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Richard Goddard, Worcester College of Technology Presentation to Member's Corner at the JISC/ELESIG Digital Student Symposium, 26 March 2014.


  • 1. WORDLE Worcester Digital Literacy Enterprise Richard Goddard Worcester College of Technology And Learning Objectivity JISC Developing Digital Literacies Programme
  • 2. Develop Digital Literacy framework Two strands 1. BLENDED LEARNING: Personally Accountable Learning packages to encourage learners to engage with online learning 2. VALIDATED COURSES: Open College Network validated L2 courses for both teachers and learners
  • 3. 1: Develop blended learning approach Personally Accountable Learning (PAL Packs) 15% or more of all L2 and L3 courses delivered online Planned by teachers, supported by ILT team Models: Self-Study example Revision and Reinforcement example
  • 4. Outcomes from PAL Lessons learned: More support needed for teachers and learners Responsibilities to be defined Engagement and assessment monitoring needed Timetabling essential Better and more familiar planning process Result: SOLA Scheduled Online Learning and Assessment
  • 5. SOLA Scheduled Online Learning and Assessment Essentials: State learning outcomes and relevance to learner Include tasks and formative assessment Monitor engagement Set summative assessment Models so far: Self-study Revision and Reinforcement Flipped
  • 6. Find out more about PAL and SOLA diglit.wortech.ac.uk Create own user account (ac.uk, gov.uk, sch.uk)
  • 7. 2: Develop validated qualifications Open College Network Level 2 BOLD: Blended Online Learning Delivery Unit 1: Blending Traditional and Online Learning Techniques Unit 2: Structuring your VLE Course Unit 3: Promoting Active Learning Online OSL: Online Skills for Learners Unit 1: Search Engine and Online Information Skills Unit 2: Using a VLE for Learning Unit 3: Building a Professional Online Presence
  • 8. Using the OCN units Reminder: diglit.wortech.ac.uk Create own user account (ac.uk, gov.uk, sch.uk) Work through, but no tutor support Available as zips Adapt and prettify to institutional needs
  • 9. Thank you rgoddard@wortech.ac.uk rpgoddard@gmail.com