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    Your Twitter Planner STEP #1: Develop Your Twitter Strategy Twitter Assessment: Purpose:

    • Do you have a clearly defined purpose for WHY you are using Twitter?

    • Have you created specific and measurable goals to track the ROI of your Twitter activities?


    • Do you have a well branded, nicely designed Twitter Header and profile photo?

    • Do you have an engaging and relevant 160 character profile description including a relevant hash tag?

    • Have you added a link to a specific webpage?

    • Do they currently utilize any 3rd party tools build their Twitter presence?


    • Do you regularly tweet relevant content?

    • Do you integrate relevant, keyword hash tags in your posts?

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    • Do you consistently incorporate images and videos into your tweets?

    • Are you testing out polls and GIFs to ignite engagement?

    • Are you using a social media tool to schedule your tweets? Participate:

    • Are you active in re-tweeting, liking and replying to your peeps?

    • Is your follower base consistent with your target audience?

    • How is your follower/follow ratio?

    • Do you strategically utilize lists to track targeted follows? (thought leaders)


    • Do you strategically promote free offers and events to drive email leads?

    • Do you include a targeted website link to drive your Twitter audience to a specific page or offer?

    • Do you actively track your Twitter results?

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    Build Your Action Plan

    1. Create Your Purpose Statement.

    VAClassroom Example: 1. To ignite visibility and establish credibility through relevant,

    educational and interesting tweets and Twitter conversations.

    2. To serve as a “Listening Post” to the needs of our target audience. 2. Establish Your Outcome Goals.

    • What do you specifically want to accomplish on Twitter in the next 12 weeks?

    3. Build your Action Goals.

    • What are the specific actions you will need to take in order to achieve your outcomes?

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    STEP #2: Create an Engaging Twitter Profile Follow these six steps to building a powerful Twitter Profie:

    1. Design a relevant and up-to-date cover image (1500X500) a. Check out to create your own Twitter cover b. Check out or to outsource the design

    work 2. Add a quality profile or logo

    a. Avoid selfies b. Pro head shot of you or logo c. At least 500X500 file size d. Ensure you use a high quality resolution

    3. Choose the right Twitter handle and Display Name.

    4. Create an interesting and targeted Bio

    a. Feature your best skills, passions and interests b. Define your persona here (a mix of professional & personal) c. Integrate targeted keywords and hash tags where appropriate d. Keep it simple and clear…. no sales pitches

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    e. Avoid meaningless buzz words (Marketing Guru, Lean Entrepreneur, SM Expert)

    f. Add an element of Social Proof

    5. Select a Lead Generation URL

    6. Pin a relevant and visually engaging Tweet

    7. Incorporate multimedia into your profile (slideshare pres, video, PDFs)

    STEP 3: Publish Relevant Tweets

    1. WHAT to Tweet

    • It is important to incorporate these five types of tweets into your publishing efforts on Twitter:

    2. WHEN to Tweet

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    • Check out FollowerWonk ( to evaluate the best times to schedule for your posts.

    3. WHERE to Tweet

    • Select one of these recommended Twitter Management Platforms:

    • • • •

    4. HOW to Tweet

    • A few quick pointers on how to tweet well:

    o Be super visual with you Tweets o Mix up tweets with and without links o Use #Hashtags for more engagement and longer life in

    Twitter o Integrate relevant YouTube, Vine videos and GIFs o Before you tweet, ask “Does my post offer tremendous

    value to my target audience”? (Don’t forget WHY you are Tweeting!)

    o Be authentic and use conversational language o Don’t over link your audience to death o Schedule important posts multiple times over a few days (4

    times over 5 day period) o LISTEN to your market so you post stuff your audience


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    STEP 4: Ignite Visibility for Your Tweets and Profile

    • Utilize these seven strategies to build your Twitter Following:

    o Publish awesome tweets and people will follow! o Use Hashtags strategically and effectively o Utilize “Who to Follow” feature o Leverage Twitter Search Tools (

    home) o Leverage Industry Leaders & Experts o Create targeted Twitter lists o Use Social Media Icons on Website o Monitor Twitter Analytics ( o Host live events or twitter chats o Tweet consistently… key to success

    • Here are some helpful tips to stay engaged with your Twitter

    community: o Schedule 2-3 small blocks per day to review notifications

    and reply, & re-tweet stuff o Ask your community questions that stimulate discussion o Be responsive to your Direct Messages and @mentions…

    set Twitter times to help you to stay on track o Read and listen to your community conversations (needs,

    interests, wants) o Be strategic about re-tweeting and replying to key

    influencers (naturally expands your reach) o Participate or host a Twitter Chat

    STEP 5: Build Your Twitter Marketing Funnel

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