International Mining & Infrastructure Corporation PLC Investor Presentation | 2014 Unlocking the Value of African Iron Ore

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International Mining & Infrastructure Corporation PLC

Investor Presentation | 2014

Unlocking the Value of African Iron Ore

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IMIC: Overview

Fresh Approach to African Iron Ore Development

Approaching stranded assets with a clear financing strategy to a comprehensive infrastructure solution

Low capex exposure to IMIC through consortium partnership approach

Low opex infrastructure as capacity is maximised and fit for purpose from stage one of production

High Quality Assets in Cameroon

Four licenses in well defined iron ore corridor through South Cameroon

Nkout is the core of the portfolio, with planned 35m tpa production of high quality product

Ntem has potential for smaller scale early development due to proximity to port

Partnership Approach - Further Consolidation Opportunity

Focus on corridors of iron ore potential where there is currently a lack of infrastructure

IMIC acquires strategic mining stakes on a corridor and elaborates necessary studies

IMIC then works with its partner AIOG to develop the infrastructure to unlock the corridor’s potential

AIOG and its Chinese SOE partners will fund the infrastructure capex, leaving IMIC’s capital to build the mines and consolidate further equity stakes along the corridor


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IMIC Cameroonian Assets

Description Resource Upside Potential Plan


High quality project 330km to Kribi port Good metallurgy High grade concentrate Low deleterious materials

Total: Indicated 1.6bnt 33.3% Fe Inferred 0.9bnt 30.8% Fe Out of which DSO: Indicated & Inferred 72.5mt

at 54.5% Fe

Current resource based upon only 9km of 20km strike

Began work on PFS with consortium partners in Jan 2014

Ntem <80km to Kribi Port (under construction) High grade concentrate Close to Kribi Gas Power station

Indicated 39mt 34.0% Fe Inferred 76mt 34.2% Fe

Block Model excludes significant intercepts Futher drilling underway

Possibility of a slurry pipeline to Kribi Port Port and gas power facilities at Kribi

Other Licenses

Ngoa - proximal to Nkout Akonolinga - near to existing rail line to port of Duala

Ngoa: Potential satellite resource to Nkout Akonolinga: strong magnetic signatures, but no drilling to date


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Cameroon – stable and supportive environment for development


Edea Hydro



Song Ndong






















Kribi Gas-




Memve’ ele




Song Mbenge



2019 Mekin Hydro



Njock Hydro



Kribi Gas




Diverse Economy Strong power potential

Infrastructure experience

Supportive of mining industry

• Stability since unification in 1962 has supported broad based economy – 15% of land is used for agriculture – Oil production of approx.

65,000bbl/day – GDP of $26Bn with growth of 3.8% – Both English and French used as

official languages

• Attractive mining code: 2.5% royalty • Iron ore historically underexplored • Government priority to help develop the region’s mining resources

• Government experienced with large infrastructure projects

• Strategic rail plan of almost $30bn planned

• Plan for network of super highways, including near Nkout

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Government-led Development of Kribi area

Kribi Port

• Kribi Port under construction c.20km South of Kribi

• Multiuse facility, including containers, dry bulk and LNG

• Significant regional development with city roads

• Due for first shipments Q2 2014

• Phase 1 includes dry bulk facilities capable of handling ore from Ntem

• Phase 2 includes iron ore jetty capable of handling more than 90mtpa

Kribi Power Station

• Electricity and gas availability

• Phase 1 – 216MW already commissioned Q2 2013

• Phase 2 – potential expansion to 330MW


Kribi Port


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Strong mix of saleable products

• High grade product at low grind size attracts premium pricing

• Low levels of deleterious elements

Product mix

Nkout Highlights


21.5 %







BIF 2 68% Fe pellet feed

BIF 1 65% Fe sinter fines




• Major 20km magnetic geophysical anomaly

– Current resource covers only 9km target strike

• Significant DSO intercepts returned

– High-grade cap of 72mt at > 50% Fe Indicated and Inferred

• Excellent metallurgy

‒ High grade concentrate of up to 70% Fe achieved with high iron recovery of 80-90%

‒ Low deleterious materials

• Afferro PEA valuation at $4.6bn for 35mtpa production

High quality project

• Completion by Q3 2014

• Hatch leading project

• Infrastructure consortium EPC contractor CREEC running the Rail & Port components

Key roles:

Overall PFS Lead Manager Hatch

Rail Line and Port Facility Component CREEC

Geology and Mineral Resource Estimate Component SRK

Mining Component AMC

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment ERM

PFS Begun January 2014

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Nkout Ore Body


Nkout West Nkout Centre




Nkout Resource Estimate

Current Estimate


Average Grade (% Fe)

High Grade Oxide


Indicated 19.9 60.3

Inferred 0.1 57.7

Medium Grade Oxide


Indicated 44.5 51.7

Inferred 8.0 49.9

Lower Grade Oxide


Indicated 85.7 39.0

Inferred 123.8 36.6



Indicated 1,435.0 31.9

Inferred 786.8 29.7



Indicated 1,585.1 33.3

Inferred 918.7 30.8

Nkout East

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Nkout production optimisation

Low Energy BIF Processing


Phase 2 – Low-cost magnetite processing expected

• Low energy requirement

– low energy requirement to grind rock

– high quality product at large grind size

• High quality product

– Low deleterious materials

– Sinter feed or Pelletiser feed potential

• High iron and mass recovery rates










1000 500 250 150 106 75 45 30En




ed t

o g


d (



P80 Product size (µm)


typical grind size


Nkout grind size

32kWhr/t approx. energy requirement

11-13kWhr/t energy requirement

Nkout Project

Typical Project

Source: Afferro Mining

Phase 1 – Potential to combine DSO & Saprolite

• Opportunity to significantly lower capex and opex:

– Simplifies saprolite circuit by removing milling

– Simple mechanical beneficiation

• DSO: Product beneficiated to 63.4% Fe through simple attrition scrubbing

• High grade saprolite: 59-64% iron product achieved from simple beneficiation of samples with feed grade of 53% iron

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Ntem: Potential for Early Cash Flow

Strategically well located • Located < 80km from Kribi deep-water port

• Potential to use 216-330MW Kribi power station

• Gas availability at Kribi port for power generation

Sufficient resource for small-scale operation • 115Mt at 34% iron Indicated & Inferred

• Scope to increase by 50-150Mt

• Low stripping ratio

Excellent lab-scale metallurgy results • High grade concentrate up to 68.5% iron

• Coarse grind size, with implied lower comminution costs

• High mass and iron recovery rates of 46.7% and 81.6%, respectively


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Ntem Upside – Fast Track & Resource Upgrade

Only central portion of Zone FE08 modelled for Resource Estimate

• Insufficient understanding of the underlying ore body shape

• Block model excludes a number of significant high grade intercepts

• Plan for further drilling programme

• Further drilling at FE08 to expand model

• Exploration of magnetic anomaly at Zone FE07


Accelerated DFS to fast-track production • Assessing using slurry pipeline to Kribi Port • Accelerating Ntem feasibility studies to cost a total of

almost $15M • Production 3 to 4 mtpa • Capex c.$300m to $400m

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IMIC: Bringing the right people to the table

Haresh Kanabar Chairman

Ousmane Kane CEO

James Ward FD

Khalifa Beyah COO




Babacar Ndiaye

Rilwanu Lukman

Guoping Liu


Andrew Buxton John Negroponte Magnus Ericsson Carson Wen






Strategic Partner

African Iron Ore Group


CMEC - Power

CRM – Off-take Consortium

China Huyae - Ports

CREC – Rail Infrastructure

Hebei – First Off-taker

• Experience of running iron ore projects in Africa • Senior relationships throughout West & Central Africa • Global diplomatic experience • Financial expertise • Deep understanding of the iron ore landscape • Strategic Partner AIOG • Consortium of Leading Chinese State Owned Enterprises


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Kribi deep water port

under construction

Cameroon/North Congo Corridor

IMIC’s assets located in the heart on a promising iron ore corridor

IMIC plans to first develop its Cameroonian deposits to feasibility stage

AIOG will then arrange financing for the infrastructure

IMIC will seek to invest in further interests along the Cameroon/Northern Congo corridor

IMIC: At Heart of a Promising Corridor

Infrastructure corridor unlocks value of over 100 mtpa

Afferro assets key to developing the

corridor Cameroon

Gabon Congo

Central African Republic

Sundance Resources

West African Minerals

Core Mining Equatorial Resources CMEC



West African Minerals






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The Chinese Strategic Imperative

Circa 70% of seaborne iron ore consumed by China

Source: Raw Materials Data, Iron Ore Production 2012, IntierraRMG

Chinese domestic production under pressure


IMPORTANT FOR CHINA High cost Chinese production first to suffer if price falls

520Mt 56Mt




Other Countries

280Mt 173Mt


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Key near term milestones

IMIC: Near Term Delivery

Project Task Investment Begin Completion


Drilling programme to develop reserves

c.$3m Q1 2014 Q2 2014

Metallurgical tests for an optimal design of the magnetite beneficiation process

c.$4m Q1 2014 Q2 2014

Prepare Bankable Feasibility Study c.$5m Q1 2014 Q1 2015

Build project c.$300m Q2 2015 Q2 2016

Nkout Pre Feasibility Study c.$10m Q1 2014 Q3 2014

Definite Feasibility Study c.$30m Q3 2014 Q3 2015



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Haresh Kanabar, Chairman

Ousmane Kane, Chief Executive Officer

James Ward, Finance Director

Will Smith, Investor Relations

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7290 3340

Website: www.imicplc.com


NOMAD & Broker - WH Ireland

Joint Broker – Pareto Securities

Technical consultants – IMC Group Consulting

Auditors - Ernst & Young

UK solicitors – Berwin Leighton Paisner

Canadian solicitors – Cassels Brock

Registrar - Neville Registrars

Financial PR – Buchanan