Sage ERP 100 MAS 90/200 2012 Year End Closing

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DESCRIPTION Sage ERP 100 MAS 90/200 2012 year end closing procedures. Helpful for accountants, cpas, and general managers.


<ul><li> 1. SAGE 100(MAS 90/200)Year End Closing RequirementsImage by Puzzler4879 on Flickr</li></ul> <p> 2. Agenda Introduction Review Specific Module Requirementsfor Year End Close Processing Completing operations Year end closing steps Year End Payroll update requirements Questions and AnswersImage by Caucas on Flickr 3. Who Is The Attivo Group?Attivo Means Improving ProfitsBUSINESS MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SPECIALISTS Sage 100 Partner Irvine, CA 20+ years in business Cloud hosting experts Online backup and disaster recovery services Specialty: Profit improvement through processassessment &amp; system optimization Support services 4. ATTIVO FULL VALUESUPPORTAPPLICATION &amp; SERVER SUPPORT Telephone, Email, Web Portal Tech support plus day to dayquestions &amp; advice ERP: Macola Distribution Pro User Training, Custom Reporting Navigator Exact Full system documentationCRM: Synergy Quarterly billing based on yourbudget Rollover minutes 5. Completing Operations Sales Order Post Invoices &amp; CreditMemos AR Complete sales transactions &amp; cashreceipts POComplete Receipt of Good and Receiptof Invoice transactions. Inventory complete all movements 6. Completing Operations Payroll Complete the last payroll forthe year AP Complete all invoices, invoicepayment (checks) and postings. 7. Sequence of Period and Year End ClosingSalesPurchaseOrder OrderInventoryARAP Payroll General Ledger 8. Sage 100 Makes it EasyAll period and year end processes are foundwithin the Period End Menu of the module. 9. Sales Order Check the Sales Order options to ensureperiod and History Options are correct. Perform the Period end process. 10. Sales Order Options History Tab 11. S/O Year End Processing 12. Purchase Order Check the Purchase Order options to ensureperiod and History Options are correct. Perform the Period end process. 13. Purchase Order Options - Main 14. P/O Options - History 15. P/O Year End Processing 16. Inventory Perform IM Year End ProcessingAccounts Receivable Perform AR Year End Processing 17. Accounts Payable Perform AP Year End Processing 1099 Processing Considerations 1099s can be printed at any time by enteringthe year desired 18. Payroll Copy Payroll Data to another (newlycreated) archive company. Perform quarter and year end processing. Perform W-2 Processing in backupcompany. 19. Payroll Company Backup 20. Payroll Year end Processing 21. General Ledger Check the General Ledger options to ensureperiod and History Options are correct. Perform the Year end process. 22. General Ledger Options - Main 23. General Ledger Options - Entry 24. G/L Year End Processing 25. Thanks for Listening!Any Questions? tiene usted alguna pregunta Haben Sie irgendwelche Fagen? Nani ka shitsumon wa arimasu ka? Avete delle domande?All participants will receive a copy of thispresentation via email.Please call us at 877-428-8486 for anyadditional help that you may need. </p>