William Seward & Abraham Lincoln

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William Seward & Abraham Lincoln. A Timeless Friendship in a Turbulent Era. Early Life of Lincoln and Seward. Seward’s Education and Marriage Union College Frances Miller Lincoln’s Childhood To read books, “ Was the main thing.” – Abraham Lincoln Similar Experiences. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of William Seward & Abraham Lincoln

William Seward & Abraham Lincoln

William Seward & Abraham LincolnA Timeless Friendship in a Turbulent Era

Early Life of Lincoln and SewardSewards Education and MarriageUnion CollegeFrances Miller

Lincolns ChildhoodTo read books, Was the main thing. Abraham LincolnSimilar Experiences

Seward Family Members

Frances Seward

Augustus Seward

Fredrick Seward

William Seward Jr.

Fanny Seward

President and Secretary of State1860 ElectionSecretary of StateEmancipation ProclamationThe government should not only recognize but maintain the freedom it proclaims.

Social EngagementsCalling on the LincolnsMr. and Mrs. Lincoln dined with us privately last evening.-Frances SewardHosting DinnersMrs. Lincoln Anna Seward

Opinions on AbolitionSeward and Freeman The color of the prisoners skin, and the form of his features, are not impressed upon the spiritual, immortal mind which works beneath.

Underground Railroad ActivityCompromise of 1850Lincolns Changing Views Neither slavery nor involuntary servitudeshall exist within the United States.-Abraham Lincoln

Opinions on Abolition

Life During the Civil WarSeward Family RolesThe loyal women generally throughout the North organized Soldiers aid societies.

Mrs. Lincoln and Robert Todds Roles

April 14, 1865Assassination of President LincolnAssassination Attempt of William Seward

Mother said gently to fatherHenrythe President is gone.-Fanny Seward

Life After LincolnTrain Car for Mrs. SewardPresident JohnsonReconstructionImpeachment Travel Death


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