Why Would I Want a Data Projector in My Classroom

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Why Would I Want a Data Projector in My Classroom. Presented by Glenda MacPhee gmacphee@bpsd.mb.ca February, 2011. Survey. Benefits:. Greater student engagement and involvement Increase student independence Teach file management skills in context Easy to take work home and back - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Why Would I Want a Data Projector in My Classroom

Why Would I Want a Data Projector in My Classroom

Presented by Glenda MacPheegmacphee@bpsd.mb.caFebruary, 2011

Why Would I Want a Data Projector in My Classroom

SurveyOn Entry - Survey Who has a data projector Welcome

1Greater student engagement and involvementIncrease student independence Teach file management skills in contextEasy to take work home and backProvides easy ways to link itemsGreater opportunity to address learning styles, especially visual learnersStudents who might not shine in other ways become the specialists

Benefits:Using data projector gives students an area to focus on, large enough for all to see. It has some similar uses to an overhead projector but far more useful.I have found even grade one students are able to manage successfully in the lab when I use the classroom projector to demonstrate or practice first. They become familiar with programs I want them to use later. Demonstrating computer software process within classroom saves time in tight lab schedule and increases confidence and independence in kids.Much easier to keep kids engaged.Material can be enlarged so all can see. Easy to create, revise, edit sort and save

My students are able to locate their files partly because they have seen me do this in the classroom. Taking work home with us is a part of our lives. A flash drive is far easier to cart around than chart paper. I seldom use the whiteboard any more. A bit stressful for subs sometimes but it works for meopen a notebook file and I have as much space as I want and I dont have to erase anything to make more space.

It is easy to link clips (you tube, video, sound ) to provide opportunities for greater variety of learning styles. I have sound tracks that link to phonetic songs, seasonal songs and printing activities. Sometimes it is the struggling learners who are able to guide me or a substitute through some tech issues. They pick things up that I havent noticed and it gives them a chance to shine when they may not pick it up otherwise. 2Demonstrations Shared reading WordSMART notebook Building words activities Shared writing, patternsReading response, story follow-up, graphic organizersEditingBrainstorming with moveabilityInspiration 1, 2Wordle.com

Uses, Literacy:Stress while using Technology was greatly reduced after I got a data projector. I used it to demonstrate the things I wanted the students to do in the lab. This allowed more time for repetition before students were expected to work independently. When I talk through what I am doing repeatedly, students pick up the steps.Shared reading. Chants and songs, O CanadaBuilding wordsuse mouse to move letters in SMART Notebook.Shared writing. Inspiration brainstorming, pattern stories, Editing post samples of student writing to edit togetherthey love to see their work in print. This allows a nice polished piece for publishing. Exemplars of good writing. Brainstorming is so much easierif you can type relatively quickly. Use someone to click the mouse for things like inspiration. Allows grouping items after you write them to develop organizational skills. Printable version for later writing activitiesetc.

3Calendar NumeracyProblems, and more problem solvingPictures numberEstimation

MathI use technology daily for Numeracy and calendar activities. The convenience of using link for things such as maplewood, weather check, seasonal songs makes everything run smoothly. Children become very competent on their own very quickly. It provides opportunities to increase the difficultycoins on calendar, date on weather, etc. Numeracycoins, 10 frames more in SMART Notebook session

4Thematic files, social studiesReduces need for charts and allows greater optionsShow video clips, stories using links such as Tumble Books, moviesAgendas/organizers

Uses, other subject areasShow video clips, moviesno more moving that tv/VCR. Use available programs like Tumblebooks to show stories during downtime(lunch). Socialization is great but some kids spend all their time talking instead of eating. Living stories speeds up their eating time because they arent talking and are excited to hear another story. We have access to Discovery Education now in our school. For our science unit of Characteristics of objects and materials I recently used video clips to show how sand is made into glass and blown and . When a story referred to log rolling it was easy to find a you tube clip of a log rolling competition.I use Agendas/organizers page for shared writing reflections or reminders each day. It works best with smart board to demonstrate the writing but still good option.

5View/share completed projects.Photo stories messagesPower pointsPresentations Games JeopardyPractice Share published workgreat pride boosterhugs after our latest photostory because they were so please to see themselves on that big screen. What if everybody, I love

Power point Neepawa places, Jeopardy. This fall jeopardy was created with our buddies several years ago. I havent done any recently but there are some ready made downloadable files on the internet. We created a game for a learning fair a few years ago but that was more teacher made than student made.

As a buildup to day 100 I have my students count and photograph each time we get to 10. With the photos we can examine which are easy to count and whygroups of 10, colour choices, layout, etc.

6With a mounted data projector no one can sign it out before you.

Allows for more spontaneous timesadjusting to needs of learners

Lots of on-line resources.

ConvenienceI use scans particularly with smart notebook. This works best for manipulation, practice, etc. especially with young children who need to see those exemplars, and sample. Try it together and then practice alone.

It is easy to use send to -desktop command to put links on desktop. By changing the icons it is easy to locate files quickly. Linking songs and websites adds to the simplicity. Children know how to check the weather or where to find the kid folder with activities they are allowed to use.

My filing is gets overwhelming at times but I basically have 4 basic folders that I rely on. LA, Math, Theme, Admin. Within Theme, I have files broken down mostly into Months so I usually know where to find them. For Grade one this works for me. Most of my files are now SMART Notebook.7How-to's for smoother sailing

Develop a filing system that works for you.

Place shortcuts on your desktop that link you quickly to commonly used files or folders.

Begin with Scanned worksheets or use already existing computer files to use in manner similar to overhead projector.

Play with SMART Notebook until you feel comfortable with its features.

Mounted data projector means no cords to trip over.

Less wear and tear on mobile units.

Physical SafetyExpensive Lack of knowledge and timeStuck when they break down

Why should we not use a data projector?

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