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<ul><li><p>Year-end function package at The Two Oceans Aquarium </p><p> The Two Oceans Aquarium is an exceptional venue that offers a mesmerising and enchanting backdrop against </p><p>which to host your year-end function. Treat your dinner guests to a view that is truly unique when you host your year-end dinner function in front of the I&amp;J Predator Exhibit. With a special all-inclusive package of R360.00 (ex vat) per person (venue, meals and dcor*, staff costs included, beverages excluded), your year-end function will be one </p><p>not soon to be forgotten. The Aquarium is also offering a cocktail party package at R305.00 (ex vat) per person (includes venue hire, canaps, staff costs, dcor*, excludes beverages). </p><p> The magnificent I&amp;J Predator Exhibit is the largest exhibit in the Aquarium and affords the most breath-taking backdrop against which to host an event. Finding themselves in the company of ragged-tooth sharks, shoals of shimmering fish and the graceful dance of stingrays, guests will be enchanted by this venue while enjoying a scrumptious dinner. (the package is also available to groups of 50 or less in the Atlantic Ocean Gallery please contact for further information.) The Aquariums in-house restaurant, Shoreline provides the catering for all functions hosted at the Aquarium and will ensure that your guests not only have delicious meal to enjoy, but they will also be able to enjoy it with a clear conscience. Shoreline Caf serves only MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) accredited and SASSI (Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative) endorsed seafood. </p><p> To book your unforgettable year-end function at the Aquarium, please email or call one of the event coordinators on +27 21 418 3823 for further information. The special year-end packages are available from 1 September 14 December 2014. Minimum 50 pax per booking. (20 in Atlantic Ocean Gallery) (*Images are for illustration purposes only) </p></li></ul>


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