, the Foundation Trust purchased 500,000 shares of Monsanto, worth $34 million. These shares were sold in 2011 and as of their 2012 filing, the Foundation doesnt own a single share of Monsanto. As it was, the investment was a tiny portion of their holdings, never enough to make a significant impact in either organization.

    As to why they bought the stock in 2010, why wouldnt they? The Foundation has a massive portfolio of investments. Just their list of corporate stocks owned in 2011 runs for 19 pages. Given that the Foundation has an interest in both decreasing poverty and increasing their overall endowment, and Monsanto stock is a stron

  • 8/9/2019 Why Would Bill Gates Want to Kill One Billion People


    g performer, their investment isnt surprising at all. The Foundation has a policyof not commenting on individual investments, so the fact that they wont discussthis particular one also isnt surprising.

    Bill Gates...vaccines...UN...OPEN YOUR EYES!!! (guardian.co.uk)Bill GatesvaccinesUNOPEN YOUR EYES!!! (guardian.co.uk)

    CLAIM: The Gates Foundation supports toxic GMOs. Its true that the Foundation hasmade a major commitment to agricultural development, particularly in poverty-stricken countries. One particular method theyre using to accomplish this is throughthe research and promotion of genetically modified crops. Theyve invested heavily in numerous different GMO initiatives, including basic science research, virusresistant cassava and golden rice,a vitamin-loaded crop that can reduce malnutrition and infant blindness.

    And remember, when it comes to children dying, the fewer, the better. The harm of GMO crops has never been proven to exist, but the people being helped by the Foundations backing of this work certainly do hundreds of millions around the world. The Foundations efforts could lift these people out hunger and into better lives. Of course, the vast majority of the objections to the Foundations investmentsin GMOs come from activists who have never had to worry about where their next meal is going to come from. As Ive said many times, its easier to March Against Monsanto when your belly is full.

    CLAIM: The Gates Foundation supports deadly vaccines that kill people. Three forthree on claims that induce hysteria among certain portions of the internet. First of all, lets sweep away any speculation that supporting vaccination is a badthing. Despite ones personal opinion, vaccines save lives. Mommy instinct and Google University might not agree with that, but decades of scientific research does.

    Vaccination in the developing world makes up a major platform of the Gates Foundations philanthropy. Populations that had no access to vaccines for a host of deadly, preventable illnesses now do. The Foundations efforts are working. In just one example, India, a country ravaged by polio not that long ago, reported one single case in 2011.

    Its the polio vaccine that makes up one of the most common claims against the Foundation, that Gates-sponsored vaccines caused 47,500 cases of paralysis in India. Youll find this claim all over vaccine-doomsayer websites, and as you can guess, its not true. The polio vaccine does not cause polio. These cases turned out tobe acute flaccid paralysis, caused by a non-polio enterovirus. Another oft-repeated and equally bogus claim is that Malawian children were forced at gunpoint to take Gates vaccines. The source of this is, of course, Natural News which referenced an article from Malawi Voice that appears to have been taken down shortlyafter it went up.

    Golden rice, currently saving lives in a country near you.Golden rice, currently saving lives in a country near you. (Wikimedia commons)

    Skeptical Raptor has a good write-up of these and other false vaccine-related accusations against the Gates Foundation. Read it, then beat your head against thenearest wall.

    CLAIM: Bill Gates is a eugenics advocate who wants to cull the worlds population.Conspiracy theories about global depopulation are legion, with everyone from the UN to the Illuminati supposedly preparing a massive thinning of the herd through soft killtechniques. So naturally, a Bill Gates speech about how vaccines canreduce the population of the world would be a big deal and prove him to be a murderous monster.

  • 8/9/2019 Why Would Bill Gates Want to Kill One Billion People


    Of course, Gates never said such a thing.

    What Gates DID do was give a TED talk in 2010, called Innovating to Zero.The focus of the talk was reducing global carbon emissions to, as per the title, zero. Out of that speech came this quote, which conspiracy mongers have seized on as anadmission that Gates is a eugenicist in programmers clothing:

    The world today has 6.8 billion people. Thats headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive healthservices, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent, but there we see an increase of about 1.3.

    Devoid of context, it looks like hes saying that vaccines and health care could kill a billion people. But a rational person doesnt look at this and see the richest man in the world calmly (and publicly) outlining his plans for genocide. WhatGates is talking about is reducing population growth, and reputable science bears out that a higher-standard of living equals lower birth rates. Included in this are things like good health care, better food and, yes, vaccines.

    Like all the other depopulation plans, this one appears to be either not real ormoving incredibly slowly.

    CLAIM: Bill Gates is single-handedly destroying education in America. The Gates

    Foundation played a key role in the development, funding and promotion of CommonCore, an education initiative dedicated to reforming standards in math and English. The benefits, drawbacks and myths surrounding Common Core are probably legion enough to warrant their own blog post, but its clear that the Gates Foundationis intertwined with this work. If you think Common Core is a bad idea, and manypeople do, youre naturally going to hang this on the Gates Foundation.

    CLAIM: Bill Gates is a member of various global elite bankster ruling cadres, including the Illuminati and the Bilderberg Group. Gates was a member of the 2010Bilderberg Group conference, so that claim is factually correct. Though as witheverything Bilderberg related, its slathered in misinformation and fear.

    As for Gates being a member of the all-powerful Illuminati, if such a group exis

    ted, Gatesstatus as one of the richest men on the planet would probably approvehim for charter membership along with virtually every other powerful, wealthy and important person around.

    So is the Gates Foundation an arm of the apocalypse, or an instrument for good?That depends on whether you think vaccination and ending hunger are good things.Since I do, Im pretty firmly on their side.