2015 Macquarie City Off-Campus Orientation

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1. Macquarie City Campus New Student Orientation 2. Welcome Thank you for choosing Macquarie City Campus, and Welcome! What I love about this campus: At MQC you may arrive as a stranger, but you will definitely leave as a friend. My message to you all: Education is a privilege given to few. Use the opportunity you have been given to grow as much as you possibly can. Choose to commit to your studies; be disciplined in the little things; set realistic goals and you will succeed. Debbie Le Roux Campus Manager 3. Point of Contacts Were here to help! Debbie Le Roux Campus Manager Karol Clancy Student Services Manager Jesse Newman- Student Advisor Melissa Angius Student Advisor Warren Yiu- Student Experience Mentors Student Representative Group 4. Student Services Team Jesse Newman Student Advisor Karol Clancy Student Services Manager Melissa Angius Student Advisor & Development Coordinator Jesse is originally from the Blue Mountains. He advises students and also lectures at MQC. He is interested in history and cultures from all around the world. Jesse is committed to helping students learn in their own individual styles and building motivation and teamwork. Karol is originally from Limerick, Ireland and moved to Australia in 2006. He lives in Sydney with his wife Lindsey and son Rory. Karol has a well rounded knowledge of student issues. He works to ensure students receive exceptional service, helping all students on a bright and stable learning path. Melissa has previously worked with youth at risk and as an educator. Mel aims to give students a unique university experience and build global citizenship through learning, volunteering and social interaction. 5. At our campus we believe in a healthy, balanced student life. 6. Events, Internships & Alumni Navitas Professional has implemented an internship program designed to help you find employment with a top company in Sydney. They can help you develop your interview skills, update your CV and assist in getting you an internship. For more details, make an appointment to meet with a member of the team at reception. There are also student events run on and off campus. Keep your eyes peeled for these by logging onto our Facebook Groups and City Torch. Enrich your social life Build new Skills Be work ready 7. Know Whats On Facebook.com/macquariecitycampus Facebook.com/srg.mqc www.citytorch.org Getting the best Information Our Facebook pages and Citytorch online magazine are constantly updated with important events and information. Also check out our student run SRG at MQC facebook page if youd like to connect with other students. 8. Your Campus Hub: MetCentre MetCentre is located at 273 George St, Sydney. Just 4 minutes away. Where? Student Deals Simply present your student card with a voucher from the Student Discounts Booklet- its that easy! 9. We believe in fostering diversity, leadership and interpersonal skills through our student body. 10. The Student Representative Group Vision: To facilitate a greater student involvement that nurtures, encourages and engages students without discrimination or judgement. Values: 1. Accountability 2. Integrity 3. Respect 4. Co-operation 5. Empathy Apply to become an SRG member! Email: melissa.angius@city.mq.edu.au 11. Student Conduct At our campus we operate on the principle of mutual respect. Respect your lecturers and fellow students. Arrive on time to your classes. Switch off your mobile phone in class. 12. Academic Staff Acceptable to address Lecturers & Tutors by their first name Know their contact details Make an appointment to seek clarification of lecture material 13. Unit Guides Unit name and Unit code Topics covered Prescribed textbook Learning outcomes Assessment tasks including number, type, marks/grades and due date for submission Grading /marking system Lecturer details You can download your Unit Guides from your iLearn. 14. Assessments Students will be continually assessed through class participation, assignments & exams. For more specific assessment criteria refer to the unit outline Examinations are held at the end of each semester 15. MQ Grading System High Distinction (HD) 85-100 +4 Distinction (D) 75-84 +4 Credit (CR) 65-74 +3 Pass (P) 50-64 +2 Withdrawn (W) Withdrawn No effect F (Fail) 0-49 0 Fail Withdrawn (FW) Fail Withdrawn 0 Fail Absent (FA) Fail Absent 0 16. Accounting Drop in for help with Accounting units Numeracy Drop in for help with maths and statistics Writing skills Drop in for help with essays, research and proofreading Free Support Classes Support for Students Portal Noticeboard Support Workshop Timetable 17. The Successful Student Follows Unit Guides Attends all lectures and tutorials on time Completes all assignments on time Knows where the Support Class Timetable is Respects other students, lecturers and staff Participates actively in class 18. eStudent 4XXXXXXX Contact details for Graduation Enrolment MQC Portal 4XXXXXXX Timetable Exam Timetable Enrolment Unit Outlines OneID 4XXXXXXX MQ Student Email iLearn ASK.MQ 3 Passwords 19. You can see your timetable, unit guides, calculate fees and we will send you messages via the Portal. You must keep your phone number and address up to date in the MQC Portal. The MQC Portal 20. eStudent is the student system used by MQ in North Ryde. You use it to select your units every semester. eStudent 21. Your OneID provides access to a variety of services at Macquarie University. * Student Email and Calendar * iLearn * ask.mq.edu.au OneID 22. All Macquarie University students are issued with an official MQ email address: Jane.smith@students.mq.edu.au All official university communication (eg. graduation) will be sent to this email address. MQ Email address 23. iLearn iLearn is an online system which provides students with access to content and materials in each of their units. Use iLearn to: Submit assessments Do Quizzes Download Lecture slides Discussion Forums 24. http://ask.mq.edu.au Ask.MQ 25. If you have any problems during the first few weeks you can email: info@city.mq.edu.au studentadvisor@city.mq.edu.au 26. Welcome to Macquarie City Campus We are glad to have You here!