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<ul><li> 1. Selecting my Digipack cover Caitlin Macdonald </li></ul> <p> 2. Now that I have done my reshot and I am happy with the photos I have produced, with the few photos I have selected I have edited them and placed onto my digi pack draft to see what works best 3. I selected this photo because I liked the movement of the ink in the water, I like how it has taken up most of the space I am experimenting with the brightness and the contrast of the photo to try make it stand out more I am playing with the idea of the picture being black and white so it stands out more against a colourful text 4. I liked this photo because of the movement, I really like the two separate patches of ink and I was thinking that it would there is space to place text Im looking into what looks better black and white or the original colour but I am changing the contrast to make it pop more 5. I really like how the ink has landed in this photo its in centre which I feel makes it more eye catching This is the edited version in black and white, however I am still unsure if its looks better blue or black. 6. On the contact sheet I this image looked very interesting as in the background there is the faded blue but in the foreground there is a darker, deeper blue standing out, however once cropped I wasnt a fan of the photo I didnt feel it fitted in well and the others do the job of standing out better 7. This photo also has similar circumstances, as when I saw it on the contact sheet I thought it was interesting and I liked it but once cropped down I didnt feel it stood out as well as some of the others did 8. I really liked this one at first look the movement of the ink worked very well however looking at it on a smaller scale I felt it didn't stand out very well. I also didn't like the bottom of it as you can see where the paper behind the cup joins, spoiling the effect 9. I am using one of the photos that I really like and I think is very successful to develop this further I want to see what the photos I like look like with text to help me decide As the photo is dark I need to select a certain colour that will stand out against the black but not blend into the white I am now experimenting with the placement of the text to see what is working best 10. This is still a working progress as Im trying to pick the right colour to standout and not blend in. At the moment I have placed it at the top and this is the only place it standouts out and doesnt blend in however I dont like it at the top I want it in the centre </p>


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