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These web portals and mobile applications allow you to quickly and easily access essential World Bank knowledge on your computer, iPad, or iPhone! From authoritative publications to comprehensive data to unique mapping and visualization tools, the World Bank provides a wealth of information on international development at your fingertips.


  • The reference of choice on developmentWORLD BANK Publications

    Convenient access to World Bank research and data from your desktop or handheld device

    W O R L D B A N K

    Online Resources and Mobile Apps


    The World Bank eLibrary is the World Banks subscription-based, online collection of 6,000+ books, reports, journals, and working papers including:

    Development Outreach magazine, and World Bank Economic Review and World Bank Research Observer journal articles published since 1996

    All 4200+ World Bank policy research working papers published since 1995

    Nearly 2,500 ebooks and flagship reports (some dating as far back as the 1970s) plus all new ebooks as they are released

    eLibrary offers an efficient way to access all World Bank formal publications and research in one cross-searchable platform.

    The World Bank eLibrary is focused on short- and long-term research needs and focuses on those publications that are of most interest to researchers, professors, and students. This carefully curated collection saves researchers valuable time and ensures they will quickly find the final and/or peer reviewed version.

    Subscriptions are only available at the institutional level and access is granted via IP authentication. All content may be viewed online, downloaded, and printed free of DRM.

    Check out The World Bank eLibrary at

    Questions or want a free trial? Contact us at

    Useful tools and features for researchers and libraries

    Browse by content type, topic, keyword, series, and other fields

    Search by full text and numerous other fields, such as title, author, topic, region, publication date, keyword, and more

    Options to export search results to Endnote and BibTex

    One-click social media icons for sharing pages and abstracts as well as search and browse results

    Customized new content alerts and RSS feeds based on user preferences

    Downloadable metadata and MARC records for easier indexing and cataloging

    COUNTER compliant usage statistics including usage by content type, including consortia reports

    Athens and Shibboleth authentication Institutional branding on the eLibrary home page Open URLs

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    Recognizing that transparency, accountability, and reliable data are essential to development, the World Bank now offers free, open, and easy access to its comprehensive data sets on living standards and more than 7,000 international development indicators.The World Banks Open Data portal provides access to more than 60

    databases, datasets, pre-formatted tables, reports, and other resources including:

    World Development Indicators (WDI) Global Development Finance (GDF) Africa Development Indicators (ADI) Global Economic Monitor (GEM) Doing Business (DB) NEW! Microdata Library

    Learn more at

    F R E E O N L I N E R E S O U R C E S

    These thematically-focused eAtlases let you map, graph, and visualize key indicators that measure development progress for use in reports, presentations, and research.

    With each World Bank eAtlas, you can easily

    Map indicators by latest available data (per country) or a given year, with panning and zooming capabilities

    Compare maps or graphs of two indicators side-by-side

    Find indicators by word search or through related themes

    Create time-series graph for any countries

    View data in a ranking order table or bar graph

    Alter map colors, intervals, and more Bookmark, export as images or data

    files, import, and share

    The World Bank eAtlas of Global Development

    The World Bank eAtlas of Gender

    The World Bank eAtlas of the Millennium Development

    wdronline.worldbank.orgThe Complete World Development Report Online is an essential research tool that allows users to easily access and search across the full collection of WDRs published since 1978. Search and browse across and within

    all 30+ WDRs at once Create, save, and share your own

    Custom e-books from WDR chapters Access the critical WDR background

    papers for reports since 2005

    Quickly save and bookmark content and searches using My WDR accounts

    Access World Bank data to supplement the reports

    Access foreign language editions of the 2008-2010 WDRs

    Quickly see how development thinking has changed over the years

    To try this FREE resource or for more information, contact

    World Bank Open Data

    The Complete World Development Report Online

    Looking for more free World Bank online resources? Visit for the latest information on all World Bank open development tools.

    Available in English, Arabic, French, and Spanish!

    World Bank eAtlases

  • F R E E M O B I L E A P P L I C A T I O N S

    Keep up with The World Banks latest mobile apps at!

    These are just a few of the apps offered by the World Bank. Explore our other new apps, including World Bank Finances and the World Bank Climate Change Datafinder.

    Visit to keep current with new app and mobile product releases, and link directly to the App stores once new applications are launched.

    N E W F O R 2 0 1 2

    World Development Report 2012 for iPadAvailable for

    The World Development Report 2012 App for iPad makes this key World Bank flagship on gender equality and development both accessible and mobile. Go straight to the analysis, data, and

    policy recommendations you need via key message, region, topic, and dozens of keywords. You can also access bonus material on gendersome created specifically for this appthat supplement the report and its findings.

    World Bank at a GlanceAvailable for

    At last - everything you ever wanted to know about the World Bank at your fingertips! World Bank at a Glance explains what the World Bank Group is, its organization, and its activities in developing countries. The app provides succinct explanations of a wide range of topics, from results and reforms, to project cycles, to contacts, business and job opportunities, and ways to interact with the Bank via Social Media.

    Doing Business at a Glance 2012Available for

    Looking to expand overseas? Doing Business at a Glance draws on the data and information from the World Banks popular flagship that measures the ease of doing business according to business regulations in 183 economies. This new free app allows immediate comparison of the most recent rankings and data from 2011 and 2012 across

    economies and regions without the need for an Internet connection.

    World Bank DataFinderAvailable for iPad, iPhone, and

    The free World Bank DataFinder app lets you access 50 years of World Bank data on global economic indicators, chart and visualize that data, and share those charts for use

    in your presentations, research, and projects. The DataFinder is perfect for anyone looking to quickly access global economic indicators and trends on the fly.

    World Bank Results at a GlanceAvailable for iPad and

    The World Bank Results at a Glance app features easy offline access to more than 450 World Bank results profiles, organized by Topic, Country, MDG, or Keyword. Supplementary material includes a timeline and FAQs about the World Bank, information on The International Development Association (IDA) and MDGs, and more.

    World Bank InfoFinderAvailable for iPad and

    The free World Bank InfoFinder app makes finding information

    about the World Bank and its Access to Information Policy simple and easy!