Working With Disadvantaged Families

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Working With Disadvantaged Families. New Chance Educational Center j Esly Oktatsi Kzpont 2013. Disadvantaged Families :. low-income families single-parent families families in which the parents have a low level of education, poor parenting skills or a history of psychiatric disorder - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Working With Disadvantaged Families

Working With Disadvantaged FamiliesNew Chance Educational Center j Esly Oktatsi Kzpont2013low-income familiessingle-parent familiesfamilies in which the parents have a low level of education, poor parenting skills or a history of psychiatric disorderfamilies that lack social supports or community connectionschildren and families in the developing world

Disadvantaged Families:

In our school more than 90% of the students came from disadvanteged families.Families have many children, sometimes more than 5-6. They have low income and parents have low education.

Financially: everything is free for the students, books, food, extra lessons. We have a students hostel where the most disadvantaged children can live.We have special teachers for students with special needsWe have vocational school, where students can earn money to help their families.The Goal of our school is to help these people :If you work with people from disadvantaged background it is not enough to give them money, you should find a solution for their problem.

We start some needed professions in our school, so our graduating students can easily find job.

- Hair dresser - Velder - Mason - Almoner - Dressmaker

These professons do not require heavy theoretical knowledge but talent.Maybe our students are not the smartest, but they are good at these things.

Our goal is to develop strategies that will improve the psychosocial health of these children and ensure they have an equal chance at becoming well-adjusted and productive adults.We should give them opportunity to have meaningful life.

We help not only to students, but their families. We can give them job at our school as a maintenance, cleaning or teacher assistant.

Our school often hosts free courses where our parents can learn usefur professions.

We have adult education too, where older people can graduate, than they can have better job.

Family Shool relationship is also important. It is important to organize joint programs. The other important thing is family visits. Easier to understand their behavior if you see the place and conditions they came from. Family visit also helps selecting donations.Every year we get things form associations and individuals. Knowing family background helps to give useful things for them. Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher.

We hope our presentation was useful for you. It was a pleasure to share our experience with you.

Thank you for your attention!


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