7 romantic ideas for valentines

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  • 1.The blood color can be seen everywhere and it happens during the month of February. This is not another horror story, because this article will talk about the most romantic gift ideas that you can give to your love one for this special occasion. The color red symbolizes deep love. If this is what you are feeling right now, then you need to express your feelings in a very unique way.

2. However, many are having a hard time thinking of the best and romantic gift ideas to give to the special lady in their life. This article is not saying that flowers, chocolates and cakes are out, but you can make this day extra special for them with a little effort. 3. Moonlight dinner- you can set up a candlelight dinner with flowers and chocolates. Having a dinner for two during night is the most ideal time for you to get to know each other more and to talk about things regarding your relationship as a couple. You need to make a good conversation by telling things that will please her. This is the best way for one to effectively connect to their love one. 4. Marble picture- you need to find a good photo of the two of you that will look great in black or white color. You can have the image engraved in black marble plaque using laser. You will surely find a website or store that can offer this service. It is better if you will put sweet and endearing messages on it to express your deep love for her. 5. Romantic picnic- the truth is that ladies can appreciate anything even as simple as a picnic date at the backyard for as long as it is organized by someone that they love. You can do it at the beach and even at the backyard of your home. You can both lie and watch the stars and at the end of the night do not forget to give her flowers or chocolates. 6. Create a scrapbook- a personalized scrapbook made by you can impress your girl. It should compose of all unforgettable memories that you have together. You need to collect all letters, photos, poems and everything that is memorable for both of you. 7. Window box- this is a sweet and romantic Valentines gift. You can plant real flowers on the window box and fill with chocolates and other stuffs that your girl wants. 8. Movie marathon at home- there is no better way to watch movies than spending time alone with your wife or girlfriend. This is better than watching movies outside because you can spend quality time together and do sweet gestures without thinking that others might see you. You can cook foods or popcorn before you start your move marathon at home. 9. Love notes- it is romantic to do several small love notes to be placed on her bed and to places that she usually go first in the morning. You can cook breakfast and serve it in bed to make it more romantic. 10. Simple things and gestures during the love month are better than showering her with lavish gifts. 11. http://topseventh.com/