7 ways to power up your motor insurance

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Buying car insurance online from Bajaj Allianz is an easiest way of saving your time and money. Bajaj Allianz is the best provider of car insurance and motor insurance.


  • 1. Learning on the Go!7 Ways to Power Up Powered by Your Motor InsuranceGet the best possible on-the-road protection!

2. Share More Information Sharing maximum information about your vehicle helps the insurer evaluate risk on your vehicle Details like model/make, age, kilometres run, parking place and user-specific details (your age, gender, profession) are helpful Customers who share more information can get the benefit of a reduced premium. 3. Take Add-On Covers Add-on covers enhance your policy by offering extra protection against unforeseen damages not included in your base policy Some common add-on covers are 24x7 roadside assistance, depreciation cover, return to invoice cover, cover for damage to internal engine parts Add-ons are the easiest way to enhance your policy. 4. Opt for a Voluntary Deductible Opt for a voluntary deductible byagreeing to a co-payment at thetime of making a claim Voluntary deductibles help yousave on your premiumVoluntary deductibles should beopted for only by confidentdrivers who are sure that they willnot make major claims on theirpolicy, and few claims overall. 5. Renew Your Insurance on Time Timely renewals help bring downthe premium by virtue of the NoClaim Bonus Ensure that you are seamlesslycovered from any untowardincidentCheck your car or insuredsdeclared value at the time ofrenewal. This IDV should reflectthe resale value of your car. 6. Do Not File Small Claims Get the benefit of a claim-freeYear 1 policy, which leads to a No Claim Bonus at the time of renewal 20% Year 3 Continuous claim-free years mean that your NCB increases each year35%Year 5 The discount you get on the premium via NCB is often far more substantial than the cost of a small 50% claim. 7. Inform Your Insurer of Damage Promptly Get a faster claim processing system Be guided to a preferred workshop by your insurer as well as other paperwork. Just ensure that you mention any Third Party (TP) Damage in the claim form. 8. Register for SMS Alerts Stay updated on the status ofyour claim Get information about your claimbeing resolved as soon as it isdoneWith SMS alerts, the need to callthe customer care centre againand again to ask about your claimprocessing is eliminated. 9. Learning on the Go! Powered byThank You Get the best possible on-the-road protection! 10. This 2-Minute Learning series isbrought to you buyfaceook.com/jiyobefikartwitter.com/bajajallianzwww.bajajallianz.com1800-233-3355